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108 Names of Lord Ayyappa Swamy


Ayyappa Swamy is the main deity in Sabarimala temple which is in kerala state. Swamy Ayyappan is the son of Mohini avatar, an incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. Ayyappa Swamy is also called as Dharmashaastha, Maṇikantan. Ayyappa Swamy Deeksha is for 41 days.

1) Om Mahashasthre Namah
2) Om Shilpashasthre Namah
3) Om Lokhashasthre Namah
4) Om Mahabalaya Namah
5) Om Dharmashasthre Namah
6) Om Veerashasthre Namah
7) Om Kalashasthre Namah
8) Om Mahojhase Namah
9) Om Gajadeepaya Namah
10) Om Angapathe Namah
11) Om Vyagrapathe Namah
12) Om Mahadhyuthaye Namah
13) Om Ganadhyakshaye Namah
14) Om Mahaguna Ganaye Namah
15) Om Agraganyaye Namah
16) Om Nakshatradepaya Namah
17) Om Chandraroopaya Namah
18) Om Varahakaya Namah
19) Om Durvashyamaya Namah
20) Om Maharoopaya Namah

21) Om Rigveda Roopaya Namah
22) Om Kruradhrustaye Namah
23) Om Anamaayaya Namah
24) Om Thrinethraya Namah
25) Om Utpalakaraya Namah
26) Om Kalanthakaya Namah
27) Om Naradeepaya Namah
28) Om Dakshayagna Nashakaya Namah
29) Om Kalhara Kusuma Priyaya Namah
30) Om Madhanaya Namah
31) Om Madhava Suthaya Namah
32) Om Mandara Kusuma Priyaya Namah
33) Om Madhalasaya Namah
34) Om Veerashasthre Namah
35) Om Mahasarpa Veebushanaya Namah
36) Om Mahasuraya Namah
37) Om Mahadheeraya Namah
38) Om Mahapapa Veenashakaya Namah
39) Om Asiasthaya Namah
40) Om Sharadharaya Namah

41) Om Halahaladhara Sutaya Namah
42) Om Agni Nayanaya Namah
43) Om Arjuna Patheye Namah
44) Om Ananghamadhana Turaya Namah
45) Om Dustha Grahade Paya Namah
46) Om Sastre Namah
47) Om Sishtarakshana Deekshitaya Namah
48) Om Rajarajarchi Taya Namah
49) Om Rajasekaraya Namah
50) Om Rajasotamaya Namah
51) Om Manjuleshaya Namah
52) Om Vararuchaye Namah
53) Om Varadaya Namah
54) Om Vayu Vahanaya Namah
55) Om Vajranghaya Namah
56) Om Vishnuputhraya Namah
57) Om Khadghapanaye Namah
58) Om Balodyathaya Namah
59) Om Triloka Gyanaya Namah
60) Om Adi Balaya Namah

61) Om Kasthuri Tilakamchithaya Namah
62) Om Pushkaraya Namah
63) Om Purna Davalaya Namah
64) Om Purna Veshaya Namah
65) Om Krupalayaya Namah
66) Om Pasha Hasthaya Namah
67) Om Bhaya Pahaya Namah
68) Om Omkara Roopaya Namah
69) Om Papaghnya Namah
70) Om Pashanda Rudera Shanaya Namah
71) Om Pancha Pandva Samrakshakaya Namah
72) Om Parapapa Vinashakaya Namah
73) Om Pancha Vaktra Kumaraya Namah
74) Om Panch Akrshara Parayanaya Namah
75) Om Panditaya Namah
76) Om Sreedhara Suthaya Namah
77) Om Nyayaya Namah
78) Om Kavachine Namah
79) Om Kavina Madhi Pathaye Namah
80) Om Kandha Yajushe Namah

81) Om Tarpana Priyaya Namah
82) Om Shyama Roopaya Namah
83) Om Navya Dhanyaya Namah
84) Om Satsamtha Pavi Nashakaya Namah
85) Om Vyaghra Charma Dharaya Namah
86) Om Shooline Namah
87) Om Krupalave Namah
88) Om Venu Vadhanaya Namah
89) Om Khambu Khantaya Namah
90) Om Keerita Divi Bushitaya Namah
91) Om Dhur Jathaye Namah
92) Om Veerya Nilayaya Namah
93) Om Veraya Namah
94) Om Verendra Vandithaya Namah
95) Om Vishwaroopaya Namah
96) Om Veerapathaye Namah
97) Om Vividhardha Phala Pradhaya Namah
98) Om Maharoopaya Namah
99) Om Chathurbahave Namah
100) Om Para Pasha Vimochakaya Namah

101) Om Naga Kundaladharaya Namah
102) Om Rathna Keerethaya Namah
103) Om Jatadharaya Namah
104) Om Naga Lamkara Samyukthaya Namah
105) Om Nanarathna Vibushita Dehaya Namah
106) Om Purnambha Samethaya Namah
107) Om Pushkalamba Samethaya Namah
108) Om Hara Hara Puthraya Namah

Lord Ayyappa Swamy

Bhagavan Saranam Bagavathi Saranam Lyrics Tamil:

Bhagavan Saranam Bagavathi Saranam
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa
Bhagavathi Saranam Bhagavan Saanam
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa

Bhagavan Saranam- Bhagavathi Saranam
Devan Paadam- Devi Paadam
Bhagavanae- Bhagavathiyae

Agamum Kuliravae Azhaithiduvomae
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa
Pagalum Iravum Un Namame
Smaranam Smaranam Ayyappa

Karimalai Vaasa Paapa Vinaasa
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa
Karuthinil Varuvai Karunayyai Pozhivai
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa

Mahishi Samhara Madha-Gaja Vaahana
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa
Suguna Vilaasa Sundara Roopa
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa

Aaruvarame Non-Birunthom
Perazhaga Unnai Kaana Vandhom
Ayyappa Ayyappa

Paal Abhishekam Unakappa
Indha Baalanai Kadai-Kan Paarappa

Muthirai Thengai Unakkappa
Thith-Thik-Kum Naamam Emakkappa
Karpoora Dheepam Unakkappa
Unthan Porpatha Malargal Emakkappa

Devan Paatham Devi Paatham
Saevadi Saranam Ayyappa
Navinil Tharuvai Geetham-Appa
Thevai Un Thiru Paadham-Appa

Nei Abhishekam Unakappa
Un Divya Darisanam Emakappa
Thai-Yinil Varuvom Ayyappa
Arul Seiyappa Manam Vaiyappa
(Bhagavan…. )
Saranam Saranam Ayyappa Swami Saranam Ayyappa(2)

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