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Hema Reddy Mallamma Mandiram in Srisailam | Mallamma Kanneeru in Srisailam


Hemareddy Mallamma Temple Srisailam Timings: From 6:00 am to 7:30 pm.

This Mandiram is located at a distance of about 2 Km from the main temple of Srisailam at its western side. Here, there is a small water stream between two natural rock formations. This stream is called Mallamma Kanneeru , meaning, Happy tears of Mallamma. Mallamma was a devotee of God Mallikarjuna Swamy. There is a Mandiram dedicated to Mallamma, where daily poojas are performed to her.

Hema Reddy Mallamma Mandiram Srisailam

Mallamma’s story dates back to the 14th century. Sivapuram (Ramapuram ) was a village near Srisailam and Mallamma was from that village. She was born to her parents by the blessings of God Mallikarjuna Swamy and she became a great devotee of him since her childhood.

When Mallamma grew up, she was married to Barama Reddy, the son of Hema Reddy, who belonged to a rich family of Siddhapurama village. At her husband’s house also Mallamma continued worshipping Mallikarjuna Swamy. However, her in-laws and other family members did not like it and they ill-treated Mallamma and she suffered everything patiently and peacefully. At last, unable to tolerate Mallamma’s acts, her in-laws told her husband very badly about her and he decided to kill her. However, by the grace of God Mallikarjuna Swamy, he realized the fact and changed his mind.

Meanwhile, Mallamma escaped from there and reached Srisailam. She maintained a Goshala and worshipped God Mallikarjuna Swamy offering Goksheram (Cow milk). She started preaching Sivathatvam and spent her entire life there.

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