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Junior Colleges in Chittoor

1) Sri Venkateswara Jr.College, Narayanavanam
2) Sri Padmavathi Jr. College For Girls, Tirupathi
3) S.V.Jr. College, Tirupathi
4) Rayalaseema Jr. College, Tirupathi
5) Can Jr. College, Tirupathi
6) K.M.K. Padmavathi Jr. College For Girls, Tirupathi
7) Seven Hills Jr. College, Tirupathi
8) K.R. Christian Jr. College, Renigunta
9) A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College For Girls, Srikalhasthi
10) Vikram Jr. College, Srikalhasthi
11) Sri Siddartha Jr. College, Srikalhasthi
12) Govt. Jr. College, Srikalhasthi
13) Govt. Jr. College For Girls, Srikalhasthi
14) S.R.K. Jr. College, Madanapalle
15) Vani Jr. College, V. Kota
16) Madhu Vidyaniketan Jr. College, Palamaner
17) A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College For Girls, Piler
18) A.P.S.W.R. Jr. College For Boys, B. Kothakota
19) Priyadarshini Jr. College, Piler
20) Rayalaseema Arts & Science Jr. College, Tirupathi
21) Sri Vidyaniketan Jr. College, Srikalhasthi
22) B.T. College, Madanapalle
23) Vagdevi Jr. College, Madanapalle
24) Sri Venkateswara Jr. College, Ramachandrapuram
25) Sunku Usha Gowthami Mem.Jr.College, B. Kothakota
26) C.V.R.M. Jr. College, V. Kota
27) Sri Siddartha Jr. College, Madanapalle
28) Vidyarthi Jr. College, Chittoor
29) P.C.R. Government Junior College, Chittoor
30) S.R.K. Jr. College, Chittoor
31) Vignana Sudha Jr. College, Chittoor
32) Vignana Jyothi Jr. College, Chittoor
33) Sri Vidya Vikas Jr. College, Ramachandrapuram
34) B.S.K. Govt. Jr. College, Chittoor
35) Sri Balaji Jr. College, Chittoor
36) Sri Shirdi Sai Jr. College, Chittoor
37) Sri Venkateswara Jr. College, Chinnagottigallu
38) N.G.R. Jr. College, Thamballapalle
39) Sri Srinivasa Jr. College For Girls, Chittoor
40) Krishnaveni Govt. Jr. College For Women, Chittoor
41) Apswr Jr. College For Boys, Ramakuppam
42) P.V.C. Govt. Jr. College, Vayalapadu
43) Govt. Jr. College, Kalakada
44) Govt. Jr. College, Palamaneru
45) Muninarayana Jr. College, Palamaner
46) P.C.N. Govt. Jr. College, Nagari
47) B.R. Govt. Jr. College, Punganur
48) Govt. Jr. College For Girls, Punganur
49) Govt. Jr. College, Piler
50) Govt. Jr. College, Chinnagottigallu
51) The Margadarshi Jr. College, Piler
52) M.D’s. Jr. College, Piler
53) Govt. Jr. College, Satyavedu
54) S.R.S. Govt. Jr. College, Puttur
55) Govt. Jr. College For Girls, Puttur
56) Govt. Jr. College, Vadamalapet
57) Govt. Jr. College, Yerpedu
58) Vikas Jr. College, Tirupathi
59) Little Angels Jr. College, Tirupathi
60) Sri Vidyaranya Jr. College, Tirupathi
61) Harinatha Reddy Jr. College, Tirupathi
62) Sri Sai Jyothi Jr. College, Puttur
63) Academy Of Gandhian Studies Jr. College, Tirupathi
64) Sri Venkateswara University Jr.College, Tirupathi
65) Govt. Jr. College, Mulakalacheruvu
66) Sriman Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Jr.College, Tirupathi
67) Sri Vidyodaya Jr. College, Tirupathi
68) Sripathi Jr. College, Madanapalle
69) Govt. Jr. College, Gurramkonda
70) Vijaya Vani Jr. College, Chowdepalle
71) Govt. Jr. College, Gudipala
72) Govt.Jr.College, Kalikiri
73) A.P.R.Jr.College For Boys, Kambhamvaripalli
74) Govt.Jr.College For Boys, Pakala
75) Govt.Jr.College For Girls, Pakala
76) R.K.S.R. Govt.Jr.College, Karvetinagar
77) Govt.Jr.College, Penumuru
78) Govt.Jr.College, Pachikapalem
79) Govt.Jr.College, Bangarupalem
80) Govt.Jr.College For Girls, Chandragiri
81) Govt.Jr.College For Boys, Chandragiri
82) Sri Srinivasa Jr.College, Renigunta
83) Govt.Jr.College For Girls, Madanapalle
84) Govt.Jr.College, Irala
85) Govt.Jr.College, Nagalapuram
86) Sri Dwarakanath Jr.College, Madanapalle
87) Govt.Jr.College, Madanapalle
88) Sri Kolla Venkatramanaidu Govt.Jr.College, Somala
89) Govt.Jr.College, Sodam
90) Sri Srinivasa Jr.College, Tirupathi
91) Govt. Jr. College, V.Kota
92) Govt. Jr. College, Shanthipuram
93) Govt. Jr. College, Pulicherla
94) Govt. Jr. College, Varadayapalem
95) Govt. Jr. College, Puthalapattu
96) Govt. Jr. College, Thamballapalle
97) Sri Ranganadha Jr. College, Madanapalle
98) Sri Venkateswara Jr.College, Narayanavanam
99) Krishna Teja Junior College, Tirupati Rural
100) Vignana Suma Junior College, Chittoor
101) Royal Victory Junior College, Chandragiri
102) Sapthagiri Junior College, Tirupati
103) Seshachala Junior College, Puttur
104) Emeralds Junior College, Tirupati
105) Girvani Junior College, Chitoor
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