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2018 Sagittarius Dhanus Rashi Horoscope, Astrology


Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope / Dhanus Rashi

Sanskrit Name : Dhanusha
Meaning of Name : The Archer
Type : Fire-Mutable-Positive
Lord : Jupiter
Lucky Color : Violet, Purple, Red, Pink
Lucky Day : Thursday
Lucky Number : 3, 12, 21, 30
Birth stones : Amethyst and Topaz

Sagittarius Horoscope

2018 Sagittarius Career Horoscope:
The career prospects of the Sagittarius people looks good for the year 2018. It is one of the best periods in your entire life to forge ahead in style in the professional side. Bring your creativity to the fore and handle professional commitments with ease and dignity. Action speaks louder than words, let your performance do the talking for you towards authorities and higher-ups this period. Success comes all over you this year, do not be weighed down by your laurels though. A good time to build bridges in professional relationships and try to mend fences if any. Your sensitivity however might come in way of your growth and development. Do not get carried away by false promises this year. But then be ready to lend a helping hand to those in need in your work place.

2018 Sagittarius Love Horoscope:
During the year 2018, some important details relevant to your love life might come to the fore. This would pave way for a brighter and happier love life. There would be a sense of maturity regarding your emotional side. Do not be impulsive in your move towards your partner this year. Weigh the pros and cons before making major love decisions. Especially impulses of the mind and heart would be difficult to be curbed this period. Stay away from irresistible offers in love and marriage. Take steps according to your conscience and let no one dictate your life and its moves. A good time for growth and harmony in love life if you are more than willing to express your true feelings to your partner or spouse. In this way much clouds can be dispersed positively. Some of you Sagittarians might feel that the search for an ideal partner is taking so long. Keep searching.. Certain vital encounters would make a drastic change in your love life this year. Do not forget the past, live in the present and plan for the future, with your partner by your side. The year is a good time to rediscover your partner and his or her passions, dreams and ideals in life.

General overview 2018:
With joy and personal challenges going hand in hand, 2018 shapes up to be the year that is truly a mixed bag for you. Though 2018 Sagittarius Horoscope indicates that you would be less worried about the results & ramifications in the New Year.

You are more likely to focus on proving yourself and reclaiming ground that you may have lost during 2016 & 2017. With such an aggressive approach towards achieving goals and objectives, you may find yourself at the center of controversies & confrontations. These could take place not just once but on multiple occasions. The best way to avoid or handle any such situation would be to keep a rational and honest approach. New friendship and relationship appears to be on the horizon while children could be the source of celebration in the family this year.

A good phase in career & work is denoted by the Sagittarius 2018 forecast. Till early October 2018, your efforts and hard work would result in positive gains and earnings. You may have to put in a little extra effort at work to tackle the personal challenges that might come up between April & August 2018. This could lead to added pressure at work. You might see yourself working late in the office fending off distractions that may slow down your progress. The challenges should only bring out the best in you and give positive results in the end.

Keeping a rigid and aggressive approach may not be the right way to get things done this year. Diplomacy, wise decision making, personal touch and element of trust would be the key to succeed at different situations. As per the Sagittarius Horoscope 2018, profits are indicated in finances however there is also a possibility of useless expenses, so spend wisely. Income would be fine but to have savings, you should try safer options like SIP etc. This is a good way to keep your money safe, don’t go by assumptions or rumors.

As indicated by Sagittarius horoscope, 2018 appears to be the year when your may have to sail solo. Your personal capacity would yield better results for you as compared to working in a team or group. Personal partnerships however could prove beneficial. Try to stay calm with a composed temperament as July & August 2018 indicate a sudden spike in aggression. This may lead to disturbed relations between you and your senior or clients. A careful approach is required during this time to keep relations and career going smoothly. New relationships at work appear to be building up between September & November 2018. However there is also a possibility of slight distractions that might disturb you while working. It is advised to keep a mature attitude and not make judgmental errors.

Matters related to love & marriage appear to be good as indicated by 2018 predictions for Sagittarius. You could look forward to some exciting moments in romance & matrimony during October & November 2018. Though the period appears fine, there is a possibility of some issues arising in marriage matters. Heath of your wife/husband may not be well during this time and you might have to take extra care of him/her. Avoid any heated arguments with your spouse as this may lead to you being unfair towards him/her. Try to stay away from issues that hold less significance in life, especially during May & August 2018.

Spiritual inclination and religion should take center stage after October 2018. Material goals appear to be taking the back seat during this period as you might have an escalated interest in religion. The month of October 2018 appears to be positive overall however you might see a dip in energy levels after this. It is better to get back to the drawing board and introspect instead of working on new things during the last quarter of the year.

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For January Astrology:
Well, you’re hoping that that special person you just met or have finally gotten close to is indeed your soulmate OR that job is the dream one you’ve been looking for. I suspect you’re absolutely right! You’ve been looking for a long time and your standards are very high, so you’ve found the proverbial needle in the haystack! However, I am feeling that you’re not even believing this reading because you’d just about given up; but it is time to trust. On the business side of your life, I suggest you use some patience because you’ve worked hard, you’ve made yourself valuable and now with just a little waiting, all that energy is going to pay off! Just wait . . . and watch . . . you’ll be pleased with the results!

