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Mopidevi Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple, Timings, History, Rahu Ketu Dosha Pooja


Mopidevi-Sri-Subrahmanyeswara-Swamy-TempleMopidevi Temple or Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple is in the village of Mopidevi, Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh. Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple is around 80 km from Vijayawada and 30 km from Machilipatnam. Here Sri Subramanya Swamy is in the form of Lingam (Shiva Lingam).
Mopidevi Temple is famous for Childless Couples for Childbirth, Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja, Rahu Ketu Dosha Pooja, and Anapathya dosha puja for the relief of Vision, Ear related problems, cure for skin related diseases,  good life partner and Annaprasana.
Devotes strongly belief that if couple sleep in Mopidevi Temple for a night they will be blessed with children.

Mopidevi Temple History:

Sthala Puranas says that Sri Subrahmanyeswar Swamy in lingam form is a Swayambhu means self manifested.
Veeravarapu Parvathalu is a pot maker and a great devotee of Karthikeya Swamy. One day when he was sleeping, Lord Subramanya Swamy came in his dreams and there is a lingam in the anthill in the village of Mopidevi. The next day Veeravarapu Parvathalu the villagers abut his dream. The villagers went to the place indicated by the lord and started to dig up the anthill, Surprisingly they found the Swayambhu Lingam, later they kept the Lingam on the anthill and began worshiping the Swayambhu Lingam. Parvathalu constructed some more idols of Nandi, Cock and Garuda with clay, which was considered as very dear to Lord Saravana. After finishing he baked all the idols in the Bhatti (furnace) so the clay idols will become hard.

Four Deva rishis named Sankara, Sanakasa, Sanatkumara, Sanatsujata are well known for their firm devotion and spiritual knowledge. The four rishis are unethical and appears like five year kids to others. They remain naked without covering their bodies as they were not aware of the worldly matters. One day they went to Kailash to worship Lord Shiva, Sachi Devi, Swaha Devi, Goddess Saraswathi and Goddess Lakshmi also arrived at the same time. On the lap of Parvathi devi, Karthikeya was sitting

Karthikeya as a child was confused at the two variation of fully clothed gods and goddesses on the one side the nude Deva rishis, he laughs in a silly childish way.

On seeing this Parvathi devi scolds Karthikeya for his foolish behavior. Later, on realized his mistake Lord Subramanya Swamy takes permission from Parvathi devi to do penance to get rid of the blemish. Lord Subramanya Swamy did the penance in the form of snake to disguise for many years and successfully cleansed himself of the foolishness. The place where Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swami did penance became popular and now it is called as Mopidevi.Mopidevi-Subrahmanyeswara-swamy-Temple

According to ancient texts once Vindhya mountain became over confident on its strength and started growing towards sky.
It went up to the planet Sun. With this, darkness every where each became mortals and immortals including every flora and fauna suffered darkness.

All the Devatas prayed to Sage Agasthya to humble the Vindhya Mountain somehow or the other.

Sage Agasthya is known to have gained divine powers through severe penance. He was at Varanasi at that time, the sage accepts the request of the devatas and starts towards South India from North India towards Vidhya mountain. Vidhya mountain lies between South India and North India. After knowing the arrival of Sage Agasthya, the Vindhya mountain attained its original size to give way to the sage. While crossing the mountain the Sage tooks a promise from Vindhya mountain to the same height till he returns. But Sage Agasthya settles in South India. Waiting ages together, Vidhya mountain remained the same height even today.

Sage Agasthya along with his assistants had the occasion to pass through this place, where Lord Subrahmanya in the form of Linga (Subrahmanyeswar) did severe penance. He identifies the place and said that the area is covered by Tigers and from here if we go towards the Eastern direction, one can find the holy temple of Lord Subrahmanya which is known as Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy.
By visiting this temple with devotion, one can get earning all through the life and likewise attain salvation.

Mopidevi Temple Timings:

From 5:30 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

How to reach the Temple:
By Road: APSRTC Busses are available from Vijayawada on Avanigadda line, via Kankipadu, Vuyyuru, Pamarru and Challapalli. It’s 75 km from Vijayawada. From Machilipatnam its 30 km to Mopidevi Temple.
Nearest Railway Station: Repalle Station. From here it takes 20 minutes of journey by auto to reach the Temple.

Nearest Railway Station:
Guntur Junction 76 KM.
Krishna 80 KM.
Repalle 12 KM.
Machilipatnam 52 KM.

Nearest Airport to Mopidevi
Vijayawada Airport 64 KM.
Tadepalligudem Airport 142 KM.
Rajahmundry Airport 192 KM.

Mopidevi Address:

Mopidevi Sri Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Devasthanam,
Mopidevi Village, Mopidevi Mandal,
Krishna District – 521 125, Andhra Pradesh.

Mopidevi Temple Phone Numbers:
Executive Officer: 08671 257240
Office: 08671 257240
Other Temple numbers (08671) 257240, (08671) 257370




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  1. Namaskaram Guruvu garu…naa peru subbarao. maa ammai Vijaya. date of birth: 30-01-1986, thursday-1.00 pm (afternoon). place of birth- vijayawada. thanu job try chesthundhi.. kani emi ravadam ledhandi. job ki vellina edho oka problem vachi job maneyavalasi vasthundhi. ippatiki 3,4 jobs change aindhi. inka job lo settle avva ledhu thanu. thanaki health kuda bagodhu. thanu job lo settle ayi, thana health bagundadaniki emanna pariharalu cheppagalaru.

    • Dear Subbarao
      Your daughter ki Kujha dosham vunnadhuna ammaayi evari daggara kaani cordial relationship maintain cheyalendhu. Endukante Mars is a furious planet that wont let her maintain so. Andhulonu lagnam lo vundhi kaabatti ala jarige avakaasalu ekkuva ga vundavacchu.
      So best she need to worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays very sincerely with sincere belief on god. Worship of Lord Hanuman reduces her anger. Let her have chandhan tilak on her forehead daily in the morning and evening without fail.
      Also this dosha troubles her in her conjugal life. So proper matching of horoscope is also must for a safe conjugal life.
      Doing meditation and yoga aasans is also must for your daughter.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  2. My name is anuja.dob 23_09_1990 5.05 am.nenu 4years nundi government job try chesthunna.but 2nd round lo fail avthuna .naku marriage aye one and half year ayndi.but inka pillalu Peru.emina doshalu, pariharalu vunte cheppandi sir

    • Dear Anuja
      You may get succeed in legal services based govt jobs.
      Obstacles is because of, you are currently in the third phase of the Saturn Sase Sathi.
      So just worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. And visit his temple also.
      To pacify Saturn – Worship Sani Yantra daily. Establish this yantra in you pooja room and light a lamp with mustard oil and recite mantra “OM PRAANG PREENG PRAUNG SAH SHAESHCHARAAY NAMAH” or Shani Gayathri Manthra for 108 times daily in front of this yantra. Do not stop reciting till you get the desired job.
      Also recite the Adithya parayanam daily or every Sunday during the time of sun rise.
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja at Sri Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple on a sashti thithi rahu kaalam time. You need to stay for a night at this temple to beget a child. So stay here in the temple for a night and then next day during the rahu kaalam time perform the rahu kethu pooja and make your request.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Sir naperu anatha lakshmi na Dob:10-10-1990,Naskatram-arudra,Time:9.30-10.15 morning,place of birth:Bhimavaram(AP),sir naku marriage aiindi chinna babu putinappati nunchi naku babuki health asalu bagundadam ledu babu nakshatram “vishaka” ,maku own house ledu appudu kattukuntam,ma houselo chala godavalu jarugutunnai mammalni bayataki vellipo mantunnaru ,na husbandki job poindi chala ibandiga vundi parishkaram cheppandi.

    • Dear Anantha Lakshmi
      Saturn placed in 2nd house so – edhaina athi kastham meedhane panulu neraveruthundhu. Kastham thappadhu. Rahu kkoda 3 dava intlo vunnaduna dabbuku ibbandhulu edhuravthundi also saareeraka, maanaseeka ibbandhulu vasthay.
      Parishkaram –
      Rahu kethu pooja cheshu kovalenu.
      Leka pothe pooja room lo oka rahu kethu photo pettukoni daily rahu manthram nu 108 times japaicha valeyunu. Leka pothe prathi sani vaaram naadu kooda cheyavacchu. Ila continuous ga viduvakunda cheyavalenu.
      Ye pooja leka parihara pooja cheya thalachukunnapudu mundhuga Ganesha swamy ni poojincha valenu. Lekapothe aa pooja waste.
      First ganeshuni naama manthram ni 108 times next rahu manthram nu 108 times. Also Subrahmanya swamini kooka daily leka prathi Tuesdays upavaasam vundi (saareeraka anukoolam vuntene vaddhu) pooja cheyandi.
      Alaage prathi sashti naaduna subrahmanya swamiki upavasam patinchi tharuvatha intlo leka edhaina gudilo abhishekam cheyandi. Doing this sashti vrath you can overcome financial problems. So do this vrath without fail.
      Also meeku Kujha dosham vundhi. Kaavuna mee puja room lo oka kesariya ganapathi vigraham prathistinchi daily praardhicha valeyunu. Also pray Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Prathi rooju worship tharuvatha sindhooram tilakam meeru darinchavalenu. Idhi compulsory.
      Baabu details pampagalaru – edhaina dosham vunte choosi chebuthaam.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Sir maa babu peru tejashwin DOB:1-06-2015, Tme:9.42 in the moring, Place of birth:akiveedu(AP),nakshatram -visaka ,babu putinapati nunchi asalu bagoledu babuki naku chala serious aiindi prabala santi chesi ,gold danam chesi ,brahmanulaku boganalu kuda pettincham aina babuki asalu bagodu adaina parishkaram cheppagalaru

        • Dear Anantha Lakshmi
          Rahu kethu pooja sashti naaduna cheyinchindi.
          Regularga Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman.
          Prathi Saturday navagraha prathishta cheyinchandi.
          Prasthutha health issue ki pariharam – as i said prathi sashti thithi naadu Subrahmanya swamy ni pray cheyandi.
          You Lakshmi Recite Gayathri manthra daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays for your family welfare.
          Degree chese samamlo jaagratha vahinchaali lekapothe chadhuvu ki atamkam kaluguthundhi.
          After the age of 17 your child should be very careful in studies as obstacles are there. So best is worship of Lord Ganesha and Hanuman daily is must and he should leave non veg for his betterment.
          Pelli vishayamlo kooka girl horoscope proper ga match chesi ponthanaalu, kujha dosha pontanaalu sarigga vunte maathram pelli cheyavelnu.
          Hanuman dollar okati thanaku pettandi.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Namaskaram guruvugaru naperu pushpa na DOB:11-09-1967,nakshatram-jyeshta,placeof birth-sisali(AP),naku mugguru ammailu iddariki marriage aiindi inkoka ammai undi na husband business sariga ledu,health sariga ledu, appulu chala unnai ,own house kuda ledu own house appudu kattukuntamu na life ala untundi parishkaram dayachesi cheppadi.

