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Home / Hindu Mantras / Ganesh Stotram / Ganesa Mahimna Stotram in English With Meaning | Ganesha Stotrams

Ganesa Mahimna Stotram in English With Meaning | Ganesha Stotrams


Ganesha Mahimna Stotram Meaning:
He from whom all great incomparable chants originated,
He who is that great primeval God about whom I am going to relate,
He from whom this universe originated and in whom it stays,
And in whom it merges in the end , that Ganapathi whom the Veda salutes,
Is the one who has the form that is completely beyond definition.

He is worshipped as Ganesa by the Ganapathyas, as Shiva by Shaivites,
As Sun God by the Souras , as Vishnu the primeval one by Vaishnavas,
And is told as he primeval power from which universe originated by the Shakthas,
And I am not able to understand how to worship him who is the part of the Brahmam.

Ganesa Mahimna Stotram

Similarly that Ganapathi is considered by the followers of Yoga as God,
By the experts of Meemamsa as the group of activities, by the Vedanthins,
As the properties less Brahmam, by Sankhyas as the three fold nature with all forms
By the Nayyayikas as the ultimate soul and Boudhas as knowledge of God.

How can one understand his form which is beyond thought,
Because Lord Ganapathi takes suitable forms according to,
The wisdom of his devotees and by his great work,
He appears as big or tiny or in form of great sound,
Or as the flame of light or like the great sky or in the form of cause and effect.

With several mouths, several eyes, , several arms and legs,
With a heart which is endless, Lord Ganapathi has varied forms,
And he has several toungues and due to his great power,
He depends on varied properties and varied times,
And due to this he has varied names and grants varied benefits,
Which are endless and as per our wishes.

He does not have a beginning , middle or end and though he has done,
The great job of creation of this universe , he exists separately,
And though he exists in every one , when meditated by devotees,
He becomes dear to them and my salutations to that god who is worshipped by all.

The root chant starting with “Om” and ending with Swaha (wife of Agni)
And with “Ganesa” in the middle is one that fulfills all desires,
The sage for that is “Ganaka,” , the metere is “Nichrudh,
The God addressed is “Ganesa” , the root is “Prag” and the strength is “Vipadha”.

He with a name starting with “Ga” is without any characters though he has all of them,
And is Brhamam and splits in to two namely Prakruthi(Nature) and Purusha ( the man who makes it act),
And he became suitable because of the addition of “Na”
And is engaged in the creation, upkeep and destruction and so becomes the “God”,
And also the word “pathi” denotes God and this would mean that,
He who is responsible for the present , future and past.

The letter “Ga” indicates the portion above the neck including the elephant face,
And the Letter “NA” indicates the human form beneath the neck,
And the letter “AA” denotes his paunch as well as his feet,
And this god who is the creator of the entire universe,
Is equal to the all three worlds (Bhoo, Bhuva and Suva) as indicated ,

The three lettered name “Ganesa “ is a blessing and brings all comforts,
If it is chanted loudly and it even purifies the king,
When the effect of once chanting the name “Ganesa” brings to you so many blessings,
How can we ever measure the greatness of that great name.

He who keeps on repeating the name “Ganesa” is seen by ,
The Bootha Ganas with respect and they come and sit in front of him,
And he gets the real knowledge of the form of Ganesa by that name,
And all knowledge comes to him like a man who has just woken up from sleep.

In this world , Lord Ganapathi lives and the universe is within him,
And wherever Ganapathi is there , courage , wisdom wealth ,
And all other sorts of wealth are also there,
And wherever his name is chanted happiness and good fills that place ,
And seeing his one face is equivalent to seeing the faces of all gods.

If a man who is suffering from various problems , thinks of Ganapathi in his heart,
Immediately he gets free from such problems , even if he worships him,
In Forest or at the beginning of education or war or fear of enemy ,
And in the end of all, he would reach the feet of Ganapathi and stay there.

We have to chant his names like , the president of Ganas,
Elder brother, red one who is outside , treasure of auspiciousness,
Merciful one , one close to Lord Shiva, One who blesses ,wish giving gem , one who is not born,
God of boons , enquirer , one who has an elephant face, son of Shiva,
God of the peacock, and son of Goddess Parvathi.

All forms like Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Sun, Moon, Goddess Lakshmi,
The earth , water , fire , air and the sky , the sea that holds the water ,
Mars , other stars . Shukra , guru, budha , the ascending nodes , kubhera ,
Yama , Varuna , sani and the entire universe of mountains and valleys are his forms.