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For February Astrology:
Hang in there, Sag! Help is on its way. You’ve been trying every way to make life work for you but it seems that no matter where you turned, you’ve been blocked. It won’t be long now because you’ve made it clear you can’t do it yourself and you’ve reached out for help and help you shall get! It’s going to take a little while to get this all straightened out but you will be all right. In fact, you’re going to come through all of this better than ever! I know plans have failed and relationships haven’t worked but that time in your life is almost over, at least for now. So, keep accepting constructive input and stay calm and by the end of the month, life will look much much better to you! As for your Valentine’s outlook, your love life can be as good as you want it to be. Remember, you CAN create your own reality! If you can imagine it, you can have it!

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For March Astrology:
It looks like you’re going to be one busy person this month. I perceive you rushing around achieving all kinds of things! And the vast majority of them will turn out well! Your judgement abilities will be at an all time high. There is one caution here for this month. I perceive someone who does NOT wish you all the best and you need to outsmart this person or s/he could do some damage to all your plans. You know who this is. Don’t let the charm fool you. Use that good judgement! You’ll be especially strong in the financial department if you don’t let that person influence you or those around you. All in all, it could be a very productive month for you!

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For April Astrology:
Well, this is the month for you to dream big because the Universe is definitely “moving” for you right now! In fact, there’s a lot of motion/busyness around you. (In case you hadn’t noticed) The reason for all of this is that you will finally shed some old stale situations and embark on new endeavors. And, amazingly enough, these new situations will be almost perfect for you! You have gone to great lengths to be fair and now it’s coming back to you in the form that you most desire. . . be it a love relationship or a business partnership! Isn’t it great when you truly realize that what goes around DOES come around?

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For May Astrology:
What looked like a disaster in the area of legal/money matters will finally be settled this month. Not quite as lucrative as you had hoped but at least it will be over and enough to give you a fresh start! With some creative thinking and investing, you can parlay this into something very positive! As the month progresses, you will find that your intuition is playing an even bigger role in your life than you had previously realized. It will be central to an increase in appreciation by those close to you and those acts that you thought had gone unnoticed will be recognized in both word and deed. You will finally get the gratitude you deserve!

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For June Astrology:
I see that there are some things that are really worrying you, dear Sag. In fact, recently, it appears that you’ve felt pretty much unable to cope altogether. I don’t want to make light of your problems but they really aren’t as bad as they seem. In fact, there’s is hidden strength in you that will pull you out of this funk very soon. You’ll be reminded one more time of how much strength there is available to you. You tend to forget, don’t you? You’ll be helped through this by a young person who you don’t often expect to come through for you but this time, s/he will and it will help a lot! By the end of the month everything will be looking up and you’ll be more optimistic than you’ve been in awhile. It’s learning and growing time and that isn’t always easy but this situation won’t last too much longer and that’s good news, isn’t it?

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For July Astrology:
Now is an excellent time for a rest. You’ve been working hard and it’s time to just take it easy! And, in addition, you’re not sure what your next step ought to be. You see an option out there but you’re afraid of looking foolish if you go for it. Face the fear and do it anyway! If you always take the safe route, the Universe may offer you many gifts that you refuse. That’s self-sacrificing and not a good idea. Besides, the cards say anyone who thought you might be making a foolish choice is wrong because you will prevail! Fight that urge to stay in your cocoon and get out and enjoy what the Universe has to offer.

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For August Astrology:
With some time spent in meditation, dear Sag, this month can bring you much of what you’ve been wanting. Remember that the most effective way of drawing that which you want and need to you is to affirm that it’s already done. So, during your meditation see who or what you desire at your side or in your hands. You see, right now, the cards indicate that you have a special window of opportunity open to you. Your psychic ability is high and your Universe appears to want to deliver your visualizations! So, if I were a Sagittarius, I’d be spending a lot of time in contemplation in August! Why not take advantage of this great month?

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For September Astrology:
You can be a “powerhouse” this first part of the month! You have influences that are giving you abilities to force situations! However, be cautious. Remember to be careful what you pray for, you may get it! Also, you have a code of ethics to answer to within yourself. So, look every situation over carefully and if it is something that you really want, go for it!

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For  October Astrology:
October brings you to a number of places where you will need to make some important decisions. Most of them will be no problem because you know what you want. However, there is one that if you decide to go for it, you may wind up very unhappy, indeed, so weigh those choices carefully and if there’s one that seems “iffy” choose against it! It may feel as though there are forces working to get you to accept that offer but don’t do it. Look to a young dynamic person to help you work through this month. S/he has your best interests at heart and will not only have good advice but also can take some tasks off your hands. By the end of the month, all of this should be resolved and in the best possible way.

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For November Astrology:
The Universe will be offering you several opportunities this month. Be careful about being too careful. I know that this is in opposition to your Sag nature but for some reason you’re being more cautious at this point in time. You need to relax more and have more fun.You’ve been much too serious lately and perhaps working too hard. You have some old issues that may rear their ugly heads in November and you can take care of those by prayer, insight and meditation. An excellent sign at this time is that even though you may be going through a rather difficult time,the end IS in sight! But, I want to reiterate that to be able to accept the above opportunities, you MUST relax!

Sagittarius / Dhanus Rashi Horoscope 2018 For December Astrology:
Don’t be afraid to fight for what you know is rightfully yours! It could mean success and money. You’ll receive two messages around this issue and take them to heart because they are the key to this financial venture. You’ll finally be able to reward yourself with some of those little gifts you’ve been wanting! Don’t wait for Santa Claus. Someone is wanting to be close to you that you’re unsure about. This person is clever and charming but be careful. I’m not convinced s/he is completely trustworthy. Give it some time before you decide to give your heart away. It could be a gamble you don’t want to take.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2018.

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