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Cultural Programs Muses Denizens

Tirupati, 4 October 2016:
The HDPP conducts the cultural programs and the annamacharya projects are dint to a great extent.

Sri Gurujada Madhusudhan rao who was the well known artist performs the Annamacharya vinuti keertans and makes the devotees hearts to move in a devotional way and also includes the importance of Sri Mannarayana in Bhouli ragam, deva sikhamani in Mohana govinda.

Annamacharya Kalamandiram:
Sri Chandrasekhar Rao belonging to Mehaboobnagar in Annamacharya Kalamandiram provides Bhakti Sangeetham and followed by vocal concert by Smt Aparna from Bengaluru who performs a fabulous melodious note.

In Shilparamam:
Smt Rupakumari from Vizag sent the resident to other world with her rendering performance in shilparamam.

Cultural Programs Muses Denizens

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