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Sevas at Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple Basara Adilabad Telangana


List of Sevas and Price Details of Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple Basara:

Abhishekham Rs.200
Ashtothara Kumkumarchana Rs. 50
Aksharabhyasam (Special Pooja)


Rs. 1000
Akshrabhyasam Rs. 100
Odi Biyyam ( Offering Rice grains with turmeric) Free
Sri Satya Narayana Swamy Pooja Rs.100
Coconut Free
Offering Saree to Devi ( Saree not included) Free
Tying Bell ( Devoutees tie bells at the premises either while making a wish or when fulfilled) Free
Tying Mudupu  ( Devoutees offer mudupu at the premises while making a wish) Free
Upanayanam Rs.100
Pallaki Seva  ( Palanquin service to Devi) Rs.200
Vaahana Pooja ( Vehicle pooja)
    1. Two Wheeler
    2.  Four Wheeler (Car/Jeep etc.)
    3. Heavy Motor Vehicle (Bus, Lorry, Tractor etc.)
  1. Rs.100
  2. Rs.150
  3. Rs.200


Shashwata Bala Bhoga Prasadam Rs.1001

Rs. 5001

Rs. 10,001

Shashwata Kumkumarchana Rs.1016
Anaa Daanam ( Free Meals)
  1. Maharaja Poshaka
  2. Poshaka
  3. Memeber
  1. Rs. 10,116
  2. Rs. 5,116
  3. Rs.1,116


Shashwatha Pooja Abhishekham Rs.1116
Vyasa Guha Entrance Rs. 1
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