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Warangal Temples

Padmakshi Temple Hanamkonda Warangal Timings, Address


Padmakshi Temple Hanamkonda Timings: Daily 6.00 AM to 6:00 PM The Padmakshi temple lies closely to the Hanamkond Hills. It is a historical temple dedicated to Mother Goddess. There is another name for padmakshi known as padmakshi Gutta by the nearby villagers. The padmakshi temple is the ancient temple of Hanamkonda. This was built in 12 century under the kakatiya dynasty. ...

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Hanamkonda Siddeshwara Temple Warangal Telangana


Hanamkonda Siddeshwara Temple Timings: Daily 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM The siddheswara temple is located in Hanamkonda with the distance of 4kms from Warangal city and we can reach the temple by road. The Warangal and kazipet are the railway stations in the area. There are more train facilities from various locations. The siddeshwara temple Hanamkonda is 3kms far from ...

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Ghanpur Group of Temples Warangal Telangana


Ghanpur Group of Temples Timings: Open on all days – Daily 6 AM to 6:00 PM Ghanpur group of temples are located in Ghanpur Mandal in Warangal at a distance of about 39 kms. This group of temples are picturesque piece of architecture belonging to the kakatiyan era. In local region the people used to call the group of temples ...

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Sri Someshwara Lakshmi Narashimha Swamy Temple. Palakurthy Veerashaiva Temple

Sri Someshwara Lakshmi Narashimha Swamy Temple

Sri Someshwara Lakshmi Narashimha Swamy Temple Timings : 6:30 am to 7:30 PM The palakurthy sub division is a well famous and it has rich historical value which is situated in Warangal district of telangana. In palakurthi there is a famous and well known sri someshwara lakshmi narasimha swamy temple is situated. Palakurthi is the place of temple houses. There ...

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Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jathara – Asia’s Biggest Religious Festival


Sammakka sarakka jathara is a four days event is going to start in 2nd week magha sudha pournami days. This jathara is celebrated at Medaram in Tadavi mandal of Warangal district in the month of Feburary once in every two years and will continue for 3 days. It is a unique traditional festival to tribals. Their unique tradition and lifestyle ...

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Kuravi Sri Bhadrakali Sametha Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Warangal Telangana


Kuravi Temple Timings: 4:30 am to 7:30 PM The wealthy storehouse of Indian mythology has typically been liable for popularizing many fascinating destinations among tourists. We can find number of tourist places in Warangal district. The Veerabhadra Swamy temple is located in the village of kuravi which is located in Warangal district. Veerabhadra Swamy temple is one of the temple ...

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