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Malleswaram Swamy Temple | Malleswaram Konda Chittoor


maleswara-swamy-04Santhana Mallaiah Swamy, Malleswaram Swamy Temple is Situated on Malleswaram Konda which is 25 kilometers from chittoor. This is a small temple inside a cave in the Malleswaram Konda. Peoples believe all the wishes are fulfilled in this temple. The shiva lingam is considered Swayambhu – self manifested.
Women seeking child boon are advised to visit this temple. Shivaratri is celebrates in a grand manner. All other shiva festivals are also celebrated here. Unmarried girls come and Light ghee deepam on monday’s in rahukalam time.

The priest says if the devotes don’t come clean, honey bees will punishes them. They believe that goomamsam (beef) eaters are also punished by the Honey bees.

How to reach: From Chittoor to talapulapalli 22.5 km. From talapulapalli take right you will cross Ammaraja Factory in petamitta. After crossing petamitta you will find a natural road which leads to the temple.

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