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Anga Pradakshinam In Tirumala Srinivasa Temple


Angapradakshinam-TirumalaAngapradakshinam is when pilgrims lie prostrate, and then roll around the temple, chanting the Lord’s name. It is performed in the Vimana Pradakshinam, one of the pathways around the temple.

Pilgrims who wish to undertake the Anga Pradakshinam will have to take bathe in the Swami Pushkarini, and reach the Main Temple Complex by 0200 hrs (through a special queue that starts from the PPC Sheds).

For Anga Pradakshinam free token are available at Arjitham Office counter near Vijaya Bank. The Counter will start for 8.00 pm on all days and only 750 tokens are issued for a day. After Anga Pradakshinam the devotes are allowed for darshan except on Fridays darshan is not allowed.

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