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Other Peoples Nellore | Politicians From Nellore

A C Subba Reddy Ex Minister
B.C.krishna Reddy
Bollineni Krishnaiah NaiduBollineni-Krishnaiah-Naidu
Dodla Subba Reddy
Gangavarapu Tirupati Naidu Ex Samiti President In Atmakut Taluka
H.H.Swami Sundara Chaitany ananda Spiritual Saint
Metukuru.Venkata Subba Reddy
Magunta Subba Rami Reddy
Nallapareddy Srinivasulu Reddy Ex MinisterNallapareddy-Srinivasulu-Reddy
Nellore Kantha Rao
Penubarthi Mallikarjuna Journalist
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  1. Photo of Nallapareddy Srinivasulu Reddy in politicaians from nellore is wrong. Please change to his original photo.

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