Durga Devi Stotram

Durga Kavach lyrics, Durga Kavacham in Hindi And English With Meaning

Maa Durga Devi Slokam – Durga Kavacham lyrics in Hindi:

॥ श्रीदुर्गादेविकवचम् ॥

श्रीगणेशाय नमः ।
ईश्वर उवाच ।
श्रृणु देवि प्रवक्ष्यामि कवचं सर्वसिद्धिदम् ।
पठित्वा पाठयित्वा च नरो मुच्येत सङ्कटात् ॥ १॥

अज्ञात्वा कवचं देवि दुर्गामन्त्रं च यो जपेत् ।
स नाप्नोति फलं तस्य परं च नरकं व्रजेत् ॥ २॥

उमादेवी शिरः पातु ललाटे शूलधारिणी ।
चक्षुषी खेचरी पातु कर्णौ चत्वरवासिनी ॥ ३॥

सुगन्धा नासिके पातु वदनं सर्वधारिणी ।
जिह्वां च चण्डिकादेवी ग्रीवां सौभद्रिका तथा ॥ ४॥

अशोकवासिनी चेतो द्वौ बाहू वज्रधारिणी ।
हृदयं ललितादेवी उदरं सिंहवाहिनी ॥ ५॥

कटिं भगवती देवी द्वावूरू विन्ध्यवासिनी ।
महाबला च जङ्घे द्वे पादौ भूतलवासिनी ॥ ६॥

एवं स्थिताऽसि देवि त्वं त्रैलोक्ये रक्षणात्मिका ।
रक्ष मां सर्वगात्रेषु दुर्गे देवि नमोऽस्तुते ॥ ७॥

॥ इति श्रीकुब्जिकातन्त्रे दुर्गाकवचम् सम्पूर्णम् ॥

Durga Kavacham

Maa Durga Devi Slokam – Durga Kavacham Meaning :

Oh Devi, I am telling you the armour which gets you everything,
Reading or making others read, men get rid of all their sorrows.

If he who does not know , learns this Kavacham,
Along with the Durga mantram,
He would add to himself the strength,
Of the five serpents again.

Let Uma devi protect my head,
Let my forehead be protected by her who carries the soola,
Let the lion protect my eyes,
And let her who lives near the gate protect my ears.

Let she who is like incense protect my nose,
Let she who carries everything protect my face,
Let Chandika devi protect my toungue,
Let Soupathrika protect my neck.

Let Asoka vasini protect my consciousness
Let Vajra dharini protect my two arms,
Let Lalitha Devi protect my heart,
Let my belly be protected by She who rides on a lion.

Let Bhagwathi Devi protect my hips,
Let She who lives on Vindhya protect my two thighs,
Let the very strong one protect my calf,
And let she who lives on all beings protect my two feet.

Thus stands the devi who protects the three worlds,
Please protect all my body parts,
My salutations to Goddess Durga.

Maa Durga Devi Slokam – Durga Kavacham lyrics in English :

Srunu Devi Pravakshyami Kavacham Sarva Sidhitham
Padithwa Padayithwa Cha Naro Muchyaetha Sankadath || 1 ||

Ajnathwa Kavacham Devi Durga Mantram Cha Yojabaeth
Sa Chaapnothi Balam Thasya Pancha Nagam Vrajeth || 2 ||

Umadevi Sirah Pathu Lalaadae Sooladharini
Chakshushi Kesari Paathu Karnou Cha Dwara Vasini || 3 ||

Sugandha Nasikae Paathu Vadanam Sarvadharini
Jihwacha Chandika Devi Gree Vam Soupathrika Thathaa || 4 ||

Asoka Vasini Chetho Dhow Bhahu Vajradharini
Hrudayam Lalitha Devi Udaram Simhavahini || 5 ||

Katim Bhagawathi Devi Dwavooru Vindhya Vasini
Maha Bala Cha Jange Dhwe Padhou Bhoothala Vasini || 6 ||

Evam Sthithasi Devi Thwam Trilokyae Rakshanathmika
Raksha Maam Sarva Gathreshu Durgae Devi Namosthuthe || 7 ||


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  • Please find below the birth details of my husband and my details.

