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Chinna Sesha Vahanam, The Sepent King Important to Both Lord Vishnu and Shiva

Tirumala 04/10/16: On the morning of Tuesday that is the second day, the lord Sri Malayappa Swamy’s deity has taken a ride on his cute five hooded serpent king called Vasuki.

Importance of Chinna Sesha Vahanam:
As per the Hindu Mythology the divine snake is associated with the two lords Shiva and Vishnu. During the process of Samudhra Madhanam, the deities and the asuras have used this snake vasuki as a rope and using the Mandara Parvataham as an axle to churn the ocean of milk that is to obtain the Amritam which is a divine nectar who are instructed by the Lord Vishnu.

There is another story which is very interesting. During the process of samudra madhanam lord shiva has stretched his hand and the vasuki has become his wrist band and then he carried him to the place where churning is to be started.

So, this is how the serpent is how related to the lord Shiva and also to Vishnu. He also attained a best position in the Hindu Mythology. Vasuki is also considered as the King of Nagas.

The vehicle on which the lord rides resemble the patience and the lord is enlightens all his pilgrims that humbleness is also important as the same is maintained by the vasuki during the churning of the milk ocean by the deities and the asuras. This is also tells that only our patience and our politeness are important which is making us great than our mighty.

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam chairman Dr Ch Krishna Murthy and TTD Executive Officer Dr D Sambasiva Rao and also CVSO Sri G Srinivas and the deputy EO of the temple Sri Rama Rao and the peishkar Sri R Selvam and the members of the board Sri Sandra Venkata Veeraiah , Sri AV Ramana and also Sri DP Anantha and Shri Bhanu Prakash Reddy and many other devotees have taken part in this.

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