His face is fire , his feet is Lord Vishnu , his organs of reproduction is Brahma,
His eyes are Sun , heart the moon god, passion is the God of love,
His hands are Lord Indra, hip is Rudra and his teeth are the stars,
And thus the body of Lord Ganesa are all parts of a fire sacrifice.

Dressing up his body with very costly red cloths ,
That king of elephants sits on a throne and is the wisest among all,
And with a smile and glitter of the rising sun Goddess Sidhi is on the left,
And on the right Goddess Budhi sits holding in her hand a fan.

He is surrounded by his courtiers who are great sages, Sidhas and devas,
Who keep on praising him by use of various types of prayers,
And he is surrounded by assistants steeped in devotion to him,
Like Brahma and others , ganas , kreedas , aamodhas and pramodhas.

The eight type of wealth like vasithwa(attraction) , the ten directions ,
The eight occult powers like Vagdruthi(word command ) are standing behind him always,
And the devas holding several presents to Ganesa,
Are standing in front of him staring at his face.

The divine ladies with deer like body are singing in his place ,
With great joy along with several Gandharwas,
And they realizing that real joy is in the place of Ganesa and not in theirs,
Have fixed permanently their mind at the feet of Ganesa which is pure.

This Ganesa was meditated upon by Lord Shiva,
At the time of burning of the three cities ,
By Goddess Parvathi at the time of killing of asuras ,
By Lord Vishnu at the time of his dealing with Maha Bali,
By Lord Brahma during the time of creation ,
By Lord Adhisesha at the time of carrying of earth,
By men for powers as well as salvation ,
And also by the God of love who won over all the three worlds.

He is like a Deva at time of joy , great one in the home of rich man,
Equivalent to a poor man in house of the poor,
Like the gate keeper in the home of Lord Shiva,
Like a king in the palace, and like an adorable little child in the home of Goddess Parvathi.

When this elephant faced God became very contented,
All the learned people of this world become contented,
And to those people on whom Lord Ganesa is not kind,
Everything will be useless and their birth itself would be full of darkness.

The blessed brusundi , Jupiter . venus , mars and the sage Mudhgala,
Are his devotees and are interested in chanting his names and worship him ,
Because it is well known that Ganesa likes his devotees,
Wherever his devotion exists , his Ganas would be present there.

It is surprising to know that if a man happened to see on his way,
A Ganesa idol made of pearl or minerals or stone ,
Or happen to tell or hear his name or happen to remember it,
He would become pure and get rid of the effect of all sins.

It is surprising that if we keep the form of Ganesa made by,
Great sculptors on the top of the door of entry of even a forest,
That forest would become auspicious and wealthy ,
And the people there would be filled with joy.

It is surprising to know that if a Ganesa idol made of mud,
Is worshipped every year in the waxing half
Of the month of Bhadra(August-september) on the fourth phase of moon,
At noon , in all those homes there would be great zest,
And all those who see it would be full of joy.

Even one stanza of this Ganesa Mahimna(greatness) prayer ,
Would lead to fulfillment of our wishes,
And do not doubt whether one stanza can please Ganapathy,
For saying his one name is equivalent to telling it endlessly,
And there is no prayer comparable to prayer addressed to him.

Oh Lord Ganesa , please show me these great qualities,
Of yours described by me even in this birth of mine,
For you are the ocean of mercy and one who fulfills,
All my desires and I am your slave and would meditate on you.

Let this great prayer be read by people everyday,
For it is a more easy way to those who strive for salvation,
And I after conecrating his lotus like feet in my mind,
Would start praying those lotus like feet.

If this prayer describing the greatness of Lord Ganesa ,
Is meditated or read or heard or cause to be heard by others,
He would get rid of all his problems quickly,
And he would get wife, son , knowledge , wealth , house and salvation.

Thus ends the prayer telling the greatness of Ganapathi composed by sage Pushpadantha.

