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Telangana Tourist Places

Khairat Khan’s Tomb, Khairati Khan’s Tomb Hyderabad

Khairat Khan’s Tomb

The tomb is situated in Sultan Shahi area of Goulipura. It is believed that Khairat Khan Sar Naubat worked as an ambassador for the Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah VII to the Persia. He died in the year 1655. Tomb constructed on the square platform with steps as a memory of Khairat Khan. Tomb used to architect in the style of ...

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Mia Mishk’s Mosque Near Charminar, Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism


Hyderabad is famous for numerous religious and heritage structure spotted the city over its length and breadth. The Mia Mishk’s Mosque is situated in old city of Hyderabad near Puranapul. In 1676 Mian the Abyssinian slave of Abul Hassan Tana shah Mishk has built the mosque. There are two big minars and three arches on the outside of the mosque. ...

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Shaikpet Mosque and Sarai | Shaikpet Sarai Near Golconda, Hyderabad

Shaikpet Mosque and Sarai | Shaikpet Sarai Near Golconda

The shaikpet Mosque and sarai are situated in Shaikpet village of Hyderabad District. It is built by Ibrahim Qutb shahin 1550-80 A.D. which is constructed in Qutub shahi style of architecture. Even after two centuries this shaikpet Mosque is still standing like a strong and also an iconic structure and it additionally shows how trading has been flourished during the ...

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Hakim’s Tomb Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism. Hakim’s Twin Tombs


The Hakim’s Tomb is situated in the Toli Chowki area Hyderabad. In local region it is known as ‘Dargah Hakim Nizamuddin Geelani Quadri’. This tomb is assign to a physician of the lost king of Golconda. There is a huge vault in the centre of the dome and it is constructed on a square plan. The ceiling of the vault ...

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Shamsheer Kota Golconda Hyderabad | Telangana Monuments

Shamsheer Kota Golconda

We can see many monuments close to Golconda fort, which is located in Hyderabad. In these monuments the shamsheer kota monument situated close to Khazana constructed on the main road from the Fateh Darwaza to Bala Hissar road. To construct masjid and rooms they used Qutub Shahi style of construction. We can see a large stone of cannon which displays ...

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Abids Gun Foundry Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

Gun Foundry Hyderabad

The gun foundry is situated opposite to mahboobia Girls College in Abids. It was built by the ruler Asaf jahi during the year 1795 by a prominent French Engineer Monsieur Raymond. French Engineer Monsieur Raymond established a cannon-manufacturing factory here. The foundry is built with a massive brick walls and cubicles which are supported by bricks and mortar arches at ...

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Who Developed Hyderabad, Telangana


Qutub Shahi Dynasty (1518- 1687): 1) Macca Masjid 2) Unani Hospital 3) Charminar 4) Golconda Fort 5) Purana Pul 6) Demolished Taj Mahal (7 storey building ) 7) Goshamal Baradari 8) Char Kaman 9) Taramati Baradari 10) Naya Qila 11) Qutub Shahi tombs 12) Daire Mir Momin 13) Badshahi Ashoorkhana 14) Ibrahimpatnam lake 15) Saroornagar lake 16) Aliabad Sarai 17) Hussain Sagar ...

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Aliabad Sarai Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism


Aliabad Sarai (guesthouse in Urdu) is situated in that location for more than four or five centuries on the main roads of Falaknuma and Charminar, when someone is asked about it then people will be giving blank look and replied nothing about it. The Aliabad’s sarai element is located in the mulit’s stretch or in the shops that is situated ...

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Jamia Masjid Musheerabad, Musheerabad Mosque Hyderabad


Musheerabad Mosque is one of the biggest and a large buildings and was built in 1626-1672 A.D under the rulers Qutb shahi king and Abdullah Qutb shahi. The masjid is called Jamia Masjid. It is situated in Hyderabad. There is a main gate to enter into the mosque with three pointed arches. And there is a courtyard to the mosque ...

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Old Gate of Dabeerpura Hyderabad, Telangana Monuments


In the year between 1724 A.D and 1740 A.D the rule of Qutb shahi built Dabeerpura Gate. The gate has a pointed arch and is edged by two fortifications. This is one of the indicator structures in Dabirpura place of Hyderabad’s old city. During the rule of dynasties shows their courage and vanquishes. Dabeerpura is one of the suburbs in ...

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