    My birth details

    Shobha Rani –
    Date of birth – 30/11/1983
    time morning 4:35 am
    Place – Hindupur.

    My husband detail’s.

    Parthasarathy –
    Date of birth- 09/02/1981
    time night 12.30 am
    Place – Bangalore.

    Please look into our birth details and give me a solution to lead a happy married life.

    • Dear Shoba Rani
      Your problem is due to one issue only. But since i need to analyse some more i have not revealed here. So just follow the below said remedies sincerely and try to get blessings of the Gods and Goddess.
      Remedies for you
      Need to perfor Rahu Kethu pooja. if you would like to do it then comment to me and i let you know when to go for the parihara pooja.
      Or worship Goddess Durga maa daily bu reciting any sthothram. Or else observe fast during the coming Navarathri and do worship the Nava Durga maa forms as per your feasible. Just chanting manthra of the Goddess sincerely is also enough to please. But just do it sincerely.
      Also worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Venkateshwara. Observing fast and worship for 7 Saturdays is beneficial.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Thank you for your response. Rahuketu pooja I am ready to do but my husband doesn’t even listen to me and he doesn’t come along with me to temple’s to do pooja also. I use to read ashtotras daily on each day for one god. Example on Monday Shiva god ashtotras on Tuesday Durga ashtotras like that. But some times I am going into depression he doesn’t even talk to me. Please give me some more suggestions which I can do it at home. I don’t know what happened to my husband.

        • Dear Shoba
          Then you just recite recite Garuda Gayathri Manthra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays in the early morning before sun rise time and recite Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram and if not possible (early morning) then do it at any time of the day. If you do it with sincere devotion on behalf of your husband then can protect from such malefic planets.
          Observe a fast on Garuda Panchami day is highly beneficial.
          You have a boy child right, if so please send his details.
          Also if you could observe fast and worship Lord Venkateshwara on 7 Saturdays and if you could serve food to one person on that day then you can get the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara to overcome from any sort of troubles. Do this sincerely and i could suggest you to do regular normal worship of Lord Venkateshwara on every Saturdays after the completion of 7 Saturdays vrath. Because we should keep on worship of the lord to get his blessing rather leaving worship of once or twice.
          May God Bless you a happy marital life.
          Om Namah Shivaya

          • My son details
            Name Mohith Gagan
            Date of birth June 11 2016
            Time 1.38 pm

            Please look into my son’s details.

            I will definitely read garuda Gayathri mantra daily and perform lord venkateswara Swamy pooja with fasting.

            • Dear Shobha
              His education will be normal to good. He would be preferred in doing a business rather than settling in a job. His career sthanam is also good.
              Gods to worship regularly are
              Lord Venkatehwara sametha Goddess Lakshmi, Hanuman.
              Circumnavigationg Navagrahas on every Saturdays in a Hanuman temple is more beneficial.
              Perform Rahu kethu pooja for once if possible or else when you do pooja make him sit with you. It may help him.
              Om Namah Shivaya

              • Thank you for your prompt response. Definitely I will perform Raju ketu pooja atleast once. Please let me know in Which temple do we need to perform rahu ketu pooja.

                I have one more doubt can you please look into our date of birth details and give me clarity on the below issue.

                I have asked in soo many places about our married life but I have got responses like we won’t stay together and he will give divorce to me. My husband’s brother also has left his wife. I am very much tensed in this situation as I am thinking of my son’s future. Does we will have one more kid please let me know.

                • Dear Shobha
                  If you want to do the Rahu kethu pooja then you can book for a Paroksha Rahu kethu pooja (ticket cost – 1116/-) at Vijayawada Kanakadurgamma temple website. They will conduct on your behalf and send you the Prasadh to your address. So i think this more convenient for you.
                  You can book Navagraha Shanthi Homa at rs 540.
                  Om Namah Shivaya

                  • Thank you soo much. I will book for paroksha rahuketu pooja in the website. Can you please let me know which day is best for us to perform the pooja. This month my birthday is on 30th shall I give the same date as it’s pournami on that day? Sorry for soo many messages.

