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TTD Museum Special Exhibition


Ancient Gold Coins found in Srivari hundi ,Displayed at the TTD Museum Special Exhibition on the Srivari Brahmotsavam at Tirumala:

    1. Vijayanagara Devaraya-II 15th Century AD
    2. Three Swami pagoda type Arcot Nawabs 18th century AD
    3. Vijayanagara Devaraya-I 15th Century AD
    4. Pagoda Indo – Duch 18th Century AD
    5. Mysore Wadeyars Chikkadevaraja 16th Century AD
    6. Token Coin Ramatankas 18th Century AD
    7. Coorg Coin Viraraya 18th Century AD
    8. Travancore Coin Raja Anantaraya 18th Century AD
    9. Mughal, Akbar 16th Century A.D
    10. Mughal, Aurangzeb 16th Century A.D
    11. Mysore, Tipu Sultan 18th Century A.D
    12.  Token Coin 18th Century A.D
    13. Mohur, East india Company 19th Century A.D
    14. Sulthani (One Pagoda) 19th Century A.D
    15. Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya 16th Century A.D
    16. East india Company Bengal Presidency 18th Century A.D
    17. East india Company Bengal Presidency 18th Century A.D
    18. Temple Gopuram Pagoda East india Company 19th Century A.D
    19. Mohar, British India, Victoria 19th Century A.D
    20.  Half Sovereign, British India George V 20th Century A.D
    21. Vijayanagara Tirumalaraya 16th Century A.D
    22. Austro – Hungarian 19th Century A.D
  1. United States of America Coin 19th Century A.D
  2. Iran Coin, Mohammad Shah Qajar 19th Century A.D
  3. Iran Coin, Nasir ud din shah qujar 19th Century A.D
  4. Iran Coin, Nasir ud din shah qujar 19th Century A.D
  5. Roman, Nero 1st Century A.D
  6. Western Ganga 9th Century A.D
  7. Hoysalas, Vishnuvardhana 12th Century A.D
  8. Alupa Sri Pandyadhanamjaya
  9. Vijayanagara, Venkatapatiraya 16th Century A.D
  10. Ikkeri, Sadashiva Nayaka 16th Century A.D
  11. Vijayanagara, Sadasivaraya 16th Century A.D
  12. Mughal, Muhammad Farrukhshiyar 18th Century A.D
  13.  Three Swamy Pagoda, East India Company, 18th Century A.D
  14. Asaf Jahi, Sikandar Shah 19th Century A.D
  15. Asaf Jahi, Nasir ud Daula 19th Century A.D
  16.  Asaf Hahi, Afzal ud Daula 19th Century A.D
  17. East india Company, Ashrafi Type 19th Century A.D
  18. East india Company, Ashrafi Type 19th Century A.D
  19. Mohur East india Company 16th Century A.D
  20. Vijayanagara Achyutaraya 16th Century A.D
  21. Half Sovereign, Great Britain, Queen Victoria, 19th Century A.D
  22. 20 Francs, France, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte 19th Century A.D
  23. Spain, Ferdinand-VII 19th Century A.D
  24. Portugal 19th Century A.D
  25. Vijayanagara Harihara-I 14th Century A.D
  26. Vijayanagara, Harihara-II 14th Century A.D
  27. Vijayanagara Venkapatiraya 16th Century A.D
  28. Mysore Wadeyars Krishnaraja III 19th Century A.D
  29. Mysore Haidar Ali 18th Century A.D
  30. Token Coin, Ramatankas 17th Century A.D
  31. Asaf Jahi, Asaf Jah-VI 19th Century A.D
  32. Asaf Jahi, Asaf Jah-VI 19th Century A.D
  33. Asaf Jahi, Asaf Jah-VII 20th Century A.D
  34. Star Pagoda, East India Company 19th Century A.D
  35. East India Company, Bombay Presidency, 18th Century A.D
  36. East India Company, Bombay Presidency, 18th Century A.D
  37. 20 Mark, Germany 19th Century A.D
  38. Turkey, Abdul Aziz 19th Century A.D
  39. William-II, Netherlands 19th Century A.D


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