    • Dear Pushpa Vathi
      Prathi sashti thithi naadu na upavasam mariyu Subrahmanya swamiki vratham cheyandi. Shukla pakshami naaduna vacche sashti naaduna ee vratham praarambhinchandi continue cheyandi.
      Mee time of birth ivvanandhu na meeku oka pooja maathram icchamu. Mundhu Ganesha swamini pray chesi tharuvaatha Subrahmanya swaminki pooja cheyandi.
      Ila prathi sashti thithi naadu na chesthe mee samasyalu tholaga vacchu. Meeru manthraalu chadivetappudu kontha biggaraga chadavandi. Prathi saari mee korikanu devuni vaddha sankalpinchandi.
      Mee ammayiki kujha dosham vundho ledho check cheyinchi koogalaru.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  5. sir naperu lakshmidurga na date of birth 23-09-1993 time 7-8.30 evening ,purvashada 1-padham,prastutam nenu chaduvutunnanu naku chaduvulo chala atamkalu vastunnai naku job vastunda nenu marriage appudu chesukovachu,appudu avtundi cheppagalaru.

    • Dear Lakshmi durga
      Rahu and Kethu are not placed well which creating unnecessary thoughts disturbing your studies. So you need to understand what is your main aim entering the post graduation.
      Also you have Kujha dosham which delays your marriage or a troubled conjugal life if not your horoscope is properly matched with that of a boys horoscope. Meeru prasthuthaaniki marriage gurinchi alochinchakoodadhu. Endhukante ee aalochana valla mee education problem lo pade avakaasalu ekkuva vunnaayi because of rahu and saturn placement. So try to understand your real karma.
      Meeru ekkuva aalochinchamaakandi. Adhi pradhama.
      Daily ila meeru praardhanalu cheeyandi –
      First wake up early in the morning. Take bath and cleaning the pooja room decorate the gods with flowers and prepare some food (any) what you about to eat or at least two bananas.
      Mundhu ga Ganesha swamy praardhana ( Om Tatpurushaye Vidmahe| Vakratundaye Dhimahi| Tanno Danti Prachodyat| for 108 times).
      Then Lord Subrahmanya by reciting OM SARAVANA BHAVAYA NAMAH for 21 of 108 times.
      Then pray Hanyman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or OM JAI SHRI RAM (for 108 times).
      And then you can worship other gods like Vishnu, Lakshmi etc if you can spend time.
      See praying Lord Subrahmanya is equal to worship of Lord Shiva Parvathi and Lord Vishnu Lakshmi.
      So follow as i said leaving all your bad thoughts and thiniing only about your karma only put out of your troubles.
      Pelli vishayamlo meeru jaagrutha vahinchavalenu leni yedala ibbandhi padaalsi vasthundhi. But my suggestion is just concentrate on studies till you complete it otherwise you will be put down to troubles.
      Also doing Rahu Kethu is must to be done on a sashti thithi once in every six months or every year. There also you need to offer first worship to Lord Ganehsa.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Hi sir my name vishnupriya. D.of.birth 27/3/1990.time 5.10 am.pls sir marriage right time now tel me sir.

    • Dear Vishnu Priya
      Apprx age of marriage – 29th year or above.
      You have Seshnaag kaala sarpa dosham. So perform rahu kethu pooja every year on a non fasting thithi is must. Also first offer pooja to Lord Ganesha and then proceed to the parihara sthala.
      Properly match your horoscope with a boys horoscope for a happy conjugal life is must.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya or every Tuesdays and observe fast. Visit temple also.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  7. Sir na details name: swati, dob :26-10-1992, swati nakshatram 4 padam. Place of birth :vijayawada. Naku epudu marriage avutundi and emina doshalu unnaya sir. Matches gurinchi andariki cheparu kani em matches ravatledu.em cheyalo konchem chepandi sir please.

    • Dear Swati
      There is no time of birth. So we checked only the possible period / age of marriage – is 26 yrs apprx. But need to look in for an indepth analysis to calculate the correct period.
      Just worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Subrahmanya daily except during your periods. Recite Subrahmanya Bhujanga sthothram daily and it removes obstacles in getting marriage.
      Kumbha vivaham cheyinchukondi. Yevaraina purohithula vaarini sampradinchi ee pooja nu cheesarante, the obstacles may be removed.
      Also rahu kethu pooja, sukla paksha sashti thithi naaduna Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple lo cheyinchukonte addankulu tholaguthaayi. Mundhuga Ganesha swamy vaariki archana cheyinchi pimmata rahu kethu pooja cheyandi – compulsory.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  8. sir,

    iam vasudha, my date of birth is 10 august 1985, i dint got marriged till now..please suggest me one poja

  9. My name is sridevi and my husband name is RAMAKRISHNA. My date of birth 17.11.1986 at 10.45 pm place : tenali and my husband date of birth : 14.03.1982 at 7.30 pm. Place pevadlapudi. Now we are living away from each other since one month. He is asking for divorce. I coming to mopidevi temple today. Please suggest me which pooja can i perform to live with my husband.

    • Dear Sridevi
      At Mopidevi temple you can do Rahu kethu pooja only and you can do that pooja during rahu kaalam. First do a simple archana to Lord Ganesha and then do the rahu kethu pooja – MUST.
      At home –
      On every Monday pradosha time worship Lord Shiva / Ardha naareeshwara by reicitng his sthothram or the below mentioned sthothrams for 108 times, for 21 days or 21 Mondays continuously. If you could please the lord with your prayers then you can reunite with your husband.
      Manthra to get reunite
      Aum Trayambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam; Urva Rukamiva Bandhanaan, Mrityor Mokshiye Maamritat.
      Make your sankalp (request /purpose of pooja) before and after starting the pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  10. Hello Sir,
    My name is Dheeraj Kumar Dubey. DOB: 02nd may 1983. Time: 04:15 pm.
    My Wife name is Pooja Dubey. DOB: 15 May 1984. Time :11.55 pm (but her birth time and date is confussion )
    Married on 07th march 2014. Not yet kids. going through treatment but not yet conceived, Dr. said there is no problem in you and your wife. can you please give me your suggestion.

    • Dear Dheeraj Dubey
      There will be a delay in getting a child. You must strongly believe in god and worship sincerely daily if you really wanna have a baby soon. There is a bad Manglik match. And one more is not satisfactory.
      So follow as below. It is form manglik and one is to get a child.
      Remedy –
      Install a kesariya Ganapathy idol in your pooja on an auspicious thithi / day or chavithy. Wake up early in the morning both take bath and sit before the Lord offering flowers, banana and dhup dheep aarathi and recite his naama manthra for 108 times.
      Next pray Lord Subrahmanya by reciting his Bhujanga sthothram.
      Another one to get a child –
      Recite this manthra on every Tuesday morning sitting before Goddess Parvathy offering dhup dheep aarathi.
      Swayamvara parvathi Mantra:
      Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara
      Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam akarsha Akarshaya Namaha
      Om Namah Shivaya

  11. Hello date of birth 18.08.1990.i got married in march 9 2014..later i conceived early but my daughter died after birth..some one said to do rahu ketu pooja as i have naga dosham.i did it on april 2016..from that day am not able to olanning to visit mopidevi for kakyanam..what do u suggest sir

    • Dear Sheema Khaleel
      Yes proceed and do the poojas. Also do the rahu kethu pooja there on a Sashti lunar day.
      You may send about possible dates of visiting the temple and we will plan and suggest with the right day and time to perform the pooja.
      Sleeping there for a night is recommended to beget a child.

      • Sir i will visit soon but say whether i have children or daughter died sir and again got from different caste..i wont be allowed to sleep their.pls tell me some remedies….what to do..

        • Dear Sheema Khaleel
          Please send both of your place time and date of birth and i will check for possible info.

