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Devotional and Cultural Programs Enhance Brahmotsavam -2016 GLORY

Tirumala, 4 October 2016:
There is a beautiful and attracting programms held in the annual Brahmotsavam put by the Hindu Dharma Prachara parishad , Dasa sahitya and annamacharya projects along with the Sri Venkateswara Music and dance conducted by the colleges of both Tirumala and Tirupati and some cultural bonaza of bhakti music, devotional harikkathas and bhajans are celebrated to attract the hundreds of devotees who visits on the annual Brahmotsavam.

These programs are specially performed by some great people like B Lakshmi Suvarna , Ch malleswar Rao team performed the Nada Neeranjanam mangala dwani and Chaturveda paarayanam was performed in the early hours on Tuesday. And then there is troupes of Smt D Vani of Tirupati declaim Vishnu sahasranamam and the samudrala shatagopacharyulu of Warangal contribute Dharmic discourse.
In the morning the Annamacharya sankeertans performed by the Smt Aruna prabha Ranganathan of Chennai. The Nama sankeertan is performed by Sri k Rajagopalan of Chennai in the afternoon and the evening time. During night time the Unjal seva sri B raghunath team of Annamacharaya projects contribute the annamayya sankeertans, there is a team which performs in the evening by smt J Nagamani bhagavathar of kadiri who staged a harikatha ganam.

The team of Sri M Ravindra and Smt m manjula contributed bhakti music in the day and the cultural team performances the cultural programs including bhajan mandali’s is the most attraction of the Brahmotsavam-2016. There are 120 bhajan teams from the north coastal districts participated in various events oon Mada Streets. There is an open air auditorium at Tirumala and Tirupati which amplify the devotional ambrosia of srivari salakatla Brahmotsavam.

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