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Tarigonda Vengamamba Temple in Nellore


Vengamamba-Temple-NarawadaSri Vengamamba Perantalu Devastanam is more than 300 years old temple, this temple is situated in the village of Narrawada. Famous as a wish-satisfier goddess in the surrounding areas. the festival conducted in the months of June and July is very famous and visited by more than 5 lakhs Pilgrims from all over Andhra right from Srikakulam to Cuddapah. The festival celebrated in the month of June and July is called as Sri Vengamamba Tirunala. Pilgrims has a strong belief that Goddess Sri Vengamamba as their wish-satisfier.

Food Sponsorship at Tarigonda Vengamamba Temple:
Temple prepares delicious vegetarian mahaprasadam for deities. The mahaprasadam offered is pure vegetarian food…You are welcomed to sponsor the food / mahaprasadam offered to the God.

If you wish to sponsor langar please notify the temple volunteers by e-mail: srivengamambaperantalu@gmail.com . If you need help in cooking or arrangement for langar, the temple volunteers will be glad to offer a helping hand. Can I bring food from home?:
Yes, you may bring prasad prepared in clean vessels used to prepare only pure vegetarian food, and it is free from onion, garlic, mushroom, etc…It needs to be prepared with full faith and devotion towards the God.

If you are planning to bring maha-prasadam for more people please contact the temple volunteers to help you schedule your maha-prasadam.

Temple Timings and Schedule

Monday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan
Tuesday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Wednesday* 06:00 PM   –    07:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Thursday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Friday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Saturday 09:00 AM   –    11:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Sunday 09:00 AM   –    03:00 PM  Darshan
11:00 AM   –    01:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
06:00 PM   –    07:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
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