      • Dear Sheema Khaleel
        Fine Sheema,
        Here is the next of what to do.
        Sashti vrath dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya. You can do this silently without knowing to your people. But be careful while doing. Or tell your husband about this vrath if you believe that he gives respects to your thoughts. Take his support. If not you can do it on your own.
        This pooja has to be done for 21 Sashti thithi / lunar days. Starting from 27th next month. The sashti thithi falls twice in every month. If you cannot wait till 21 lunar days then you can do this for 21 days or 21 Tuesdays also. Procedure is of same only. But doing the pooja on sashti lunar day is more effective and more beneficial.
        Start this crath pooja on a Shukla paksha (27th August 17) Sashti thithi / lunar day.
        Procedure – wake up early morning. Have a bath, you need to observe a fast till evening six. Do not eat non veg on that day before or after vrath pooja. Go to a temple where there is Lord Subrahmanya. First offer a simple pooja to Lord Ganesha and then worship Lord Subrahmanyam by reciting OM SARAVANA BHAVAYA NAMAH for 108 times, then make your request for a child with your tears. Then distribute some milk to the people who come to the temple or to the beggers.
        You may take the temple priest help in getting a simple pooja done there or simply do as i said is enough.
        If you can do worship of Lord Subrahmanya at home you can do it but your home should must be very clean and tidy on the day when you do the pooja. Simply place a lord photo in the north east corner of your home and then sit and worship the lord. JUST WORSHIP THE LORD WITH YOUR TEARS.

        • Ok sir thank u so much sir..i will do this..thank u very much..sir one small doubt.will i get child..i mean in my jatakam do i really blessed with child..pls clear my doubt sir.thank u

          • Dear Sheema Khaleel
            Please send your date place and time of birth and we try to check when we are free. I forgot whether i have given you any thing about dosha presence. If so please send me or else you send me your details.
            Normally doing Subrahmanya or any gods Kalyanam benefits for those who are getting delayed in their marriage. But i dont know why he has suggested kalyanam pooja for you. I suggested you to do the rahu kethu pooja at Mopi Devi temple that too staying for a night there and next day to do the rahu kethu pooja for begetting a child. It is wrong doing that pooja for a child. But doing any pooja making a strong sankalp (request for a child – from your part) may reaches the lord and bless you. Whole heart doing any pooja if reaches the lord may bless you.
            Or simply do as i said you yesterday and seek to please the lord to get a child.
            May God Bless You.

  12. Hi Sir,

    This is vijitha. DOB: 30-09-1988, POB: Gudivada, time:11:55am, rohini nakshatram 2nd padam. Naku matches chustunnaru kani edhi set avvatledhu, emaina doshalu unte dhayachesi remedies cheppagalaru.

    • Dear Vijetha
      Kumbha vivaham cheyinchukondi. Evaraina vivaha pandithulanu sampradinchagalaru details kosam.
      Meedu marriage delay avthundi. It takes time to get the perfect match or the time of marriage should come. But checking the horoscope it shows low Kujha dosham so alage avthundhi.
      Kavuna Kumbha Vivahamu chesukondi – dosham tholaguthundi to some extent.
      Visit and worship Lord Subrahmanya at Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near vijayawada – dharsinchu kondi.
      Alage prathi roju modhata ganesha swami ni mariyu Subrahmanyeshwara swamy ni poojinchandi.
      Shashti vratham cheyandi – shukla pakshami thithi naadu vacche sashti thithi rojuna prarambhinchi 21 dinamulu leka continous ga cheyandi. Chaala manchidhi sakala vidhaaluga.
      For some more remedies –
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Dear Sir ,
        My name is deepika. date of birth is November 12 th1987 and time of birth between afternoon 1.30pm to 1.50pm.completed graduation looking for a job from so many months. .I don’t know what absticles I have. Kind suggest me for better.
        Thank you

        • Dear Deepika
          Apply for govt jobs. You will achieve any thing only after hard work. You need to pacify planet Saturn to bless you positive.
          Daily wake up early in the morning, worship Lord Ganesha – recite any sthothram and then Lord Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha or any bhajans of Lord Rama. Visit temple also. Do this daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Also circumnavigate Navagrahas on every Saturdays.
          On every Saturday recite the Shani sthothram also. Dedicate at least one hour for your pooja and please the lords and surely you can achieve. But remember you need to work very hard then only you can otherwise cant because of Saturn.
          Donate food to blind peoples when ever possible.
          Do not eat non veg.
          Do not but any items related to black in color on any Saturdays.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  13. Hello sir,
    My name is naga srikanth. Dob: 11-07-1984. Time :11:30 am. My wife name is himaja. Dob: 25-12-1988.time :5:30 am. Married on 23-05-2013. Not yet kids.. Going through treatment but not yet conceived. Can I please give me your suggestion.
    Thanks sir

    • Dear Srikanth
      Yoni poruttham is good and rasya adhipathi is satisfactory but since Mahendra and Vasya poruttham (affecton love and adjustability) is not good you are getting delay in getting a child. So you need to develop mutual understand on each other and do the remedies unitely and sincerely. So that only will overcome the mismatchings and get the blessings of God to get a child.
      Remedy –
      Both of you perform rahu kethu pooja once with all your family members present while you are doing the pooja. Do this pooja at Mopi Devi Subrahmanya Temple near Vijayawada. This temple is very auspicious to beget a child. Here you need to come on an evening before sashti thithi day and have a sleep here in the temple and next day do the rahu kethu pooja during rahu kalam time and make your request ardently with your tears and go home. You can continue this pooja every year for best result. Do this pooja atleast till you get a confirmation about child.
      At Home – Also Perform Sashti Vrath continuously till your wife will conceive. Start this vrath on a sashti thithi that falls on a Shukla paksha and do it sincerely without breaking but can leave in times when your spouse is out of house.
      Start the vrath pooja always dedicated to Lord Ganesha and then the vrath pooja to Lord Subrahmanya. This is must. Otherwise it is said to be useless.
      Believe in the lord and do the vrath and may god bless you soon with a child.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  14. Dear Venkatesh
    She has Kujha dosha.
    Perform Kumha Vivaha. This may reduce / remove the dosha.
    But how ever you should properly check and match your daughters horoscope with a boy to the best for a happy married life.
    See Mr. Venkatesh, Mars planet is such – which will not others unite very easily and hence this delay, reject of proposal. It need a period to get reduce or you need to do the pooja.
    Tell her to do the Swayamvara Parvathi manthra pooja. This pooja also removes the obstacles – marriage.
    Namah Shivaya.

  15. Sir Na Peru Padmaja D.O.B 09-09-1988, place:amalapuram ,time 7.20am
    na husband kartikeya D.O.B 10-10-1980 place: vizianagaram,time 5.55 am
    Marriage 2010 lo ayindi inka pillalu leru.maku santhanayogam epudu undi chepandi sir.

    • Dear Padmaja
      Kethu is placed in malefic position along with Sun planet and hence you will be get problems in health matters.
      So you need to do rahu kethu pooja on Ashlesha nakshethra thithi.
      You are in Sun maha dasha – Sun is placed in a malefic house – so chant Surya mantra daily during the sun is rising or Siva panchakshari mantra in the morning or during the Pradosha kaal (falls in the evening – check and recite) and perform abhisheka to lord Shiva. – IMPORTANT so do without fail. Due to this malefic planet you are not getting a child.
      If you plan to do rahu kethu pooja then first offer worship / archana to Lord Ganesha, then Rudhra Abhishekam, and then rahu kethu pooja for best result.
      About Karthikeya –
      Has Kaala sarpa dosham – effects – problems in profession.
      Need to do rahu kethu pooja every year on Sashti thithi.
      First pooja to Lord Ganesha and then Rahu kethu pooja.
      Both of you assemble with your whole family members near the parihara sthala to do the rahu kethu pooja. But they are not allow at the place where you sit and do the pooja but can watch from a very near place. Karthikeya can also do the pooja on Ashlesha thithi along with you.
      About compatibility –
      Child yogam seems not that much strong. Has some mismatch in that concept. Hence you get a child in delay. Need to sincerely do the parihara pooja – regularly too.
      Padmaja –
      Perform Sashti thithi upavasam continuously till you get conceived. Very powerful vratham to get a child. But need to please Lord Subrahmanya with your prayers.
      Both of you daily worship Lord Ganesha – naama manthra for 108 times, Subrahmanya – skandha sashti kavacham and Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha.
      Sincere worship only can bestows you a child. Believe in Lord Subrahmanya and worship and surely he will bestow a child.
      You can do the rahu kethu pooja at Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple for the first time and then at Kalahasthi temple for the second time.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Sir,my husband performed Rahu ketu pooja before marriage I.e 2009 in kalahasthi , some priests are saying no need to perform again.My elders are also not supportive in this matter .we both are planning to come on June 2 to mopidevi do we need to perform pooja der..only we both are going come can me and my husband perform pooja? Please suggest .
        I had 4 times health is not supportive sometimes.

          • Dear Padmaja
            You may please consult a priest of Subrahmanya temple nearby and ask him and he will explain.
            It is very simple pooja only as like offer of prasadh (bellam pongal), decorate the lord with flowers, dhup dheep aarathi at home. If at temple perform Milk Abhishekam and offer prasadh and distrubute till quarter and bring it home and keeping some for you give to your family members. You stay for fast for the whole day and take the prasadh and food in the evening closing the fast.
            During the pooja at home or after coming from the temple you need to recite Skhandha sashti kavacham or Subramaniya Bhujangam Sthothram.
            Start observe a fast during Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi that comes first after Amavasya thithi. For Skanda Sashti Vratam the day when Sashti Tithi is combined with Panchami Tithi is preferred. Hence Skanda Sashti Vratam observed on Panchami Tithi is very auspicious. So you need to check for the thithi details.
            For your another posting –
            If Kaala sarpa dosham is present in either boy or girl it may effect the chances of begetting of a child. So for that need to check your marriage compatibilty is what i said. For that you need to send both of your dob details if you r interested.
            Also not only Kaala Sarpa dosha will effect the beget of child also need to see the Mangal dosha compatibility. It will also may effect in begetting a child, unhappy married life etc.
            Okay leaving all these you know that your husband has kaala sarpa dosha you can do the Sashti vrath pooja on every sashti thithi till you get a baby to your hands.