                    • Dear Shobha
                      Yes its a good day – Pournami thithi and raahu kaal time come at 07.30 am till 09.00 am. So try to book for the paroksha Rahu Kethu pooja.
                      If you get the ticket then you also sit and recite Rahu Manthra for 108 times starting with Ganesh sloka recited by the time your Paroksha seva is being conducted there.
                      You also perform water Abhishekam to Lord Shiva, dhup dheep aarathi and recite Ardhanareeshwara sthothram on every Mondays between 06.00 pm – 07.00 pm. If your prayers could reach then you can get the blessings of Lord Uma Maheshwar to live happily with your Husband.
                      I will let you know about what you have asked me when i am free.
                      Om Namah Shivaya

                    • Thank you soo much. I have booked for Paroksha rahuketu pooja on 30th. I will follow your suggestions on that day.

  • Namaste sir,
    I have been struggling soo much in my married life from past 5 year’s. I have a son and I resigned my job to take care of my son. After I resigned my husband changed a lot he’s use to beat me, he has put me out of the house, he use soo much of abuse words, he doesn’t even spend a rupeee for me, if I am not well he won’t even take me to hospital the same happens to my son also if he’s not well also he is won’t take to hospital. Don’t know all of a sudden why he changed soo much my in laws are influencing him to divorce me. From past 5 year’s he hates me soo much I am going into depression and into suicidal thoughts. Everyday I think he might change in future but I didn’t see any positive sign. Could you please help me in this is there any mantra to recite so that my husband show some respect to me and he would love me again and nobody can make him influence to take divorce. He’s treating me like a servant now. Fed up of my life.

  • My daughter is very nice person, but still I don’t know why is she not getting best out of her life and a abilities. She is in great need of a stable job and marriage. I could see my family members are humiliating and oppressing her. Is there any solution in which she might get married with the person she is seeing and get a good job to sustain.
    Please I need help.

    • Dear Tshering
      Need to see whether she has any dosham or any bad planet aspect on her 7 thouse and others regarding he marriage and Rajya sthana ands some other houses for job also. For which we nee her your daughter birth details. If you want a solution then please send us and we let you know.
      Or simply tell her to worship Lord Ganesh as he the best troubleshooter of all sort of problems. On who is sincerely devoted to him and prays him regularly heartfully, the Lord surely put them in good position in all sorts.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Namaste,
    I am very disturbed. On one hand I have had very bad divorce and now I have a legal case going on.
    Very scared as some people are trying to scare me.
    I’m a single for woman. Please advice.
    Thank you in advance.
    I feel better reading the above mentioned Durga kavach. But I’m worried that I makenmisgakes in pronunciation.

    • Dear Durga
      Keeping the name of the Almighty mother why you get scare of seeing people. Scaring on seeing others itself is the foremost scarer for us. So forget the word scaring. Just continue recite the Durga Kavach and visit temple daily and always have kumkum on your forehead instead of stickers.
      What ever prayers you do, first worship Lord Ganesh and make your sankalp with the lord and then proceed to other gods worship. He is the best troubleshooter of any problems for his devotees.
      Also worship Lord Hanuman – Hanuman Chaleesha also if you can or Nrusimha Sthothram. This also improvises one self bravery.
      You can read Maha Bharatha story (can learn about peoples) and Bhagawadh Githa to improve your self confidence. If you understand the content of Githa precisely then you get answer for many of your problems. So don’t neglect to read Githa.
      Do it and all the best.
      For ardent devotees Almighty Goddess will always be or comes to your rescue when ever needed.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • My 3 year old son got up at 2am yesterday shrieking and screaming saying something is on his pillow and then again during the day he was violent and was very difficult to control. I am.a single mother and am.very scared. Please help

    • Dear Anjana Ravindranath
      Perform Hanuman pooja at home consulting a poojari.
      Or just follow as below.
      install a Kesariya Ganapathy and Hanuman idol at your pooja room and worship daily.
      Recite Hanuman chaleesha, Skhandha Sashti Kavach manthra, any Durga sthothram daily.
      Tie him with a Hanuman or Subrahmanya dollar to his neck.
      Apply saffron tilak to him daily morning and evening.
      Perform pooja to Hanuman or Subrahmanya at temple on Tuesdays.
      Don’t keep any of your room dark, with bad adour etc.
      After doing the above if you feel no changes then consult a nearby expert temple priest. Bring him to home and explain the situation.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Sirisha Kumari
      Please send your birth details and I let you know remedies.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • Hi I just want to my daughter is always fighting n gets angry on every little things I need ur help plz ASAP PLZ it’s going on my nerves plz need help🙏🕉🙏

