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2018 Virgo Kanya Rashi Horoscope, Astrology


Virgo 2018 Horoscope \ Kanya Rashi

Sanskrit Name : Kanya
Meaning of Name : The Virgin
Type : Earth-Mutable-Negative
Lord : Mercury
Lucky Color : Orange, White, Grey, Yellow, Mushroom
Lucky Day : Wednesday
Lucky Number : 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
Birth Stones : Emerald and Pearl

Virgo Horoscope

2018 Virgo Career Horoscope:
This year, the career side of Virgo people would be more focused towards cordiality and relationship in the work place. Through the year, your performance would be indirectly linked to that of your peers and authorities and how well you get along with them. This would be a positive step if you would use the authoritative power given to you to garner more knowledge on your side of the wall. Teamwork would help you to meet your professional goals this year. Some Virgo guys are in for a transfer or relocation. Promotions and pay-hikes are also due for others. Those in the lower rungs of the corporate ladder would now be able to climb up, but beware not to burn the rungs you had climbed on.

2018 Virgo Love Horoscope:
Virgo people would have the environment conducive for furthering their love relationships this year. The single Virgo guys would be able to find romance and love they had yearned for this in this period. Some erotic and sensual moments on the cards. Your emotions would be under control for most of the period that your love would be stronger than ever. The single ones have the chance of meeting the love of their life this time period. The levels of attraction would be just great to rope in potential partners for life. Relationships that are started after the first quarter of the year have more chances of surviving any negative trends later on. Try to strike a good balance between romance, fun and the practical side of life. Your material life would be doubly blessed as you stand a chance to gain from your partner during the year ahead. A sense of security would prevail in your love life and domestic life. Family would be a source of strength and support if your love feelings are channeled properly.

General overview 2018:
2018 Virgo Horoscope indicates an year that would be going in right direction for finance & career. Virgo, you would have to strike the right balance between work and family as failing to do so may see you drifting away from your loved ones. 2018 is the year that promises credit & appreciation of your work but to achieve real joy you would have to work a bit harder. You are advised to take full advantage of the potential that the positive trends coming your way hold. Till October 2018 you are likely to have robust creativity. You should be able to express your thoughts and views and communicate well with people. It would not be wrong to call this period a creative painting that has splashes or strokes of brilliance’s. 2018 looks to be the year that you have been waiting for. Your dreams may just turn into reality so it is a good time to grab all and any opportunity that comes your way.

The 2018 forecast for Virgo indicates some steady gains in career and your professional life. The graph of your career would go up this year leading to better finances. The sources of income appear to be multiplying as new lines of work get formed. New contacts and associations would prove fruitful leading to better growth and gains. February to June 2018 is the period when the chances of making new relationships and partnership appear relatively high however the period till October 2018 appears particularly beneficial in terms of gains. Though these developments may prove quite significant for your business or profession but this could also be one of the reasons behind your drifting away from family. The period beyond April to August hold great potential for travel and possible relocation to a new place. You might have to be a little cautious at expressing your views at home. This may lead to disharmony and possible effects could be felt on your progress at work. A careful approach is advised beyond October 2018. You might experience a slow phase in terms of work progress with a possibility of decline in your position.

A positive and beneficial period in finance is denoted by the Virgo 2018 Horoscope. October & November 2018 appear to bethe months which should see rise in income level thus giving you considerable gains. Major business decisions should be avoided during this time however luck appears to be your ally when it comes to matters related to money.

The overall marriage and love predictions for Virgo in 2018 appear relatively positive. Some issues at home might be there which may just cause minor setbacks during this period. An impulsive love affair appears to be on the horizon from June end until end of August 2018. You may call this a rather strong & peculiar phase in love life with some unexpected trends. It is advised to take wise decisions during this time as your existing relationships could come under intense pressure. Waiting for September 2018 before taking any big decisions might be a good option for you.

To sum it up, the first 9 months of the year for Virgo appear like a rosy picture promising substantial achievements. The period beyond this requires a more planned approach in professional life rather than taking risks.

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For January Astrology:
Right now, you’re having some sleepless nights because of the betrayal of someone you thought you could trust. You’re not sure what to do about this situation and you can’t seem to figure out where you might have gone wrong. Be assured that it wasn’t your fault. All you tried to do was be fair and that person wasn’t able or willing to return the behavior. It’s going to be a month of sadness, I’m afraid, but please know that at least this time, it won’t take longer than 30 days to reach a place where you are starting to feel good about yourself again. The good news is that your financial situation is stabilizing but I doubt if you’ll be giving that much thought in January. Stay centered and trust that this is another lesson from the Universe and that all will be fine soon.

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For February Astrology:
February is going to call for patience on your part, Virgo! It seems that during the first part of the month things you thought were going to come to pass just aren’t at that time. But,hang in there because it looks like about half way through the month situations and people will be much easier to manage so there’s no point in letting it get to you. It seems that you have a powerful person on your side who will be of a great deal of support but there is one younger person whom you ought not to trust. He or she presents well and is fun to be around but in matters of business or even in social settings is not “safe” for you, so don’t invest too much of yourself in this overly charming individual. As far as romance in concerned, be cautious about non-essential arguments with your significant other. Keep in mind that you’re not in the best frame of mind early in the month, so you might say something you’ll regret later. Think before you speak while you’re under stress. Having said all of the above, I want to emphasize that you are on the way to having some important dreams come true. They’re just slow in coming, so take heart and again, exercise caution and patience!

