E-auction Of Human Hair Held At Tirumala

5 March 2015 Tirumala: On Thursday Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has generated an income of Rs.19.23 crores to its strongbox with the e-auction of human hair held at Tirumala.

Particulars of e-auction of Human Hair held on 05-03-2015 at Tirumala by the TTD Department.
S.No Variety Stocks put for



Upset price fixed (Rs/Kg) Price bidded (range)


Stocks bidded in the e-auction


Balance Stocks


Amount fetched in e-auction

(Rs.in Lakhs)

1 1st Variety (31" & above approx.) 1,600 25,561 25,561 - 25,566 700 900 178.94
2 2nd Variety (16" to 30" approx.) 8,500 20,023, 20,023-20,034 8500 - 1702.2
3 3rd Variety (10" to 15" approx.) 50,600 6,502 6,503-6,505 500 50,100 32.52
4 4th Variety (5" to 9" approx.) 9,300 5,457 - - 9,300 -
5 5th Variety (less than 5" approx.) 1,85,200 37 - - 1,85,200 -
6 Grey Hair 600 9,429 9,429 100 500 9.43
Total 1923.09 Lakhs


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comment userDenise Grimes2016-07-21

Hello, My name is Denise and I am a Hairstylist in the United States, I am very interested in the E-auction of human hair held at Tirumala. I would like to know more about your Countries and Cultures also. I would also like to visit, Indian foods are so tasty Maybe I can take cooking lessons. I'd like to go sight seeing and shopping and visit with the elementary schools. Please tell me the procedure in registering for the E-auction. Thank you. Sincerely Denise

comment userTemples in india info2016-07-22

Dear Denise You can visit the Tirumala’s official website. They will announce regarding the Auction tender for Hairs. OR you can have the Administration office (numbers available in the site for clarification) in the its site itself. I can provide a person to guide you or to make you take to the famous places in and around Tirumala. Also we can get you to the shopping and visit the elementary schools in the villages. About Indian dishes – you can visit our website – allhomerecipes.com or if you want the Indian recipes, we can send your thro mails also. Regards templesinindiainfo.com

comment userRasheeda2016-08-24

Please email me the famous places (hair temples) to buy Indian hair, the auction sites, i want to come to India for a tour. Masonrasheeda@yahoo.Com

comment userTemples in india info2016-08-25

Dear Rasheeda, Hairs will be shaved/ offered in almost all the ancient renowned temples in india. So you can directly contact them or visit the temple official website to see the tender call for. We do not provide such information. Regards

comment userKhanyisile2016-10-04

Hi my name is Khanyi a hair distributor based in South Africa. I'm interested and curious to participate in temple hair auctions, please assist me . my email: nkosik@yahoo.com . I need hair urgently , so your assistance will be much appreciated .

comment userTemples in india info2016-10-04

Dear Khanyi We do not have information for you need and cannot help you. Regards

comment userMaster2017-04-28

Hi Sir when is the Auction 2017, can I get the Date and place and contact details please. What the tirupati official website. Thanks for ur help Regards Master

comment userTemples in india info2017-04-29

Dear Master We do not know about the tender details about when TTD will be announceing and here the website - www.thirumala.org thro which you can on a regular watch on it. Namah Shivaya

comment userTabitha2018-01-03

Hello i am extremely interested in buying raw hair from India I'm looking to spend roughly 30-40,000 use on quality product with a team i can trust and continue to build a relationship with in the next years to come. Please help with information. Do i need a guide or can i simply book a flight and just walk in. I do not know the culture and would not like to be disrespectful in any way. I look forward to hearing from you soon Thank you

comment userTemples in India information2018-01-04

Dear Tabitha No need to worry or assist any ones help to get hairs from TTD temple. You can directly contact the TTD official on any first week Thursday as the auction for hairs will be held on first week of every Thursdays. You can visit the tirumala.org to check about the details regarding tender announcement of hirs by TTD. Then afterwards you can plan to come. If you need a guide then we can arrange but charges will be there. Regards

comment userNikita Corey2018-04-09

Hello I am interested in the Auctions u hold can you provide me with more info so I can speak to someone so I can plan to come to you! Thanks in advance. My email address is touzledtressezllc@gmail.com

comment userTemples in India information2018-04-13

Please visit tenders page in thirumala.org The auction will be hosted every first Thursday of every month.

comment userDaisha Dupree2018-08-07

Hi, i am interested in hearing more details about the auction like how can I sample the hair and the pricing

comment userTemples in India information2018-08-08

Dear Daisha Dupree Please contact the Executive Officer at TTD Office buildings in Tirupati. Om Namah Shivaya

comment userMahesh V Shivshete.2019-06-05

Please confirm me the rates of hairs in this months auction.

comment userTemples in India information2019-06-06

Dear Mahesh Please visit tirumala.org tenders section below in the webpage on every first week and TTD eill announce Hair auction details. Price depends on the grade of the hair. To get the complete details you need to meet in or writ in to the TTD EO Office, Tirupati. Om Namah Shivaya


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