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2018 Cancer Karkataka Rasi Horoscope, Astrology


Cancer 2018 Horoscope / Karkataka Rasi

Sanskrit Name : Karkataka
Meaning of Name : The Crab
Type : Water-Cardinal-Negative.
Lord : The Moon
Lucky Color : Orange, White
Lucky Day : Monday, Thursday
Lucky Number : 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25
Birth Stones : Opals and Moonstones

Cancer Horoscope

2018 Cancer Career Horoscope:
Cancer people would find their career area quite intensified this year. You would be having your hands full all through the year. Sometimes things might go out of hand and you would might be caught in cross-fires. Try to strike a cordial balance with authorities and peers during this time. If you are asking for a relocation or change of position then this would be the apt time. Look at the finer picture when you are signing up things in your career area. Till the last quarter of the year, the time would be conducive for you to learn new skills or tasks related to your area of interest. New contacts would come into your fold and your social circle enlarges now.

2018 Cancer Love Horoscope:
Cancer guys would witness an emotional upheaval in their love life in year 2018. The relationships you are already in would spice up your life. Follow your instincts and conscience when handling contentious matters in your love area. Speak and let speak your partner to bring about some transparency in your relationships. Impatience and fault-finding would not do you any good for now through the year as far as your love relationship is concerned. Keep a control over what you do as you might hurt the sentiments of your partner as the year moves on. Keep your desires and sensual emotions under check and do try to understand the feelings of your partner. Some of your long-last dreams in love would materialize for now, however make sure that your dreams are realistic and not an utopia. Some of you Cancer natives would find it a little hard to sort out differences between more than one partner. The end of the year would bring about much boldness and add charm in you that you would be able to attract and key-in potential partners for life.

General overview 2018:
Cancer 2018 Horoscope denotes progress in the form of financial and professional gains. You would have robust energy & intensity in almost all your endeavors in 2018. This would pave way for your success. If you are planning to buy a new home, jeweler, or cars, then 2018 is quite a favorable period. 2018 promises to be an eventful year, full of passion and excitement for you. It is, however, advised to keep your ego in check as this might lead to some unfavorable and unwise decision making. In times when you are not able to take the right decisions, keep a trustworthy person close by and take his advice. This could prove very beneficial for you in the year 2018.

Cancer 2018 predictions suggest that career would be at the top of your priority list. You would be making giant strides in success. You seem to have an aggressive approach to culminate things in a well defined manner. Your hard work, never say-no attitude and luck would prove to be the turning factors escalating you to immense growth and progress. Progress and expansion of your business appears to be a smooth ride till October 2018. Competition at work or other professional fronts pose no significant threat during 2018.

Family looks to be your pillar of strength this year and meeting new people and clients at work could prove beneficial to you. Property and fixed assets hold key to some really good gains. Don’t get too involved in partnerships as these might lead to minor issues & differences of opinion. Working solo should yield better results for you. You might face a minor bump in the middle of the year when it comes to career, especially between 27th June & 28th August 2018. However, keeping your ego low and taking decisions wisely should see you through this period quite comfortably. Overall it would be a promising and positive year in terms of career. Exceptional financial and professional growth is denoted with new ideas bubbling up after October 2018.

Looks like, Cancer, you may have to wait a little more for the right one as 2018 doesn’t appear promising when it comes to romance & matrimony. 2018 Forecast indicates health as an area of concern between May & August 2018. The inclination towards spirituality would be less and you may not experience comfort & satisfaction in romance. Some points of disagreement between you & your spouse/partner may arise. The mantra to maintain high spirits in a relationship is to keep the expectations low and level of understanding high. The time after October 2018 promises to be good for a new love relationship, however, July & August 2018 denote a particularly tough period in marriage. Work pressures & possibly infidelity could spoil matters between spouse/partner in June & September 2018.

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For January Astrology:
There’s a problem with a young person close to you that needs to be resolved this month. This has been troubling you for some time. At this point, you seem unsure about how to handle the situation. I strongly recommend that you be careful how much you trust this person. Watch the deeds rather than the words. You may be forced to take actions that you really don’t want to take, but for your own well being it’s probably best that you do. On another note, your primary relationship looks very strong and your new endeavor is strong and growing. Continue to trust the Universe!

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For February Astrology:
You too, dear Cancerians, will be having family issues not unlike Taureans; however, the message is a little different. Things will look great the first part of the month. In fact, they will be splendid as you exercise patience and tact. Then you will become aware of members who are having a difficult time and this will worry you a great deal. I strongly suggest you meditate on this problem before you reach in to help. There will be a period of waiting before all is resolved but in the end, everyone will feel as though justice was indeed served and everyone got their fair share of time, attention or money. Whatever each of them was wanting from the others. As far as romance for you this month, it appears that if you’re looking for a relationship, you can draw it to you because you have the power of the Magician in your cards this month! So, give it a try. Just create your soul mate in your mind and visualize him or her rushing toward you and see what happens! You may indeed be in for a delightful surprise!

