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Alampur Kumara Brahma Temple Mehabubnagar Telangana Jogulamba Temple

Alampur Kumara Brahma Temple Timings:

Morning: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening: 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Kumara Brahma Temple is one of the ancient temples of mehabubnagar. This temple has a prominent history and special architecture that represents the construction style of Nagara. Kumara Brahma temple is located near to the museum. This temple is actually located at the south side of the temple of Arka Brahma. You can reach this temple form the bus stand by walk or by an auto as it is just one kilometer form the alampur bus stand.
Alampur Kumara Brahma Temple
Coming to the architecture, the nagaras used to follow a different style of architecture. You can see that the temple is constructed on a high and elevated platform. There are many different sculptures that are wonderfully carved on the walls of this temple. In the front of this temple there is a four pillared structure known as the mukhamandapam and this mukhamandapam is followed by a large hall called mahamandapam and followed by the inner sanctum and a small circumambulatory path for doing pradakshins. The entrance doorway is carved with lord Vishnu and some toranas made of flowers.

The entrance doorway of this sanctum is also decorated with the sculptures of river ganga and Yamuna and also the sculpture of Nagendra. The mahamandapam has different sculptures on its pillars. The sculptures are of goddess Gajalakshmi and uma maheswara and kubera. There are sculptures of elephants and swans too. There are some interesting sculptures of humans who are riding some of the mythical animals. The mahamadapam consists of a sculpture of saptamatrika.

The walls of this mukhamandapam are also carved with some special and wonderful sculptures. They are the figures of some gandharvas and kubera and lord ganesha. There are some sculptures of some celestial couples and toranas and some designs of flowers. The mukhamandapam has female heads that are seven in number which looks like they are pulling a chariot. All the mandapas, are decorated with neatly carved lattice windows. This architecture style is very simple and the temple has a plain and very simple walls.

Alampur Kumara Brahma Temple Address:

Alampur, Telangana 509152