            Namah Shivaya

            • Thank you sir, sure definitely will follow your instructions
              My husband KARTIKAY 10-10-1980 time 5.55am place.vizianagaram
              Mine. 9-9-1988 time. 7.20 am place :amalapuram
              Do I have nagadosham?

              • Dear Padmaja
                Please check the
                For your details as we have already sent you.
                About compatibility result
                When checking both of your compatibility list we found that Padmaja – is Manglik / Kujha dosha in 7 which is strong in nature. Where as the boy is not Manglik. Not a good concept.
                Also Padmaja you both need to leave both of your ego concepts and sit and come to an amicable state of mind which is must. Both you should live like a friends doing sacrifices when and where ever needed for a smooth conjugal life. The Mars planet wont leave the native to get attached with other in amicably. So need to be very patience when times of quarrel with any body.
                So you Padmaja need to place a Kesariya Ganapathy idol in your pooja room and recite his naama manthra for 108 times daily to get protection.
                Both of you worship Lord Hanuman daily or every Tuesday and Saturday and visit temple also.
                Namah Shivaya

                • Thank you sir for ur response.i didn’t Kew dat I have mangalik, it might affect my husband?
                  We don’t have any ego issues my marriage life and understanding is good..but worrying about delay in getting child.

                  • Dear Padmaja
                    We can reveal some infomation but not all since it may hurt you at times.
                    So just believe & worship Lord Subrahmanya daily as much as ardently you can with your tears to bestow a child. May he bless soon.
                    First Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman. Do this daily so that god may bless you.
                    Namah Shivay

        • Dear Padmaja
          Since you have miscarriages 4 times there would be possibilities of malefic Rahu. You can do the rahu kethu pooja at Mopidevi temple. This parihara pooja need to be done every year if you have Kaala sarpa dosha. Also first need to offer a pooja / archana to Lord Ganesha and then should go to the parihara stahala to do the rahu kethu pooja for fulfilment.
          While doing this pooja the whole family member should attend near the pooja place while you are oing is the correct procedure. If they wont cooperate you can go and do the pooja.
          You both go to this temple and sleep fortnight and then early morning and do the poojaa during the rahu kalam time.
          Need to check who of you have the dosha, your puthra bhagyam in the marriage compatibility list etc,.
          Namah Shivaya

  16. Sir I am yeluguri kiran my DOB 09-02-1988 00:30AM(Tuesday) i.e.midnight of Monday and my wife mounika DOB 22-05-1992 and we got married on 23-01-2015 since we have no children and we did rahukethu pooja in kalahasti in nov-16 but the problem not solved kindly suggest solution for this problem

    • Dear Kiran Yeluguri
      You have Mars / kujha dosham placed in 2nd house which may gives effect like giving obstacles in your married life and professional end.
      So best remedy is worshipping of Lord Ganesha (kesariya ganesha idol placed in you pooja room) daily by reciting any of his naama manthra for 108 times.
      Then worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha and visit temple. Donate gingely oil when ever possible. Do not – non veg and alcohol. Have kesariya tilak on your forehead every morning before pooja and go out.
      About compatibility –
      There is no time of birth of Mounika and also please mention place of birth.
      Seeing with you name compatibility it seems 50:50 means good and bad are equal comes to you.
      Send Mounika time of birth and place of both and i will tell you remedies according to the problems.
      Also doing rahu kethu for once may not be enough to pacify the malefic planet. You should keep on doing the rahu kethu pooja till you see the difference.
      Namah Shivaya

  17. Hi Sir,
    I am Balagopalam, dob is 15-JAN-1987 01:15 PM – Mangalagiri (A.P) – Karkataka Raasi – Purnarvasu 4 pada m. Sir, now i am facing problems like delay in marriage and mind wavering and job related testions and financial problems. Could you please tell me is there any dosha in my birth chart.


    • Dear Balagopalam
      Rahu and Mars are both malefic in your chart and hence you may get such problems.
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja on a sashti thithi or any other Tuesdays rahu kaalam time. First First do archana for Lord Ganesha and then do rahu kethu pooja.
      Then daily worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman. Have kesar thilak on your forehead and then go out. Visit Hanuman temple daily or every Saturday. Do not eat non veg or drink alcohol.
      Also circumnavigating Navagrahas on every Saturday is beneficial.
      Namah Shivaya

  18. Hello Sir,

    Namasthe !

    My name is Surya Sampath.
    Dob – 22/10/1989. time : 520 PM (pushyami star) . Place of birth, visakhapaynam.
    Please predict my career life and expected marriage date. Also, please suggest any remedies for having a smooth life ahead

    • Dear Surya Sampath
      No career life prediction – sorry.
      Expected age of marriage – 31 years.
      Kethu at 4th hosue troubles your conjugal life, spouse health.
      To remove obstacles – Lord Ganesha,
      For marriage and prosperity in life – Lord Subrahmanya, Lakshmi matha,
      For Good Health and intellect – Lord Hanuman. ARDENT WORSHIP is required for a smooth life. Just cry for your requisite before the lord to bestow you.
      You perform rahu kethu pooja on a sashti thithi.
      No Kujha dosham. Saturn is well placed.

  19. My name is Siva dob 7-2-1985,Tob 10.33am,pob-raichur, what kind of remedies I have to perform sirr.plzz sir

    • Dear Siva
      Rahu is placed in 1st house and kethu is placed in 7th hosue.
      Perform Rahu Kethu Pooja.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman without stopping.
      Do not eat non veg and drink alcohol while doing the above worship
      Also Mars planet is place malefic which causes financial troubles. So worship of Lord Hanuman is must to pacify this planet also.
      Namah Shivaya

  20. Hi sir thsi is santosh kumar. Vadlamani
    My date of birth is 19/06/1992. And time is 10:45pm. Belongs to danistha nakshatram, 1st padam. Sir i would like to know my future regarding career and married life. Presently i am into business, which is not able to make profits as my expertations and this business is into e commerce sector. Shall i continue in this for future career or els shoukd i go for a job. Request you to kindly suggest the way.

      • Dear Santosh
        We do not give any updatation. If anyone send their details we just check about presence of any dosha and remedies only.
        Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Santosh
      Just worship Lord Ganesha first by reciting his nama manthra for 108 times and then Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or any nama manthra of Lord Rama daily and seek for their blessings is what you can do.
      Also worship Lord Subrahmanya, Kaala Bhairava and circumnavigate Navagraha on ever Saturdays.
      Place a Hanuman idol in your business place and worship daily. Place a lemon in a glass of water and place it on your table on the north eastern side.
      Do not eat non veg or consume alcohol during worship of Lord Hanuman. Always have kesariya tilak on your forehead and proceed to any work.
      We wont give future predictions and professional analysis.
      Namah Shivaya

  21. Gud evening sir, lalitha here my dob is 9 aug 1984 timing 1:58 midnight purvashada nakshatram and my husband kalyan Chakravarthy dob is 3 Feb 1974 timing 8:24 am mrigasira nakshatram these r the details of us sir so kindly check and let me know the future prediction and moreover which direction door will suit us to stay even if it is rent or own . Thank u sir

    • Dear Lalitha
      We do not see Vaasthu saasthra. We just give you the presence of dosha and remedies only.
      Just seeing based on the Mrigasira nakshathra – you should / can live in a house facing South and not in a North faced entrance. Also need to analyse more by a vaasthu expert for your most well being.
      Vishadhara kaala sarpa dosham is there in Kalyans chart.
      Effect – Problems in financial terms, His mind would be wavering and hence there would be troubles in financial aspects.
      So need to do the kaala sarpa dosha pooja every year for good result.
      Best days to do this pooja –
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any AshleshaNakshatra day.
      Sashti rahu kaala time is most auspicious day and time to perform this pooja. You can do this pooja at Kukke Subrahmanya or Kaalahasthi temples. But need to do it regularly. Do a simple Ganesha pooja and then proceed to the parihara pooja sthala.
      For remedies visit our site.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Thank u sir if v do this Pooja every year will everything be fine I mean regarding his job and financial position. Kukki subramanya swami temple is very far can u suggest me any other temple near by.

        • Dear Lalitha
          Post us where do you live and we give our suggestion about the temple.
          Namah Shivaya

            • Dear Lalitha

              You can visit Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near Vijayawada or Sri Kalahasthi temple to do the pooja. Better do the pooja at Mopi Devi temple first and then for the second time visit Kalahasthi

              Namah Shivaya

        • Rahu is not well placed in your chart so you can also do the rahu kethu pooja or if cannot you can regularly visit any naaga devatha temple and offer a lemon shell, gheel lamp.
          Daily racite the rahu manthra for 108 times.
          Daily or every Tuesday and Friday recite the gayathri manthra for 108 times for protection family welfare.

          Namah Shivaya

  22. Sir iam dr soujanya D.o.b 12-1-1988 ,9:40am,my husband dr vidya D..o.b 11-3-1981,..1:10pm,we are married since 2 years,i had pcod problm and not conceving evn with medication since 6months,,,pls sugeest me remedies,,eagerly waiting for that day

    • Dear Soujanya
      Soujanya, you have Kaala Sarpa dosha – which makes your health not stable and fit enough. So doing rahu kethu pooja every year on a sashti thithi may gives good result. Also do a simple Ganesha pooja before going to attend the rahu kethu pooja – is must.
      For remedies –
      There is no Mars dosha in your chart.
      Vidya –
      No Kaala sarpa dosha but have low Naaga dosham. Had mangal dosha but nullified. When married should have properly matched both horoscopes.
      Vidya also – doing rahu kethu pooja is suggestible on the same thithi as like you for good result.
      Worship of Lord Hanuman is must daily and visit his temple is must.
      Your compatibility is very good with 7/10. Child yoga is lacking compatibility. So get delay. Do not worry.
      Doing the kaala sarpa dosha pooja regularly is must. Always do it on a sasthi thithi.
      And fast on every Tuesday. Recite Durga sthothram daily in the morning.
      Daily worship of Lord Subrahmanya by reciting skandha sashti kavacham to get protect from the malefic effect of Rahu. Pray as much as ardent and request the lord with your tears. Surely the lord may bless you. Lord Subrahmanya is a giver god of a good child. So worship as ardently you can. Worship of Lord Subrahmanya is equal to worship of Lord Shivay parvathi and Lord Vishnu lakshmi. So do pray him.
      Namah Shivaya

        • Thank u for ur blessings sir,we r planning to visit mopi devi temple to perform rahu ketu puja for march 4 th sashti.