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For March Astrology:
Your watchword for this month is “new.” New relationships, new money, and new spirituality. You hold the world in your hands and it’s at your feet if you choose to embrace all this “newness.” You just have one more hurdle to jump. Some old ideas will have to go and a change of consciousness will have to take place to make all this to manifest in reality but you can do it! You’ve done your groundwork well and it’s time to reap what you sowed. Your spirituality will be in the forefront of your consciousness all month as well as that hard-worker that you are enchanted by. S/he will be an outgrowth of your heightened spirituality as will your success on the job.

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For April Astrology:
Be careful of that charming man or delightful woman that you’ve recently met. Look beneath the obvious and be alert or you could wind up with a broken heart! All is not as it seems in matters of friendship or romance this month. You are very good at balance, so use that ability to balance your head and heart. This is a good time for you to reassess who and what you want in your life and remember, you can manifest in reality by positive affirmations. By the end of the month, you will begin to see those affirmations bearing fruit. So, by the first of May, all should be looking much better for you, so just stay aware and take care of yourself! On the other hand, your financial matters are on the improve and that’s will make up for a lot.

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For May Astrology:
Some new projects you’ve begun will pay off in May but be careful that someone else doesn’t take the credit that belongs to you! It looks like you won’t let that happen especially if you’re aware of possible betrayal in this department. I don’t want you to become too suspicious of everyone around you…just stay alert and carefully and tactfully let the appropriate person(s) know that it was your work that made the project successful. Your attitude this month is one of a winner and that’s good! Continue to create your reality as only you know how and you’ll come out on top. Later in the month expect a message with good news! And, as the month ends, be prepared to do some serious thinking around how much you’ve grown and changed!

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For June Astrology:
Opportunity seems to be knocking at your door in June. However, it doesn’t look like you’re going to accept the offer. This is rather sad because it might have been a good one. I know you have your reasons but the bottom line is that you tend to be in a comfort zone and don’t want to rock the boat. And, besides, there’s a risk isn’t there? You may want to think about how actually comfortable that zone is and whether you couldn’t do much better. Take some time to go to the water or the mountains to meditate on this issue. The cards indicate that you could draw strength from nature at this time. You could really improve your situation if you’re willing to take a chance. I can hear all your arguments right now. “Things are okay, not perfect but….” Well, it’s up to you and we do have free-will, you know. Good luck with your decision. I hope you find it in yourself to take a chance.

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For July Astrology:
You have learned some lessons from your past that are truly applicable today! The first one is to make a friend and ally of a strong leader. Yes, you’re one too but this is not the time to take charge but to follow for awhile. The second one is to let your abilities speak for themselves without any need to boast. If you heed these lessons carefully the Universe will shower you with bounty. The reason I say this is that there is a message of new money coming your way very soon if you are willing to step out of the spotlight and let this person have it. You’ve been in a rather stagnant place lately and it’s time to break free and do it in a big way!

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For August Astrology:
A plan or project that began in July is, unfortunately, not going to happen. It seems that some old issues that you have yet to resolve stand in the way. In fact, they often keep you from achieving something you really want. You tend to be something of a dreamer without having any substance behind the dream. You are often not quite prepared in the way that would be the most beneficial. However, there’s another plan that looks promising but that one will come about because of some help from a creative person in your support system. But, it’s better than not having anything happen at all. So, move ahead with improving your life and your plans!

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For September Astrology:
Someone from your past may find you this month or you may find them. This can be mutually beneficial for both of you! On another front, don’t attempt to push the river. Let the river flow and you will flow with it. If you can do that, you’ll be rewarded more than you can imagine! I know you have a need to take charge but this is a month to let go and let the Universe guide you without question.

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For October Astrology:
Well, it looks like you’re hoping for the best in a particular situation and expecting the worst! This is very sad because you could be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s very important that you affirm the positive in October or you will have a very difficult month. Remember, that when you have those two polar extremes going on, the Universe waits to see which one you really “expect” which means “want.” So, if, rather than simply hoping, affirm that the positive will indeed happen and don’t even let the consideration that the negative will occur spend any time in your brain, then the positive WILL show up in your life! I see this happening near the end of the month after a bit of a struggle but the cards are clear. You can make the best happen for yourself!

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For November Astrology:
After much searching and hoping, you’ve finally found a “perfect partnership” to make your life whole. For the first time in years, maybe your whole life, you feel as though you can truly move ahead with all those creative plans you’ve had rolling around in your head. There have been times in the past few years when you’ve been ready to give up and walk away from it all! But, thankfully, you’ve found that perfect match that is going to enrich your life in every way. You now have what you’ve wanted…the ability to dip in the well of the Universe and draw forth the sustenance that you want and need to move forward. You have reason to celebrate but remember, the partnership is relatively new and it hasn’t had time yet to completely develop its promise but the light is now in view.

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Horoscope 2018 For December Astrology:
Just one quick change of mindset and your life will take a new direction. That change involves NOT doing it the old way. There’s a newer more creative way to make your life work. Stop seeing yourself as a loner and reach for that helpful person in your life. In every other area of your life, you’re doing just fine. In this one, you are stuck with an idea that was planted for you and all you have to do is say, “I was not meant to be alone.” And with those words your whole life will change. You will feel like a victor after battle, and well you should!

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2018.

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