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For March Astrology:
There’s movement in the Universe for you right now to start making plans around your family. You’ve got one major decision that will be difficult but after that’s taken care of, you can get on with your life. The Universe will support your decision in this situation and everyone will be satisfied too. (Even though they may give you some dissention beforehand) Someone in your support system could use a hand in February. They’ve been there for you in the past and you certainly have the strength right now to support them. The cards recommend that you spend some time in meditation in order to draw to you that new job you’ve been wanting! You CAN make it happen, you know.

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For April Astrology:
If you happen to be a gambler, this is your month to invest! It doesn’t matter whether it’s in love, the stock market or the lottery all the signs look excellent for you to be a winner in April! Just because you haven’t been “lucky” in the past, doesn’t mean that you will always be in that situation! Sometimes, it’s just your turn. If you choose not to gamble, then be willing to risk and take some chances you’ve been afraid to take before now. All looks excellent for you in this way! I see you having a celebration in honor of your success near the end of the month. Remember, that because this will come relatively easily for you in this month, be careful not to be foolish with your “winnings.”

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For May Astrology:
You’re going to be tempted to crawl into your shell at times this month. That special friendship that you thought you had is going to turn out to be less than you’d hoped for. It seems that you have different philosophical beliefs and that’s what causes the problem. But, you’re wise to hold on to what you know to be right! Be careful not to move on to another friendship that will also be heartbreaking. Let yourself heal from this current one first. On another issue, it seems that there may be a financial windfall coming your way about mid-month! It appears to come out of the blue and not something you were expecting at all, so that’s the bright spot for you in May 2018!

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For June Astrology:
It seems there’s a secret you’ve been keeping, perhaps even from yourself at some level but it’s not that deep beneath the surface and it would be wise to access it, so that you can share it with someone you trust. Once you get this out in the open you will feel much better. It may cause some minor problems for you but it’s not as awful as you might think and in the long run you’ll benefit tremendously. In fact, you’ll feel so much happier that your spirits will lift and many things will be easier for you. In fact, this secret has been weighing you down for a long time and the freedom that comes from sharing it will be such a relief that you will begin to be more productive in several areas of your life. Keep in mind that we’re only as sick as our secrets and you’ll find that in letting it go your life will change dramatically. So, dear Cancer, forgive yourself and get on with your life. There are wonderful things ahead for you!

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For July Astrology:
It looks like your subconscious will be your best friend this month! It’s such a month of opposites that it boggles the mind. You’re going to have to reach deep inside to see why your reality is so chaotic. It wouldn’t hurt to meditate on it for information as well. The good news it that by month’s end, all will be straightened out; however to get through the month with your equilibrium intact, you’re going to have to be proactive with your Universe. Some very good things will happen to you and then when you think everything’s great, something opposite will occur. Resist the temptation to walk away from it all when the going gets tough. Just remember that good things are on their way!

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For August Astrology:
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If you’re feeling a sense of emptiness right now, dear Cancer, that’s to be expected. You seem to be experiencing a true change of consciousness at this time. What that means in real terms is that in almost every area of your life, there is some kind of upheaval that is making you take stock of your beliefs and thoughts. It’s almost as though you were a child again and all your opinions and feelings are undergoing change. I suggest you turn to a wise man in your support system who will help you sort this all out and just remember that this is a growth time and what you need to get through it with some sense of peace is lots and lots of patience. I’m sure everything will level out next month, so hang in there!

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For September Astrology:
Changes in your job situation may be somewhat unsettling in September but know that these changes are positive for you and give yourself time for a learning curve. You can do it! There may also be some sad news on the horizon for you shortly but it can be a relief too. Keep in mind that everything is in Divine order. Sometimes it is difficult to honor another’s soul decision. Affirm your faith.

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For October Astrology:
Even though there may be some delay, that information about new money coming into your life that you’ve been waiting for is definitely on the horizon! It seems to have to do with something you did and not just random chance. I have to assume that you’ve been working on your prosperity consciousness and I want to encourage you to continue. And, while you’re doing that, be patient. You probably won’t get any hard news about it until near the end of the month. It’s important that you recognize and appreciate all that you can and will do to improve your lot in life. Remember that money is just another form of energy and there’s a lot of energy available for everyone if they just know how to manifest it. So, continue with your positive affirmations and you, too, can have all of that energy you want or need!

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For November Astrology:
It’s time to let go of that situation which appeared to be something it’s not! You deserve something or someone who mirrors your belief system more closely. And, it looks to me like that person or situation is “rushing” toward you right now. So, start dreaming your dreams and let the Universe provide that which is rightfully yours. You’ll be much much happier than you ever thought possible. Also, spend some time with that dark-haired woman who has influence in your life. She has something she wants to give you. No matter what it is, it’s a gift you must treasure.

Cancer / Karkataka Rashi Horoscope 2018 For December Astrology:
Ninety percent of this reading is wonderful for you. I see new beginnings, a perfect partnership and celebration. You seem to have been able to manifest in reality that which you were only dreaming and meditating about before. You have grown tremendously in the area of creating your reality. There is that unpleasant ten percent left to deal with and it won’t be fun. I see disruption and feelings of betrayal in your home life. Perhaps you ought to use your new-found ability to manifest with this situation too. I know you can do it if you’re so inclined or, of course, remember it’s okay to just buy out of a job or relationship without having to explain it to yourself or others. Just say “goodbye.”

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2018.

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