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Nalgonda Tourist Places

Bhongir Fort, History, Timings, Nalgonda | Telangana Tourism

Bhongir Fort

Bhongir Fort is located on a single rocky hill, which is located in the Bhongir town at the Nalgonda District. A unique egg shaped structure is the main attraction of this place for tourists. The place is built up at 10th century, under the rule of Chalukya Tri-bhuvana-Malla Vikram-Aditya 6. The fort is well known for its uniqu structure which ...

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Nalgonda History And List of Tourist Places

List of Tourist Places Nalgonda

Nalgonda has a history that takes us back to the olden times before the reign of the Brahmani dynasty. Nalgonda was formerly called Nilagiri which was later changed to Nallagonda during the Brahmani supremacy. Nallagonda etymologically has a Telugu meaning, Nalla meaning black and Konda meaning Hill. Many ruling dynasties have made Nalgonda their centre of power. Even though its ...

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Buddhist Ruins Nandikonda Nalgonda Ikshvaku Dynasty Footprints Telangana

Buddhist Ruins Nandikonda Nalgonda

Nandikonda is a small village on the banks of the River Krishna. Archaeological excavations have found this village to be rich in chronological value. Due to the presence of these priceless possessions, the village of Nandikonda has gained a special place in the tourism map of Telangana. Situated near the Vijaypuri Township which was once said to be the capital ...

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Rachakonda Fort Nalgonda | Velama Kings Fort Telangana

Racha Konda Hill Nalgonda

The shot span of power of the Velama rulers has left evidence in the Rachakonda Fort in Telangana. Though the fort is in ruined form currently, it is even today an embodiment of medieval art and culture and also sticks to the ethics of Vasthu Shastra that influenced most Hindu fort architecture. Recherla Singamma Nayak, the last commander of the ...

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