          • Dear Soujanya
            You visit the temple a day prior to sashti during the evening and sleep there for a night and the next day that is sashti do the rahu kethu pooja during rahu kethu time. If not possible then you can visit the temple on the sashti thithi day and do the pooja and go to your home.
            Remember to do a simple Ganesha pooja before going to attend the parihara pooja for completeness.
            Make your ardent request with tears.
            May god bless you.
            Namah Shivaya.

            • Sir namaskaram,,,iam happy that i conceived inthe same of visit to mopi devi temple,,we performed nidra n puja as u said sir,,,iam always thank ful to u,.but nw iam in 5th month diagnosed to have diabetes,,,i dont know y my health is not cooperating,,pls suggest me fr my better health n safe healthy baby delivery

              • Dear Soujanya
                If rahu kethu dosham is there in ones horoscope or parental curse for your husband – will get troubles in the matter of such. Do daily sincere worship of Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya and Hanuman. Dedicate pooja for a min of half an hour. If possible visit Subrahmanya (Tuesdays) or Hanuman (Tuesday and Saturday) temple.
                Durga temple is also good to visit.
                Do not leave dark anywhere in your home. Keep a bunch of neem leaves always with you at home as well as going out anywhere.
                Offer food to old peoples in old age ashrams and get their ashirwadh every month till you conceive and after delivery if interested you can continue for once in every six months or a year.
                If possible visit Mopi Devi Temple again. But take care.
                Sincere worship is must.
                Namah Shivaya

    • God Bless Your Child and soon you are blessed free from your financial problems

      Namah Shivaya

  23. One more thing sir as in earlier msg I gave u details of my husband and mine sir. V r facing financial problem also. Kindly suggest me what to do sir to overcome this.

    • Dear Lalitha
      There is no time of birth of both of you. So we could not.
      Here are some remedies to overcome financial problems.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha (reciting nama manthra for 108 times) and Subrahmanya by reciting any of his sthothram and visit his temple. Fast on every Tuesday. Worship Lord Subrahmanya is equal to worship of Lord Shiva Parvathy and Lord Vishnu Lakshmi. So ardently worship with your deep request. Surely he may help you from all of your problems.
      Also recite Ashta Lakshmi sthothram daily or every Tuesday and Friday.
      Never leave your home dark. Let enough sun rays passes all of your rooms. Doo a simply dedicated to respective god on every day. Keep your home divinely.
      Take your child to a Hanuman temple on every Saturday if possible.
      Namah Shivaya

  24. Thank u very much sir eye problem is for my child only i will do Pooja as u suggested me. We live in badangpet Hyderabad . So kindly suggest the doctor. Thanks and regards

    • Dear Lalitha
      I suggested everything for your kid only. But she cannot recite the manthra right and hence i tell you to do it on behalf of her. As she is nearly 9 yrs age she can i think. So it upto your ability and patience to make her do it or recite it. You guider how to do it. If she do it then the god may pacify soon rather than you Lalitha garu. May god bless her for a recovery.
      If you could afford money then go this Private Hospital – Kerala based Ayurvedha Siddha Hospital.
      Santhigiri Ayurveda & Siddha Vaidyasala
      Address: R. Gopalakrishnan, Chief Executive – Unit of Santhigiri Ashram, Kerala, H. No.4, Pavani Villas, Dwarakapuri Colony, Panjagutta, Hyderabad.
      Phone: +91 40 23323373, +91 40 23323387
      If you could not afford money then go to the Govt Ayurvedic and Research hospital in S R Nagar, Erragadda.
      Dr. B.R.K.R. Government Ayurved Medical College.
      In the govt hospital also they are giving good treatment. Better visit this hospital first and check for your satisfaction and if you do not like or otherwise you can visit the private clinic.
      Visit hospital on a good day (thithi). Consult a local astrologer and fix a good thithi to visit a hospital.
      Namah Shivaya

  25. Hello sir
    My name is lalitha and my d.o. b is 9/8/1984 purvashada nakshatram. My husband name is kalyan Chakravarthy 3/2/1974 mrigasira nakshatram and my daughter name is Chandrika karthavi . Her d.o.b is 20/08/2008 Revathi nakshatram timing night 10:08 p.m. She is having vision problem in retina. kindly suggest me the remedy for her. Thanks and regards.

    • Dear Lalitha
      Lord Surya is the god for healthy eyes. He gives shakthi for our eyes as well as our physic. So worship of Lord Surya is necessary.
      Getting the blessing of Lord Surya – can get good, healthy eyes.
      First Start praying Lord Ganehsa (must) by reciting any of his nama Manthra for 108 times and then,
      Recite the below manthra for at least 12 times daily in the early morning when sun is rising. Place some well or bore water (freshly taken) in a silver or copper glass. After finishing 12 times, splash once or pour few drops of water in both eyes, close for a few minutes and drink the rest.
      The below manthra almost cures any eye related diseases
      Manthra –
      Om Asyah chakshushi vidyah
      Ahirbudyna rushih gayatri chandah suryo devatha chakshu roga nivruttaye viniyoga
      Om Chakshush Chakshush Chakshush tejah sthiro bhav, maam paahi paahi,
      twaritam chakshurogaan shamaya shamaya
      mam jaataroopam tejo darshay darshay,
      yathaaham andho na syaam tathaa kalpay kalpay,
      kalyaanam kuru kuru,
      yaani mama poorva janmopaarjitaani Chakshush
      sarvaani nirmoolay nirmoolay |
      Om namashchakshu shtejodaatre divyabhaaskaraay,
      Om namah karoonaakaraayaamrutaay,
      Om namo bhagavate shree suryaay akshitejase namah,
      Om khecharaay namah, mahate namah,
      rajase namah, tamase namah,
      asato maa sadgamay, tamaso maa jyotirgamay,
      mrutyormaaamrutam gamay,
      ushno bhagavaan shuchiroopah hanso bhagavaan suchir pratiroopah |

      Ya imam chakshushmatim vidyam
      Brahmano nitya madheeyathe
      Na tasya akshi rogo bhavathi
      Na tasya kule andhor bhavathi

      Ashtow brahmanan graha itva
      Vidya siddhir bhavathi

      vishvaroopam ghranitam jaatvedasam hiranyamayam jyotiroopam tapantam |
      Sahastrarashmih shatadhaa vartamaanah purah prajaanaam udayatyesh
      suryah ||
      ALSO –
      As you had wrote that your child is suffering with retina problem which is a genetically disorder. You please consult a Pancha karma doctor. They do some curable treatments. You please mention where do you live in the comments section and i try to tell you where to get that treatment. She may get cure as she is around age 10 only. Allopathic doctors says that this disorder says that it is not curable. You consult asi said
      Namah Shivaya

  26. Dear sir,
    my name is vamsimohan DOB 5 august1980 5:20 pm rohini nakshtra 2 pada place of birth bilaspur chattisgarh and my wife hyma 4 june 1984 7:26 am pushyami nakshtra 4 pada place of birth Visakhapatnam, we got married on 12 February 2016 not yet kids my wife health is very poor kindly suggest any remedy for kids and her health

    • Dear Vamsi
      I have not given your predictions but just the remedies only so do it and get the blessings of the lord.
      Both of you performing rahu kethu pooja once in every six months or every year is the best remedy. Do the pooja on a Shashti thithi. It is one of the best thithi. Keep on doing the pooja since doing for once may or may not pacify the malefic planets. Also remember to do a simple Ganesha pooja before going to attend the rahu kethu pooja for completeness and fruitfulness.
      Visit Mopi Devi Subrahmanya Temple a day before the evening of Sashti thithi and do sleep there for a night and then the next day perform the rahu kethu pooja in the rahu kalam time. See to that a sashti thithi that comes on a Tuesday if possible and do the pooja on that day for best result.
      You can also do the pooja at Sri Kalahasthi also.
      Your wife – Since rahu is posited in 12th house she is having ill health and some ailments. So tell her visit (if possible) and worship Naaga devatha / temple.
      BEST – just worship Lord Subrahmanya as much as ardently you can. Dedicate your whole soul to him.
      Take a bath, collect / buy some flowers, decorate them to all of the god images and sit on a wooden stool covered with a white towel on it. And the start as below.
      Daily – First worship Lord Ganesha (for a good start and completeness) by reciting his nama manthra for 108 times and then Lord Subrahmanya (for a child and protection from any sort of malefic effect that effects your mental and physical health and protection from Rahu planet, Naaga dosham) by reciting Skhandha Sashti Kavacham, dialy or every teusday and visit the lords temple. If possible try to visit Lord Subrahmanya temple on every Sashti without fail and cry out your request. Then worship Lord Hanuman (for good health and protection from rahu, kethu and saturn) by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or any bhajans or the nama manthra of Lord Rama.
      Vamsi – on every Saturday between 05.30 to 06.00 am or before sun rise – sit on a wooden stool covered with a white towel, have 108 white (any) and recite OM NAMO SESHA SAYINE NAMAH FOR 108 times offering one each flower after pronouncing one time of the manthra.
      Do keep your home clean and tidy. Let enough sun shine passes through your house. Do not let be dark. Keep your bed room also neat and tidy with enough light, even at night with at least a dim light. Daily morning and evening do a dhoop dheep aradhana. Donate food to older people and get their blessings.
      Visit –
      Namah Shivaya

      • Thank you sir, if possible kindly write om namo sesha sayine namha mantra in Telugu or Hindi for better pronounciation.

