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2018 Libra Tula Rashi Horoscope, Astrology


Libra 2018 Horoscope / Tula Rashi

Sanskrit Name : Tula
Meaning of Name : The Scales
Type : Air-Cardinal-Positive
Lord : Venus
Lucky Color : Blue, Green
Lucky Day : Friday
Lucky Number : 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60
Birth Stones : Sapphire and Turquoise

Libra Horoscope

2018 Libra Career Horoscope:
In year 2018, your career field would bring about major changes like never before. Many more responsibilities and positions come for your shoulders. There would be many long term positive developments in your professional side. Your energy levels would be simply superb to put your career growth in the right perspective. A good time, especially for honing your skills. Also give importance to your personal interests or hobbies, some of them might fetch you name and fame. Try to strike a good balance between your professional and personal life this year, else you might land in trouble on either side. There would be an irresistible urge in you to build a better professional future. Do not hesitate to ask for favors, or pay-hikes or transfers and shifts. Ask and it shall be given unto you!!. Some peers and authorities might annoy you through the year. Do not bother to pay heed to their whims. Count only on yourself and your hard work. Optimism and your sense of survival would help you to fight any hindrances and come out successful in your career field this year.

2018 Libra Love Horoscope:
During the year 2018, Libra natives would be able to have a better understanding of their partners in life, that love would take a new meaning. Jupiter would help you to grow a more meaningful relationship with your partner this year. Intense passion and romance would be encountered en-route. There would be hope to change your existing relationships that are quite thick-skinned for now. You need to spread out your wings and expand your love horizon. However Libra natives are advised against taking impulsive actions in the love side for the year ahead. Indeed, things develop and disappear in your love-front swiftly and beautifully. Partner would be more satisfying than ever and he or she would take total control of situations. Letting go off of some bad relationships would pave way for total happiness and commitment for existing ones. Take steps to positively develop your love relationships this year.

General overview 2018:
Just as your sign depicts, the Libra 2018 Horoscope is a balance of both good luck and difficult times. You appear to be full of ambition, passion and intensity, giving rise to growth for you. There might be times when you see yourself losing the map and searching for directions in terms of profession and personal life. This period doesn’t appear to be slowing down your progress as your learning and self discovering attitude should point you in the right direction. There may be a change in the way you look and perceive things between February & May 2018. Once this period gets over, you should be set on your way with much more charm and magnetism.

Libra 2018 predictions point towards a rather challenging yet dynamic phase in terms of work & career. These should bring out the best in you and open up new opportunities of growth. Don’t let the pressure of handling too many things make you aggressive, the key to success at this point is to maintain your composure and temperament. May & August 2018 is one period where you should be handling situations diplomatically and carefully as a short travel also appears on the cards. A wrong decision or aggressive approach by you might lead to the loss of valuable member of your team. In an attempt to promote your business or work you may end up investing time at the wrong places and with the wrong persons. Avoid yourself from getting distracted and focus more on quality, reliability and better understanding of your work and clients. You may have to set priorities and figure out what’s best for business and growth before making any decision. You might see yourself trying hand at new techniques at work which could be the result of a growth oriented approach.

Its smiles all around for Libra in love & marriage forecast for 2018. The year would be positive for relationships with things spicing up during October & November 2018. If you are willing to tie the knot, try to postpone it after December 2018. You are likely to have a very mature approach when it comes to handling matters related to spouse and partner. Looks like the summer months of June & August might see some heated moments at domestic front. Your patience and sensibility should hold the key to subside such controversies or tensions.

The financial prospect looks promising in the Libra horoscope with the onset of October 2018. However the period leading up to October also promises to be moderately good with just minor glitches here and there. There is a possibility of a lean year in terms of comfort from children, sibling and matters involving real estate. It would be a good year with few challenges but these should not pose any significant problems in your progress. The time between October & December looks to be the most fruitful and conducive for you.

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For January Astrology:
It looks like your love life is still going well! Good for you! However, it seems that some people whom you care deeply about are going through a pretty rough time. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to reach out and give some relief to them. You will be well-rewarded for your efforts. Also, some of you have been wondering if your hard work is noticed and I can assure you it will be this month. You ought to be getting the compliments and the monetary rewards that you deserve! If you don’t get them, ask! Remember, you can ask for anything you want! That is your birthright.

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For February Astrology:
It seems that you’re working on making some important dreams come true and that’s good! You may have to make a few sacrifices along the way in order to make it all happen but the outcome will be truly excellent! Right now, many avenues are open to you and you know just how to take advantage of those, so do it. You’re in an excellent position right now and all through the month of February, so make the most of it Librans! There are some interesting things that are going to be happening to persons close to you but I suggest you just observe and not get too involved. Just be supportive. As far as your Valentine forecast, it seems that near the end of the month, you and your significant other will be closer than ever! NOT during the actual Holiday. And, for those of you who don’t have a significant other yet, watch the end of the month!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For March Astrology:
You’ve gotten all those nagging doubts out of your head and now you can go ahead and let yourself relax into that wonderful relationship! In fact you have two relationships that are excellent this month because you’ve let go of the doubts. One is your relationship with your job and the other with that special someone. You were afraid you’d have to walk away from one or both because the “old tapes” kicked in but you’ve conquered them and now you can embrace your Good! You’ve looked long enough and hard enough. Enjoy what you have. In addition that new money that is coming in ought to be put into investments rather than spent! You’re going to need it later.