Ganesha Stotrams – Ganesha Mahimna Stotram Lyrics in English:
Anirvachyam roopam sthavana nikaro yathra galitha,
Sthadha vakshye stotram pradhama purushasyathra mahatha,
Yatho jatham viswam sthiramapi sadaa yathra vilaya ,
Sakeedru geeravana sunigamanutha Sri Ganapathi. ||1||

Ganesam, Ganesaa , Shivamithi cha saivascha vibhudhaa,
Ravim souraa Vishnum Prathama purusham, Vishnu Bhajakaa,
Vdanthyekam saakthaa jagad udaya moolaam para sivaam,
Na jane kim thasmai nama ithi param brahma sakalam. ||2||

Thadesam yogagnaa Ganapathimam karma nikhilam,
Sa meemamsa Vedanthina ithi param brahma sakalam,
Ajaam saankhyoo broothe sakala guna roopancha sathatham,
Prakarthaaram nyaayaa sthadhaa jagathi boudhaa diyamithi.||3||

kadham gneyo budhe para thara iyam bahya sarani-,
Ryadhaa dheeryasya swathsa cha thadanu roopo Ganapathi,
Mahath kruthyam thasya swayamapi mahaan sookshma manuvad,
Dwanir jyothir bindhur gagana sadrusa kincha sadasath. ||4||

Anekaasyo aparakshi kara charano anantha hrudaye-,
Sthadha nana roopo , vividha vadana, Sri Ganapathi,
Ananthahwe sakthyaa vividha guna karmaika samaye ,
Thwad sankhyaa thaa anantha abhimatha phaladho aneka vishaye||5||

Na yasyantho madhyo na cha bhavathi chadhi sumahatho-,
Pyaliptha kruthwetham sakalamapi kham vathsa cha pruthak,
Smrutha samsamrthrunaam sakala hrudhayastha priyakaro,
Namasthasmai devaya sakala suvandhyaya mahathe. ||6||

Ganesadhyam bheejam dahana vanitha pallava yutham,
Manuscaikaarnoyam pranava sahithobheeshta phaladha,
Sa binduschangaadhyaam ganaka rishi schandhasya cha nichrul,
Sadeva prag bheejam vipatadhapi cha shakthir japa kruthaam. ||7||

Gakaro Heramba , saguna ithi pumniruguna mayo,
Dwithapyako Jatha prukruthi purushou Brahma hi gana,
Sachesaschodh pathi stidha laya karoyam pramadhako,
Yatho bhootham bhavyam bhavathi pathir eeso Ganapathi. ||8||

Gakara kanter ardhwam gaja mukha samo marthya sadruso,
Nakara kantadho jatara sadrusakara ithi cha,
Adhobhaga katyaam charana ithi heesosya cha thanur,
Vibhaatheetham nama tribhuvana samam bhor bhuva suva. ||9||

Ganesethi trinathathmakamapi varam naama sukhadham,
Sakruth prochair ucharaithamithi nrubhi pavanakaram,
Ganesa saikasya prathi japa kara sysasya sukrutham,
Na vignatho naamna sakala mahima kee drusa vrudha. ||10||

Ganesathyaahwaam yaa pravadathi muhu sthasya patha,
Prapasyam sthwad vakthram swayamapi ganasthishtathi thadhaa,
Swaroopasya jnanananthwamuka ithi naamnaasya bhavathi,
Prabodha supthasya thwa akhilamiha samarthyamamunaa. ||11||

Ganesa viswesmin sthitha iha cha viswam Ganapathou,
Ganesoyothrasthe druthi mathira maiswarya makhilam,
Samuktham naamaikam Fanapathi padam mangala mayam,
Thadekaasye drushti sakala vibhudhaasyekshana samam. ||12||

Bahu klesai vyaptha smrutha utha Ganese cha hrudhaye,
Kshanath klesaa nmuktho bhavathi sahasaa thvabrachayavath,
Vane Vidhyarambhe yudhi ripu bhaye kuthra gamane ,
Pravese praananthe Ganapathipathandhasu visathi. ||13||

Ganadhyaksho Jyeshta Kapila aparo mangala nidhi-,
Ddhayalu herambho varadha ithi chinthamair aja,
Varaaneso dundir gaja vadana naara shiva sutho,
Mayooreso gowri thanaya ithi namani padathi. ||14||

Mahesoyam Vishnu sa kavi ravir indhu kamalaja,
Kshithisthoyam Vahni swasana ithi Kham thwadrirudadhi,
Kujastharaa shukro pururudu budho aguscha dhanadho,
Yama pasi kavya sani rakhila roopo Ganapathi. ||15||

Mukham vahni , padhou hari rapi vidathaa prajananam,
Ravirnethra chandro hrudayamapi kamosya madhana,
Karou sakra katyamakhanirudara m bhaani dasanam,
Ganesayasan vai krathu maya vapu schaiva sakalam. ||16||