        • Dear Vamsi
          ఓం నమో శ్రీ శేష సాయినే నమః
          Namah Shivaya

  27. Chilakala venkata Radhika dob 21-10-1985 time around early morning 1-00 am to 2-00 am. Birth place is binaguri near West Bengal. My husband name is pemma Mohan Venkata ramanjaneyulu. Dob 30-05-1982. Time around evening 9-30 pm. Birth place is guntur. Got married in 15-02-2015. Not yet kids. What pariharam can I perform.

    • Dear Radhika
      Your husband must do Rahu Kethu dosha nivarana pooja every year on a sashti thithi for best result. First do a simple Ganesha pooja and then go to finish the rahu kethu pooja – must.
      For remedies – &
      For you Radhika – Place an idol of Lord Ganesha (kesariya colour) in your pooja room and worship daily. Recite any of his nama manthra for 108 times and then worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or the nama manthra of Lord Rama daily or every Tuesday and Saturday and visit his temple. Do not visit Lord Hanuman before and after 8 days of your days. Also reciting Gayathri Manthra for 108 times gives benefits your family.
      Your husband should worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman daily for best result. If possible donate gingeley oil to Hanuman temple.
      You Radhika – to get a child – worship Lord Subrahmanya on every Tuesdays by reciting his sthothram or Sashti kavacham as much as ardent you can. If your prayers pleases him the lord will sure bless you a child without fail. Only thing believe in him and pray. Also visit his temples on every Tuesdays, sashti thithis or on Krithika thithi days.
      Good Mantra for Conceiving a Child
      Devaki-sut Govinda Vasudeva Jagatpate Dehi me tanayam Krishna Tvaamaham sharanam gataha
      O Son of Devaki and Vasudeva, the Lord of the Universe O Krishna! give me a son; I take refuge in you.
      Do recite the above manthra early in the morning before sun rise for best result.
      God Bless You
      Namah Shivaya.

  28. Hi sir my name is P.Uma Shankar of birth 07.02.1882 time 1.30 please tell any pooja to do as my work are in pending and financially want to improve.thank you sir.

    • Dear Shankar
      It is better to do Rahu Kethu pooja every year on a Sashti thithi since Rahu and kethu are not placed well. Do a simple Ganesha pooja before attending the parihara pooja for completeness.
      Worship Lord Ganesha daily by reciting his nama manthra – OM GHREEM GHOOM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH / OM GAM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH. Getting this lords blessing one may get free from obstacles, knowledge and financial problems.
      Then worship Lord Subrahmanya daily by reciting his sthothram or slokam and offer a fast on every Tuesday. If you could please the lord and get his blessing then your financial problems dissolves. Also worship of Subrahmanya is equal to worship of Lord Shiva parvathi and Lord Vishnu Lakshmi devi. So regularly worship Subrahmanya. Lord Subrahmanya is the adhipathi for Lord Rahu, so prayers also gives protection from the malefic planet.
      For good health and protection from evil spirits – worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or the nama of Lord Rama of his bhajans. The prayers also protects you from Saturn planet. Hanuman jee will bestow good health, knowledge etc. You can pray this lord daily or every teusday and Saturday. Also visit temple when ever possible. Best temple to visiti and worship is Japali Theertham which is on Thirumala Hills near Lord Venkateshwara temple.
      Regularly follow the above as i said and soon may you see good times.
      You can perform Ganapathy Homam at your home once in a year for your well being.
      If you are running a business place an idol of lord Ganesha (Kesariya color) and Hanuman idol facing east in the north east corner.
      Namah Shivaya.

  29. Namaste. Our son-in-law has ear problem. His date of birth is 05.01.1988, near Chilakaluripet. Please suggest remedy.

    • Dear Rama
      Acturally we do not tell predictions for this sort of problems but only give the praesence of few dosha in ones horoscope.
      To know the presence of dosha you need to send his time of birth also.
      Or simply tell him to visti and wroship the Naaga devathas / temple on every Tuesday rahu kalam time and if not possible during Pradosham time.
      And daily worship of Lord Subrahmanya and Hanuman is also suggestible.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Thanks. time of Birth is evening 7.30 on 05.01.1988. Please suggest any dosha is there in his horoscope.

        • Dear Rama
          There is No Kaala sarpa or Mangal (Kujha) dosha in your horoscope.
          You are cancerian and your Adhipathi is Saturna. He is placed in his own house strongly. You should be very careful in doing any sort of deeds. You are solely responsible for all of your deeds and result.
          Your suggestible marriage age is after 28 for a smooth conjugal life. Before that it is not suggestible or auspicious. That too the mangalya must be tied during night time or very early morning or atleast 05.30 am to lead a happy life. Day time is not good for your marriage if not happened.
          Presently your are in Mercury Dasha – 03/2001 till 03/2018. Then afterwards Kethu Maha Dasha.
          During this dasha ou may have misunderstandings, communication gaps with people, and may suffer with health issues.
          So, Worship Lord Vishnu by reciting Vishnu sahasranama stotra and perform a Fasting on every Wednesday and donate Udad dal.
          Japa of the Budha beeja mantra: Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah till you see changes.
          Recite the Budha stotra:
          Priyangu Kalika Shyaamam Roopena Pratimam Budham
          Soumyam Soumya gunopetam tam Budham Pranamamyaham.
          Wear a 10 mukhi Rudraksha.
          Remedies to pacify Saturn are :-
          Worship of Lord Ganesha and then Lord Hanuman is must daily or every Tuesday and Saturday. Visit his temple daily or whenever possible.
          Circumnavigate Navagrahas on every Saturday without stopping.
          Best temple to visit and worship is Japali Theertham near Thirumala Sri Venkateshwara temple. At lest visit this temple once in every year.
          Regularly serve a black dog and offer meals to it.
          Never buy any black thing on any Saturday, but donating black thing gives you benefics.
          It will be better for you to perform Rahu Kethu pooja during Jan and feb of 2018 or before six month of the starting of Kethu maha dasha. Do a simple Ganesha pooja any before attending the rahu kethu pooja.
          For more accuracy its better to check with present position of the planets also. Do the above and seek for the gods blessings.
          God bless you
          Namah Shivaya

  30. My name is ABDUL RAHEEM SHAIK. Date of Birth-27/09/1980. Place of birth is Kapugallu (village), Kodada Mandal, Telangana State. Time is approximately morning 4am.

    • Dear Abdul Raheem
      Placement of rahu is not good – Naaga dosha. Remedy is do the rahu kethu pooja. Since Lord Subrahmanya is the controller of Rahu you doing rahu kethu pooja on sashti thithi gives benefits. Also do visit and worship Lord Ganesha.
      Also you are Manglik means this is a dosha which will give obstacles in getting marry or in conjugal life – financial or begetting a child.
      So need to worship Lord Hanuman by reciting ‘Hanuman Chaleesha’ manthra daily. This worship also gives protection from three other malefic (if turned) planets. But while praying this lord, you must not eat non veg and drink alcohol. This is must.
      And for financial stability –
      Place a Ganapathy idol in your home on the Norteast corner and worsip him by reciting ‘OM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH’ for 108 times. AND THEN,
      Worship Lord Subrahmanya by reciting ‘skhandha sashti kavacham manthra’
      The above is all we (Hindus) believe. But accepting these beliefs is all upto you.
      Just consult a local temple poojari about clarification and if not we can also explain in elaborate.
      God Bless you.

  31. sir my name is abdul rahem shaik. I have so many problems are in my life. my date of birth is 27-09-1980. Numerology tole like that subrahmanya swamy help you for your development is life. please tell me.

    • Dear Abdul Raheem Shaik.
      Since you have not given your time of birth we are unable to draft your horoscope to check about any dosha. As per the dosha presence only we can suggest remedies. So please send your time, place and date of birth once again.
      Or just worship Lord Subrahmanya by reciting Skhandha Sashti Kavacham daily or every Tuesday. Doing this prayers daily gives protection from any malefic effect or planets such as Rahu and Kethu. This prayers help you to turn up right your financial prosperity also. But only thing is that your prayers should pacify the Lord. Believe in him, pray ardently as much as you can and surely wont leave you in distress. You should put your whole concentration while praying makes you please the Lord.
      Send your details and i check your details and send you.
      Also if you are married then send your wife Date time and place of birth. Because our life designs good or bad after marriage depends on the combination of your unity.
      God Bless You.

  32. Sir, I am venkat.My date of birth is 13.50hrs on 29/10/1987. Place of birth is Hyderabad.l am not getting good matches and my marriage getting delayed. Please show some remedies.

    • Dear Venkat
      You have Kaala sarpa dosham and are manglik but has been nullified. Even the mangal dosha is nullifed you find obstacles in your marriage.
      You must perform Kaala sarpa dosha pooja regularly once in every year without stopping to pacify malefic Rahu and kethu in any temple like Kalahsthi or Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near Vijayawada. Once you do the pooja at Kalahasthi and then at Mopi Devi temple. Where ever you do the pooja remember to do a simple Ganesha pooja first and then do the parihara pooja. then only it is said to be fruitful and complete.
      At Home
      First start with prayers to Lord Ganesha (recite his nama manthra for 108 times) then to Lord Subrahmanya (adhipathi for Lord Rahu, recite Skhandha Shashti kavacham or any other sthothram) and Lord Hanuman (reciting Hanuman chaleesha or the nama manthra of Llord Rama or his bhajans). Remember while praying Lord Hanuman you must not eat non veg and no alcohol. Daily visit Hanuman jee temple and have his tilak on your forehead.
      Daily you do the prayers to all the gods said above one by one.
      Praying Lord Hanuman is fruitful for both Kaala sarpa dosha and Mangal dosha. So do worship him and the each and every gods for your well ness.
      For more remedies you may visit –

      Namah Shivaya

  33. Hi sir namasthe my name is Shailaja date of birth 12.08.1986 so exact time telidhu morning early hours between 4 to any work is not at all happening.job wise also difficulties any pooja to do. Waiting for your reply sir.