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For April Astrology:
What a great month this appears to be for you! It seems to find you with more internal strength than you believed you had. And, this strength will manifest with increased health, an increase in your finances and an overall sense of well-being. Part of this has to do with your enhanced psychic abilities which you’ve been developing and in addition, learning how to make your new-found prosperity consciousness work. In every way, you are “winner” in April! There will be more money for you and for the family and even your extended family will share in the good fortune. All in all, Libra, April looks terrific for you!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For May Astrology:
It’s time to look at your part in your most serious relationships. Remember all the old sayings that say in essence that it take two to. . . The moment of truth will come when you admit that you also have “baggage” from your past that can be influencing your closest relationships. If you drop yours, it’s just possible that the other person will do the same. Sometimes, it’s difficult to face our own issues and just blame the other person and I know you have the intrinsic fairness to be willing to do that if your consciousness is raised to do it! So, meditate on this and be willing to face whatever it takes to improve you life situation all the way around! You can do it, dear Libra. You have what it takes!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For June Astrology:
What is it you’re really looking for, dear Libra? Reading after reading I keep see you searching for something that seems to be just outside your grasp. In addition, I often perceive you settling for the status quo rather than going after what you really want. And, I think you DO know what that is. Well, this looks like a good month to reach for the brass ring because the Universe is open to you in June. So, my friend, listen to the messages that will be coming your way and see if one of them contains that elusive something you really want. Face the fear and do it anyway! You can. You have the internal strength needed. Trust yourself and trust the Universe and all will be wonderful!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For July Astrology:
Well, it looks like you’re in some pain right now. You felt as though you had that situation locked up, but someone else stepped in and took it away from you. Keep in mind you did the best your could to make that situation work. So, let yourself be sad for a little while but then shake it off because there’s a world of choices out there for you! And, right now, you’re in a window of opportunity to affirm what you want from the Universe and get it! You must have been working on your ability to create your own reality. In fact, I see your financial situation improving dramatically by month’s end! This is also a “lucky” month for you. Take advantage of it!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For August Astrology:
Someone close to you is really miserly with his or her “stuff” whether it’s money or emotions! This is really not fair to you and I wouldn’t blame you if you walked away from this person. After all, you’ve been there for him or her in the past. Maybe the relationship just isn’t worth it. Aren’t you tired of waiting and waiting for this person to finally come through for you? Well, if you do decide to move on, there are new starts ahead for you and they’re very positive! It looks to me as though there are new dreams to dream and new hopes to hope. And, as fair as you tend to be you are something of a “fighter” so go ahead and use that warrior part of you and everything will be fine!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For September Astrology:
Is that relationship really worth holding on to? Whether it’s interpersonal or job-related, it may be time to move on. You don’t lack courage, so if you’re completely fed up but think you ought to give it more time…don’t! Let go. Of course you will feel a loss but in the long run, you’ll be happy with your decision. There are new beginnings on the horizon for you.

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For  October Astrology:
It seems to me that you’re going to be rather involved with legal matters this month. On one hand, the money at stake here is very important and on the other, it doesn’t look like it’s going to cost you what you think it is. However, you’re going to go through a period of uncertainty worrying about how this is all going to turn out. Just take care of it one step at a time and everything will be all right and work at staying centered. The most vital thing to keep in mind is that you got the money before and you can make it up. You may want to read Cancer’s reading for this month which talks about money as energy and this fits for you too. At any rate, the legalities are mostly on your side and you have powerful allies so all will be well!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For November Astrology:
Old issues that you thought you’d resolved are going to rear their ugly heads this month and create some havoc in your primary relationship; however, you will resolve them between the two of you but be prepared to move through a rather rough time early in the month. Later on, your life will change rather dramatically because there are new opportunities on the horizon and the acceptance of these opportunities will take a lot of the pressure off. Also, make no mistake, that primary relationship you have is worth having so continue to fight for it. You will prevail and of course, you’ll both win!

Libra / Tula Rashi Horoscope 2018 For December Astrology:
This is a good month to align yourself with someone who can do you a great deal of good both personally and professionally. Let that person do some guiding of you. In other words, if you’re looking for a relationship, allow that person to introduce you to someone; or if you’re looking for a promotion at work, let that person put in a good word for you. You don’t have to do it all alone, you know. And, remember, it’s always all right to ask for what you want!

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2018.

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