    • Dear Angila Anand
      Please send your daughters birth details and I let you know remedies.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Sunitha
      Perform water abhishekam to Lord Shiva Linga daily during evening hours between 0600 and 0700 hrs and recite either Maha Mruthyunjeya Manthra for 108 times daily or on every Mondays.
      Attend Pradosha Kaal Pooja or just visit Shiva temple and recite OM NAMAH SHIVAYA for 108 times in Padhmasan posture.
      Serve your father with masoor dhal boiled rice with little pepper regularly as this is very good for health. But do consult your doctor for consent to serve this dish for safety.
      Worship Lord Hanuman also is good for better health of your father.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  • hello
    please help me me and my family try to get rid of problem every day there is some new problem we have to face . from last 3 months we l r getting sick in a circle like one person get better other sick no medicine works. everything is very unusual like it never happens with us before kids feel scared in night my little one is almost- year he can’t sleep thru night we wake up whole night he screams and cry like crazy we checked with doctors nothing they find.

    • Dear Sandeep
      Follow as below
      First everybody in your house don’t skip bath daily and wake up early before sun rise time.
      The one who is running the family (along with head parents) should daily worship Lord Ganesh reciting – OM SUKLAM BHARATHARAM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then VAKRATHUNDAYA MAHAKAAYA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then OM GHAM GANAPATHAYA NAMAH manthra only for 108 times and the first two are for once only. Do this daily. Observing fast on every chathurthy thithi day is beneficial.
      Next if possible recite MAHA MRITHYUNJEYA MANTHRA for 108 times daily in between 0600 hrs and 0700 hrs pm. First perform water abhishekam to Lord Shiva Linga and then flowers dhup dheep haarathi with two bananas and then recite the above said manthra is good for Health for your family members.
      On every Tuesdays worship of Lord Subrahmanya or Hanuman ji will protect you from evil spirits that may present in your home. Either Skhandha sashti kavach manthra or Hanuman chaleesha.
      Daily Dhup Dheep aaradhana is must for your problems in simple.
      If possible perform Hanuman pooja. Consult a Hanuman ji temple priest.
      If you follow all the above then well and fine and if you could not afford or not possible do as per your feasibility and or do simple pooja sincere heart and dedication.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Sonam Sonam
      Need your birth details so that we let you know remedies.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Sonam
          Daily worship Lord Ganesh and Hanuman.
          Perform Kalyanam to Lord Veknateshwara at Srinivasa Mangapuram near Tirupati or at Ahobila Narasimha temple on a Tuesday.
          Recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily or every Thursdays. Attend sai baba aarathi pooja regularly.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  • Please save my son from his mental disturbance. He is confused and not able to think anything because of a girl who destroyed his life. He is still after her. She doesn’t care for him. I am trying my best explained to him and go ahead with better life. explained to him that she is not a right person that’s why have d helped to move out from her. Still he is not realising and want to finish his life. Please help me to brain wash him and let him come out of all these and go ahead without the successful life. I am in extreme panic and worried about him.

    • Dear Shri
      We feel regret to hear your worry. But for this we cant give solution. He need to be councelled by ann expert psychiatrist.
      Try the below mentioned procedure and check it works. If its not working means his Lagna adhipathi may be maleficially strong making him adamant in hearing others.
      Make him to sleep beside you on same bed.
      While sleeping, place some camphor on the your side of the bed and some sindoor on the spouse side of the bed —- keep doing this till you and your partner solve all your problems.
      Worship Lord Ganesh – slokams (Suklam bharatharam ,,,,,,,,,, and Vakrathunda maha kaaya ,,,,,,,,,,,, and then om gham ganapathaye namah for 108 times ) and then Krishna daily and make your request heartly.
      This may resolves all differences and promotes love and friendship in him on you.
      Also worship Goddess Shakthi daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays and donate a red saree to the mother and make your request. Donat curd in Shakthi temple on regular basis.
      Strong belief is what we can do and the result is all depends on the blessings of the lords.
      May god bless you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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