    • Dear Shailaja
      Wake up early morning 3.30 am during this month – Dhanurmasam. Prepare jaggery pongal and offer it ot lord Vishnu. Offer flowers, incense, pongal, fruits, etc,.
      You must Start and finish the pooja by 04.00 – 05.30 am.
      Recite vishnu Sahasranama stothram.
      This is more beneficial for prosperity of your family. Puranas says that one early morning pooja of dhanurmasa is equal to 1000 year pooja. but only thing is that you need to please the lord with your prayers.
      Worship Lord Ganesha by reciting
      OM GHEEM GHOOM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH SWAHA or OM GHAM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA for 108 days. This also works to get a good or desired job too.
      Start to recite this Monday on a fine Wednesday.
      Wear yellow clothes.
      Lit a ghee lamp. Place before Lord Ganesha.
      Offer flowers, few bananas, 3 betel leaves with 2 nuts.
      Sit on a small wooden stool covered with white cloth.
      Recite the manthra.
      Also worship of Lord Hanuman benefits you. So worship the lord daily or every Tuesday and Saturday.
      Worship Lord Venkateshwara on every Saturday and make your request.
      Namah Shivaya

  34. Hi sir!my name is srikanth date of birth November 9 1989 I am not getting good job..unable to concentrate and na work difficulties are also there no proper job.suggest me any pooja in mopidevi temple sir.waiting for your reply.

    • Dear Srikanth
      There is not Naaga dosham in your horoscope. Mars Dosha is nullified but may give obstacles for your marriage.
      You may get tie up with a girl at the age of 28 yrs (apprx).
      First worship Lord Ganesha by reciting OM GHEEM GHOOM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH SWAHA or OM GHAM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA for 108 days. This also works to get a good or desired job too.
      Then worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or the nama manthra or bhajans of Lord Rama. Omit not veg and alcohol during his worship. Regularly visit his temple also.
      Circumnavigate Navagrahas on ever Saturday regularly.
      Since there is no rahu kethu pooja there is no pooja that you can perform at Mopi devi temple. But if you want to do Rahu kethu for a precautionary wellness then you can do it as it not a flaw. Do the parihara pooja on a Shashti thithi. Do a simple Ganehsa before attending the parihara pooja to get complete gains.
      To get a good or desired job just worship Lord Ganehs by reciting for 108 times as I said above.
      Namah Shivaya

  35. Sir my name is L Vishnu vardhan
    DOB : 24-09-1984
    TOB: 22:10
    Place of birth : Eluru
    With very difficulty i have got a bank job sir and iam on probation yet to get confirmation
    I have performed rahu kethu puja in sri kalahasti one year back and planning to visit Mopidevi temple on 24-12-2016
    What pujas needs to be performed for marriage and job probation completion and for confirmation sir

    • Dear L Vishnu vardhan
      Just keep on performing the Rahu kethu pooja every year is enough, on a Shashti thithi rahu kalam time which is more beneficial to pacify the malefic planets. Do a simple Ganesha pooja *(must) before performing the parihara pooja.
      Worship of Lord Ganesha (by reciting OM GHAM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH for 108 times), Subrahmanya (Skhandha shashti kavacham on every tuesday) and Hanuman (Hanuman chaleesha) is must daily. Recite there respective manthra.
      Do not eat non veg and drink alcohol during worship of Lord Hanuman.
      Every Saturday circumnavigate the Navagrahas. Do not stop this procedure.
      Also recite the Rahu manthram for 108 times daily or every Saturday in the morning.
      Namah Shivaya

  36. Hi Sir,

    My name is Srikanth

    DOB : 26/05/1986
    Time: 2.32 PM
    POB: Hyderabad

    Facing problem in job and also marriage is not getting settled ,Please let me know is there any pooja i need to perform or any dhosam is there.

    Thanks in advance


    • Dear Srikanth
      Rahu and kethu are not well placed.
      So do kaala Sarpa dosham in Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near Vijayawada or in Sri Kalahasthi on a sashti thithi. Do a simple Ganesha pooja before attending the parihara pooja as it is must.
      Always start worship with Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya (daily or every tuesday) and finish with Hanuman (daily or every Tuesday and Saturday). While praying Lord Hanuman do not eat nonveg and drink alcohol. You should be very humble.
      Circumnavigate the Navagrahas on ever Saturday regularly. Offer some blue flowers to Rahu and til.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Thanks you SIR … this must we need to do kaala sarpa dosham pooja(in month of oct i already did rahu/kethu pooja in kalahasthi temple can i do again in this mopi devi temple ) on sashti thithi or any other is also fine …Planing to go Mopi Devi temple on 27 or 28th DEC


        • Dear Srikanth
          Need not do the pooja this month as you have already done it during october. Six months gap should be there. Remember to do the Ganehsa pooja before parihara pooja for fulfilment.
          Namah Shivaya

  37. Hi Sir,

    Na peru Subramanyeswara Rao naku job ravadam ledu naku ami anna dosalu vunte vati pariharani ki ami anna poojalu suggest cheyya gala ra

    Name: Mareedu Subramanyeswara Rao.
    Time:8:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M(Exact time theliyadu sir)
    Place of birth:Gudivada

    • Dear Subramanyeswara Rao
      You have Kujha dosha placed in 2nd house. So you will have obstacles in your professional ends as well as delay in marriage or troublesome married life due to financial problems.
      Doing Rahu Kethu pooja is also good for your. Do a simple Ganesha pooja and then go to do the parihara pooja.
      Since Lord Saturn is placed in Lagna you need to stop eating non veg and no to alcohol and live a fair life. What ever mistakes you do you will be punished by the lord as soon as possible.
      Start your day with Lord Ganesha Aaradhana and then with as below.
      You should daily worship Lord Hanuman and visit his temple. Have his kesar nama or tilak on your forehead daily. Do Rama Bhajans. This Lord will also help you in getting a good job when you please him with your prayers and bhajans.
      Recite Subrahmanya sthothram or Skhandha Shasthi kavacham daily or every tuesday.
      Circumnavigate Navagrahas on every Saturdays.
      Feed monkeys with bananas when ever possible in any Hanuman temple or elsewhere.
      Namah Shivaya

  38. Naa Peru rakesh,DOB 04-02-1989,time-00:35,place of birth-miryala guda,suryapet dist,Telangana..2011 nundi government job kosam try chestuna,inthavaraku raledu,mokkani devudu ledu,aa devudini korukunna Naku varam ivvadam ledu,cheyani Pooja ledu,kontha mandi jyothishyulu kuda Nannu mosamchesi dabbu dochukunnaru,naaku opika nashinchindi,em cheyali paalupotledu

    • Dear Rakesh
      We do not give predictions about job astrology, we give only about any dosha presence in the natal chart and remedies for it.
      You have Mars in 7th house and hence Kujha dosha. Mars is a bad planet for your and hence give troubles.
      First daily worship Lord Ganesha by reciting his nama manthra for 108 times.
      So worship Lord Hanuman daily by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or any bhajans of Lord Rama. If you get his blessings then you can escape from your problems.
      Namah Shivaya

  39. Namaskaram Peru rakesh,DOB 04-02-1989,I was born in miryalaguda,Naku ippativaraku aa job raledu,govt job kosam try chestuna,kuja dhoshm Puja kuda cheincham,but no use..when I will get the govt job,what can I do..please tell sir..

    • Dear Rakesh
      Sorry to say that we do not do such analysis. Also you have not mentioned your time of birth to give the dosha and for any basic prediction.
      Worship lord Hanuman regularly this will help you.
      Namah Shivaya

      • dear sir.. my name is Rampally Shruthi DOB..15/4/1994 TIME 8:23PM.. I Did kala sarpa dosha puja at shiva temple.. now my concern is my health is not good all the time and is there any problem in my astrology?? and can you please tell when my marriage time whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage??

        Thank you sir

        • Dear Shruthi
          Rahu is posited in Lagna and Kethu in 7th house are both in malefic. It effects your health to some extent.
          Doing once the kaala sarpa dosha pooja is not that will reduce the negative power of the planet. You need to keep on doing the parihara pooja every year. Doing the pooja on a sashti thithi rahu kaala time gives good result. Also you should start the parihara first done with a simple Ganesha pooja for completeness.
          At present you are in the Rahu maha dasha.
          Recite Skhandha sashti kavacha daily (for good result) or every Tuesday with fasting.
          To overcome from negative effects of Rahu during this dasha, Shruthi, chant durga Stotra or rahu mantra daily.
          If you could not go and do the rahu kethu pooja every year then visit naaga devatha temples on every Tuesday rahu kalam time and make your request as much as ardently you can.
          Daily do some pooja for Lord Subrahmanya, Goddess Durga devi, Hanuman and Kaala bhairava.
          Possibilities to get marry at the age of 27 Shruthi.
          Namah Shivaya

  40. Sir
    I am Deepthy
    DOB 26/08/1985
    POB bellow
    Star purvashada
    Married and one daughter
    Sir I am facing financial problems since years. I visited mopidevi temple also. Many dependencies are there on me.
    Can you please tell me if any remedy or pooja to do to come out of financial tension . I literally feeling to die as I am not able to manage these financial problems.

