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Adhanga Pooja


Lord Shiva Meditation

(Praying to all parts of body of Lord Shiva)
Offer the Lord a flower, akshatha, Vibhudhi or kumkum after saying each line

Om Shankaraya Namaha – Paadhou Pujayami
Om Shivaya Namaha – Jange Pujayami
Om Maheswaraya Namaha – Januni Pujayami
Om Trilokeshaya Namaha – Ooru Pujayami
Om Vrishabha Rudaya Namaha – Guhyam Pujayami
Om Bhasmodulitha Vigrahaya Namaha- Kathim Pujayami
Om Mritunjayaya Namaha – Naabhim Pujayami
Om Rudraya Namaha – Udaram Pujayami
Om Sambaaya Namaha – Hrudhayam Pujayami
Om Bhujanga Bhushanaya Namaha – Hasthe Pujayami
Om Sadashivaya Namaha – Bhujav Pujayami
Om Visweswaraya Namaha – Kantham Pujayami
Om Om Girishaya Namaha -Mukham Pujayami
Om Tripurantakaya Namaha – Nethrani Pujayami
Om Virupakshaya Namaha – Lalaatham Pujayami
Om Gangadharaya Namaha – Sirah Pujayami
Om Jatadharaya Namaha – Moulim Pujayami
Om Pashupataye Namaha – Sarvangaani Pujayami

Sri Parameswara Sarvaanyamgaani Pujaam Samarpayaami
Suddha Spatikam Sankasam Naagabharana Bhushitaam
Vedha Vedhaanta Tatvagyanam Vandhe Shambham Umapathim

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