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Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma Ammavari Temple Accommodation, Seva and Temple Timings


Sri Tirupatamma Temple Timing: 5.00 AM to 9.00 PM all the days.

Sri Gopaiah Sadan:
10 Small Rooms available Rs.200 Room Rent.
20 Halls available Rs.400 Room Rent.
1 Double Rooms available Rs.600 Room Rent.
3 A/c Rooms available Rs.750 Room Rent.

Sri Tirupatamma Sadan:
21 Small Rooms available Rs.300 Room Rent.
4 Halls available Rs.500 Room Rent.
2 Hall with beds available Rs. 400 Room Rent.
5 A/c Rooms available Rs. 750 Room Rent.
Sri Tirupatamma Sadan 34 rooms are in First floor.

Accommodation Phone Number : 08678-283704
For Online Booking Click Here:

Time and Seva Details at Sri Tirupatamma Temple:
5:00 am Suprabhata Seva
5:30 am Gopuja
6:00 am Srichakara pooja
10.00 am Kalyanam (Every Friday)
11:30 am Maha Nivedana
5:00 pm Unjala Seva
8:00 pm Pallaki SevaSri Lakshmi Tirupatamma Ammavari Temple

Temples near Sri Tirupatamma Ammavari Temple, Penuganchiprolu:
Sri Yogananda Lakshminarasimha Swamy, Vedadri.
Sri Venkateswara Swamy Varu, Tirumalagiri.
Sri Mukteswara Swamy Vari Temple, Muktyala.
Sri Venu Gopala Swamy Temple, Nemali.

Tirupatamma Temple Address:
Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma Ammavari Temple,
Krishna District,
Andhra Pradesh – 521190.
Executive Officer : 9491000644
Executive Engineer : 9949363888
Assistant Executive officer : 9848165964
Assistant Executive officer : 9989386767
Office : 08678-283204
Accommodation : 08678-283704

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