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Telangana Tourist Places

Government Unani Hospital Near Charminar | Nizam Heritage Buildings

Government Unani Hospital Charminar

Government Nizamia General Hospital is also known as Government Unani Hospital. It is one of the most popular and well known hospitals in hyderabad. This hospital was constructed during the reign of Nizams and was situated near the great historic Charminar. It was a hospital for general medicine and unani medicine. Nizamia General Hospital was constructed in 1938 by last ...

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Vikhar Manzil Palace, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet | Hyderabad Heritage Buildings

Vikhar Manzil Palace, Begumpet

Vikhar Manzil is located in Prakash Nagar, hyderabad near begumpet airport. The prime minister Sir Vikar ul Umra of Hyderabad state has built Vikhar Manzil in between 1893 to 1901. During his reign, he made many valuable contribution to the field of education and added technology, legal classes and Asafia library. He belonged to the noble family Paigahs. In 1900 ...

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St Joseph’s Cathedral Hyderabad, Telangana Churches

St Joseph’s Cathedral Hyderabad

The St Joseph’s Cathedral was established in 1820 A.D and Fr. Antonio Tagliabue of the pontifical institute for foreign Missions, bought a wide plot of land near chaderghat and constructed in 1869 in the present structure. Now it was known as Gun foundry, to build a school, a church and a convent. This is a Roman Catholic Cathedral Our Mass ...

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St. John’s Church, Secunderabad | Hyderabad Tourism

St. John’s Church, Secunderabad

Originally the church was known as Anglican Church and now it became a part of the Church of south India. It was one of the oldest churches situated in secunderabad. The St. John’s Church was built in the year 1818 A.D in the style of Indo-European architecture followed with bold lines. A separate belfry was added by the well-known Philanthropist ...

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St. Mary’s Church, Secunderabad | Hyderabad Tourism

St. Mary’s Church, Secunderabad

In 1847 15th august Bishop Murphy laid the foundation of the church before the India’s independence. During the middle of 19th century it was constructed by Irish soldiers of the British army stationed at secunderabad cantonment. There was an fascinating note of construction of the church which was also a conquest against the dictates of the Viceroy Lord Dalhousie, who ...

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Jama Masjid Iqbal Ud Daula, Begumpet | Spanish Mosque, Hyderabad


The Spanish Mosque was built in 1906 by Sir Vikhar –ul-umral iqbal-ud Dowla, He was the noble of Paigah. This mosque contains pointed aches and a pointed main roof collected with two truncated octagonal pyramids of two truncated octagonal pyramids one above the other arbitrate by unusual from those seen in other mosque in the city. There were some different ...

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Paigah Palace Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

“Paigah Palace”, the palatial heritage building was present using as an office of work place for Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA). It is one of the clusters of palaces. Standing between a vast wooded area spread 150 acres. It was acceptable as a result of HUDA and has discovered the addition of regulation 13th to the division rules. After listing ...

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Paigah Family Tree and There Palaces


1) Umar or Imam Baqir 2) ‘Abdu’llah. 3) Nasir. 4) Tahir Jabir. 5) Mansur. 6) Adham,Ruler of Balkh and Bukhara. 7) Ibrahim Bin Adham aka Abou Ben Adham. 8) ‘Abdul Fatah Ishaq. 9) ‘Ali, Wa’iz al-Akbar. 10) Muhammad, Wa’iz al-Asghar. 11) ‘Abdu’llah. 12) Masud Sama’an. 13) Mahmud Sama’an. 14) Shihab ud-din Ahmad Farrukh Shah Kabuli, Ruler of Afghanistan. 15) Yusuf. ...

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Osmania Arts College Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

Osmania Arts College

Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last of the Nizams name was given to the University as Osmania. It was modelled after the persian pishtaq or the portal found in madarasas and the mosque of gothic period has the huge portal is a mastery arch that extends a magnificent and pressing into agitated interior. The Nizam said about the university at ...

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Mushk Mahal Attapur, Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism


During the ruling period of Qutub Shahi, this palace is of two storeys and in the arch shape is located in the outskirts of the area of Golconda fort. This palace from the period 1681, this symmetrical palace is magnificent and is built by the Miyan Mishk and it is even named after him (mushk is the form of corruption), ...

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