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Mehabubnagar Tourist Places

Khilla Ghanpur Fort In Mahabubnagar, Telangana Tourism

Khilla Ghanpur Fort

This is yet another fort in the district Mahabubnagar. This hill fort was constructed by joining mountains. It is located about 26 Kms away from Mahaboob Nagar District head quarters. Kakathiya King Gona Ganapa Reddy, son of the famous Ranganatha Ramayana Writer Sri Gona Budda Reddy built this fort during the Year A.D. 1224. However it was named Khilla Ghanpur ...

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Hill Fort Chandraghad Mehabubnagar, Telangana Tourism

Hill Fort Chandraghad Mehabubnagar

Chandraghad as it is known is the Hill Fort located near the Jurala Project in Atmakur Mandal in Mahabubnagar. It is on the banks of River Krishna. The fort had been constructed in a very strong way so as to act as the store house of grains and taxes collected from people before transferring them to Peshwas. The fort was ...

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Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers Telangana Tourism

Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers

Sri Sangam is the point where The Krishna River mingles with the Bheema River. The Sangam is present at the bordering area of Karnataka. Guru Charitra also known as Dattatreya Charitra calls this place as Nirvrutha Sangmam. The Sangam is considered a very Holy place for dip by the Hindus. Both the rivers have their respective roles in the Hindu ...

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Megalit Burials Mudmal Mehabubnagar, Telangana Tourism

Megalit Burials Mudmal

Megalith Burials date back to the Megalith period. It is located in Mudmal Village on the banks of the River Krishna. The site is located in between three villages – Muduma, Murahari Doddi and Gudeballore. It is in Maganoor Mandal in Mahabubnagar District. This burial place has nearly 500 and above burial facilities. There are two types of burials: 1) ...

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Koilkonda Fort Koilkonda Mehabubnagar, Telangana Tourism

Mehabubnagar Koilkonda Fort

The Koilkonda Fort was the post from where the rulers of the Qutab Shahi Dynasty controlled the Deccan. This fort was built by Ibrahim Qutb Shah and this dates back to 1550. The fort is located on NH -7 about 125 kms away from Hyderabad which later became the capital city for the dynasty. One can reach the 464 meters ...

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Pillalamarri Tree Mahabubnagar, 800 Years Old Banyan Tree Telangana Tourism

Pillalamarri Tree Mehabubnagar

Nature has its own ways of surprising us. The Pillalamarri tree at a distance of just 4 kms from Mahabubnagar is one such example. The word ‘Pillalamarri’ is a combination of two word: ‘Pillala’ referring to children and ‘marri’ meaning the Banyan tree. Pillalamarri is a banyan tree which is now more than 800 years old. This tree is a ...

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Mallela Theertham Waterfalls Mahabubnagar Telangana Tourism

Mallela Waterfall Mehabubnagar

Nature has showered its blessing on the State of Telangana, especially in the Mahabubnagar district. The mountain ranges, the hills, green forests and the water source, all attest to it. The Mallela Theertham water falls is one such example where Mother Nature shows her happiness over the land. The Mallela Theertham waterfalls are very much near, just about 175 kms ...

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Koilsagar Dam Project Mehabubnagar Telangana Tourism

Koilsagar Dam

Koilsagar Dam is one of the three famous dams in the district of Mahabubnagar in Telangana State. The Koilsagar Dam, located in Koilsagar village is one of the most beautiful dams in the state. It is situated in the Devarakadra mandal in Mahabubnagar district. The dam was constructed primarily to meet the irrigation needs of almost 12000 hectares of land. ...

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Sarala Sagar Dam Project Mehabubnagar, Telangana Tourism

Sarala Sagar Dam Project

Sarala Sagar Dam is the Second biggest dam with Siphon Technology. Dams have been a necessity in the land with agriculture as the main source of occupation. The importance increases when the dams are powered with the latest and advanced technology. The Sarala Sagar Dam Project is one just project that has incorporated the technology from California. The project is an ...

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