Anarghya alankarai raruna vasanair bhooshitha thanu,
Kareendrasyaa simhasanamupagathaa bhaathi budhararat,
Smithaasya than madhye apyudhitharavi bimbomaruchi,
Sthiraa sidhir vaame mathiritharaya chamarakaraa. ||17||

SAmanthaathasyaasan pravara muni sidhaa sura gana,
Prasamsanthithyagre vividhanudhibhisanjaliputa,
Bidou jadhyair brahmadhi biranuvrathobhaktha nikarai,
Rganaa Kreeda modha pramudha vikatadhyai saha charai. ||18||

Vasithwa drushtashta dasadigaakhilollola manu vag,
Druthi paadma gadgonjanarasa balaa sidhya imaa,
SAda prushte thishtanthya nimisha drusasthanmukhalayaa,
Ganesam sevanthepyathi nikatasoopayanakaraa ||19||

Mrugangasyarambha prabruthi ganika yasya puratha,
Susangeetham kurvanthyathi kuthuka gandarwa sahithaa,
Mudha paaro naathrethyanupama padhe dhyor vigalitha,
Sthiram jatham chitham charana mavalokyasya vimalam.||20||

Hareniyam aakhyatha stripura madhane chasura vadhe,
Ganesa parvathyaa bali vijaya kalepi harinaa,
Vidathraa samsrushtavuragapathinaa kshonidharane,
Narai sidhou mukthou tribhuvanajaye pushpadanushaa, ||21||

Ayam suprasade sura iva nijananda bhuvane,
Mahaan srimanadhyo laghu thara gruhe ranka sadrusa ,
Shiva dware dwaasthaa nrupa iva sadaa bhoopathigruhe,
Sthiro bhootrhvomange sisu ganapathir lalalana para. ||22||

Amushmin santhushte gaja vadana eevaapi vibudhe,
Thathasthe santhushtaa sthribhuvana gathaa syur budha ganaa,
Dayalur herambho na cha bhavathi thasmimscha purushe,
Vrudhaa sarvam thasya prajananamatha santhrathamasi. ||23||

Varenyo brhoosundir bhrugu guru kuja mudhgala mukhaa,
Hyaparasthal bhakthaa japahavana pooja Sthuthi paraa,
Ganesoyam bhakthapriya ithi sarvathra gathayo,
Vibhakthir yathrasthe swayamapi sada thishtathi ganaa. ||24||

Mrudha kaschidha thos chadha vilikhithaa vaapi drushadha,
Smruthaa vyaaja murthy padhi yadhi bahiryena sahasaa,
Asudhodhaa drushtaa pravadathi thadaahwaam Ganapathe,
Sruthaa shudho marthyaa bhavathiu durithad vismaya ithi. ||25||

Bahir dwarayordhwam gaja vadhana varshmendhanamayam,
Prasastham vaa kruthwaa vividha kusalai sthahra nihitham,
Prabhava than moorthyaa bhavathi sadanam mangala mayam,
Vilokyanandasthaam bhavathi jagatho vismaya ithi. ||26||

Sithe bhadre mase pratha saradhi madhyahna samaye,
Mrudho moorthim Ganapathithdhou dundi sadrusim,
Samarchanuthsaha prabhavathi mahaan sava sadane,
Vilokyanandasthaam prabhavathi nrunaam vismaya ithi. ||27||

Thahyeka sloko varayathi mahimno Ganapathe ,
Kadham saslokesmin sthutha ithi bhaye samprathi thathe ,
Smrutham namaasyakam sakrudhi manthahwaya samam,
Yatho yasykasya sthavana sadrusam nanyadhaparaa. ||28||

Gaja vadana vibho yad varnitham vaibhavam they,
Thwiha janaushi mametham charu thadrsayaasu ,
Thwamasi cha karunaaya sagara kruthsnadatha-,
Pyathi thava bruthakoham sarvadhaa chinthakosmi. ||29||

Susthothram prapaathu nithyametha devaa,
Swaanandam prathigamanepyayam sumargaa,
SAnchinthyam swamanasi thath padaravindham,
Sthapyaagre sthavanaphalam natha karishye. ||30||

Ganesa devasya mahathmyametha,
Dhyaa sravayedhwaapi padecha thasya,
Klesaallayam yanthi labhecha seegram,
Sthree puthra vidhyartha grahancha mukthim. ||31||

Sri Pushpa Dantha Virachitham Sri Ganesa mahimna stotram sampoornam

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