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Legend of Putana Moksha | The Legend of Sri Krishna


The legend of Krishna Janmashtami is the story of the birth of Bhagwan Krishna. Lord Vishnu embodied in human form to annihilate demons. Thereby, he wanted to get rid of all the demons from Mother Earth.

Reliable Aide of King Kansa:
The heavenly prediction had warned King Kansa of his slayer. He learnt that the eighth child of Devki, his sister, would kill him. Therefore, Kansa decided to get rid of the child. He entrusted the work to one of his most reliable aides, Putana, the demon.

Demon Disguised as Human:
Listening to King Kansa’s instructions, Putana, the demon, disguised as a beautiful woman. She applied poison on her chest. Then she went from house to house in various towns and villages. She fed milk to all one-day old male infants who were poisoned and killed.

Legend of Putana Moksha

Suckling Life of the Demon:
Putana, the demon, entered the house of Baba Nand. She noticed the divine child who was lying in the cradle. Putana took the infant Krishna outside to feed him her poisonous milk. She had hoped to kill him like the other infants. Lord Krishna sucked Putana’s breast embalmed with poison so she was very happy. Putana thought that since this divine child was sucking poison he would be killed too. Putana had not realised that the infant Lord Krishna was actually sucking her life out. He pressed her breasts with both his hands and sucked Putana’s last breath. The demon shrieked in pain when she met with her fate finally. Simultaneously, her eyes popped-out.

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