    • Dear Deepthy
      There is no time and place of birth and send it clearly. Doing the parihara pooja for once how can we get the mercy of the lord or could pacify the malefic planet. We need to do the pooja or regular worship is required at home at least. Send your details and along with your husband also.
      Namah Shivaya

  41. good afternoon sir ,
    my date of birth is 24 -09-1992
    time 00:15 am , day :thursday
    my nakshatra is aslesha 4th padam ,
    i am having heath problems regarding pregnancy , financial problems ,family problems .which pooja i have to do so that my life will be good and get rid of all these problems.
    please tell me

    • Dear Sindhu
      All the major planets are malefic. Rahu is posited in 7th house and Kethu in 1st house along with Mars – Naaga dosham. This native will suffer with every problems.
      Doing Kaala sarpa dosha pooja is the only solution. Offer a simple Ganesha pooja before going to attend the parihara pooja. you should do this pooja every year or once in every six months.
      Always do the parihara pooja on Aslesha thithi only for good result.
      Regularly daily worship Lord Subrahmanya by reciting his sthothrams or every Tuesday offering a fast and do visit Naaga devatha temple on ever Tuesday and offer lemon shell lamp during the rahu kalam.
      Place a kesariya Ganapathy idol in your pooja room and recite his naama manthra for 108 times daily in the early morning. Then recite Gayathri manthra also after that for 108 times daily.
      Also need to analyse you marriage compatibility strength for a baby and health and wealth.
      Namah Shivaya

  42. Name: Gnana Radhika
    Dob: 21-12-1991
    Evening: 9:30to9:50
    POB: Vijayawada
    Star: Aarudra
    Sir please tell me any dosham in my jatakam

    • Dear Radhika
      Saturn in 6th house and Mars & Mercury is also not a good placement. Hence may give adverse effect on the natives deeds.
      Rahu at 5th house may effect you conjugal life. It is said to be Naaga dosham and hence do Rahu Kethu pooja and regular visit and worship of Naaga devathas on every Tuesday at rahu kaala or in the morning or in evening pradosha kaal (05.30 – 06.30 pm).
      Mars may give problems in getting marriage or after marriage. So need to perform Kumbha vivah (if not married) or regular worship of kesariya ido of Lord Ganesh daily in your home itself by reciting his naama manthra for 108 times.
      Match your horoscope precisely for a smooth conjugal life.
      About career also you may find diffulties as Saturn is malefic. Regularly worship Lord Haanuman daily or on every Tuesday and Saturday by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or bhajans of Lord Rama. This works for all the above dsaid doshas.
      Recite Subrahmanya sthothram or skandha sashti kavacham daily of every Tuesday.
      Perform the rahu kethu pooja at Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near vijayawada. But give a gap of six months to perforn rahu kethu pooja for the second time.
      Namah Shivaya

  43. Dear Sir,
    I have kuja dosha in my jathakam. I am good and sincere person in any work but I lost many valuable things what i need in my life. I am 27 years old. I loved a girl sincerely and I am willing to marry her but Right now My situation is that I may lost my expected life partner due to kuja dosham. can I get solution for kuja dosham?
    Please respond me to my request. Thanks

    • Dear Eshwarr
      Mars is a planet which makes the native keep away from people. Particularly in the matter of marriage / love, it wont allow you to get near to your loved ones. Some how it makes you separate only.
      If the girls is also having Mars / Kujha dosha then only the dosha will be nullified, otherwise very less chances of unifying or if married may lead to divorce or an unhappy married life.
      So need to check both of your horoscopes for compatibility. Marriage also depends on the couple compatibility strength. If it low or nill possibilities will be low or nill, like that. On seeing the compatibility strength also we can know about the possibility whether you can get marry or if married what sort of issues may arise, etc. Then only we can suggest you remedies.
      After marriage it makes couples to quarrel – boy or girl for nothing or due to some reason. It is unavoidable. It happens.
      ONLY THING that you can do is that worshipping and believe in God. You must pacify the Malefic Mars planet with your prayers. Or you need to use your ultimate knowledge.
      Worship Lord Ganesha by reciting OM GHAM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH or any other naama of the lord for 108 times daily. Then recite the Hanuman chaleesha or any Rama bhajan dedicating to Lord Hanuman daily (for good and fast result) or on every Tuesday and Saturday. To control all the Navagraha, recite Gayathri manthra daily for 108 times. This will protect you from the malefic planets and then proceed with what you want ot do with clear confidence that you can do anything. You can win with your knowledge and presence of mind at times when god leaves you.
      Best temples to visit and worship – Vaitheeshwaran temple in TN. To wipe out the Kujha dosha. 2. Sri Kalyana Venkatehwara Swamy temple, near Chandra giri, Tiurpathy, AP. Visiting this temple and perform Kalyanam for the lord also believed to be blessed to get relief from the obstacles in your marriage. You may also visti and perform the pooja over here.
      Remember first to check the marriage compatibility test and then proceed for any decision and get ready for the Natures reality.
      Namah Shivaya

  44. Phanidhar .Nellore

    Dear sir,
    Iam suffering kalasarpa and kuja dhosha my date of birth 11-02-2979,
    Evening 5:30pm place Nellore. Please tel me how to slove my dhosha nivarana iam married and one daughter.

    • Dear Phanindhar
      No kaala sarpa dosham but since Rahu and Saturn are posited in 2nd house it is malefic. Because of this placement you are getting troubles.
      Do Kaala sarpa dosha pooja in Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near Vijayawada. Before starting this parihara pooja you must do the Ganesha pooja which is must for fulfillment.
      Also regularly worship Lord Subrahmanya daily or every Tuesday by reciting his sthothram or kavacham.
      Also regularly make navagraha pradhakshina on every Saturday and offer thil abhishekam once in a month or when ever possible. This is for Saturn Lord.
      Worship of Lord Hanuman will also help you from both the dosha. So recite Raham bhajans daily or on every Saturday.
      Namah Shivaya

  45. My name is Divya Naga Jyothi,D. O.b21-01-1991,early morning 1-20,at peddapuram, my husband name is venkata nagendra Kumar,d. O.b is 31-07-1984,7-30a.m, at kakinada, ma marriage ayyi 3years avuthundhi, may I have any solution for children,i have used so many medicine, maa jaathakam lo adhinaa dhosham unte parihaaram theliajeyagalaru

    • Dear Divya Naga Jyothi
      You have Kujha dosham. Also Rahu and Kethu are malefic.
      Your husband is also having Kujha dosham. Also both Rahu and Kethu are malefic.
      Since both have Kujha dosham and both Rahu and Kethu are malefic the dosha should be nullified. But in some cases they wont and shoud impact in the natices life.
      About Marriage Compatibility – 5.5 out of 10 matchings, so it is just madhyama. Its is average.
      Coming to your puthra labham – the strength is low and you need to strengthen it by strong worship and making yourself (both) understand each other in deep. Since some matchings are favouring your couple you will get a child by hard devoted worship to make pacify Rahu Kethu and Mars.
      First pacify your Mars planet by –
      Worship Kesariya Ganapathi daily – install a small idol in your pooja room and do pooja and worship him by reciting any of his sthothram or his nama “OM GHAM GHAM GANAADHIPATHAYE NAMAH” etc for 108 times in the morning as much as early before sunrise.
      Then worship of Lord Subrahmanya daily or every Tuesday by reciting Subrahmanya Sthothram or Skandha Shashti kavacham. Do a fasting on every Tuesday if your physic suits only. This lord grants a good child if your prayers reach.
      And Lord Hanuman – for good physical strength and concentration. Recite Hanuman chaleesha daily or on every Tuesday and Saturday. Also you can recite the Bhajans or nama of Lord Rama.
      Both of you should do Rahu Kethu pooja with all of your family member present in the temple once or twice (six months gap) in a year regularly without halting since you have such malefic power on you.
      Do the parihara pooja Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near Vijayawada – think near for your place. Here you need to reach the temple place the day before evening – stay there for the night and perform the pooja in the next day rahu kalam time. Make your request ardently before the lord. Since he is the Adhipathy for Lord Rahu he will make it removed, when your prayers reaches him. Plan and visit this temple by contacting the temple authority or for once you visit casually, speak about the parihara pooja and then do it.
      The other temple is Sri Kalahasthi – here also you can do the pooja as it is a famous temple. Here Lord Rahu is upholded in the Kavacha of the lord, it gains more predominance for this worship.
      Procedure: First place two naaga (hoods) idols and one full naaga idol made of silver in a normal or silver plate. Perform one glass of Milk abhishekam and normal deepa aradhana, recite the rahu manthram for 108 times, 1on every Tuesday and Saturday rahu kalam time for 18 weels and go to the temple and perform the Rahu kethu pooja on a shashti thithi or any Tuesday rahu kalam time. You can offer blue flowers for the lord if possible.
      You Mrs. Naaga jyothi recite Gayathri Manthra daily or on every Tuesday and Friday for your family protection and from Navagraha.
      Spend one hour early in the morning before sun rise and do the poojas as much as ardently you can.
      May god bless you with a child soon.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • Swamy my name rajamohan reddy nov 20 accident ayindi na jathakam prakaram munduga subramanya swamy abishekam cheinchukunte jaccident jarigedi kadu annaru na name meda abishekam cheyndi swami please

      • Dear Rajamohan
        Meeu Mee jathamlo sarpa / kujha dosham mariyu pariharamu chebuthamu anthe thappa verokari kosam poojalu / abhishekaalu cheyamu. Kshaminchandi.
        Meeru ekkada vunnaro post chesthe meemu me dhaggarlo vunna pracheena subrahmanya swami dhevalayamulanu chebuthamu. Mere velli cheyinchu kovali leka me thalli thandrulanu pampandi.
        Namah Shivaya.

  46. Hi Sir,

    I want to get married with the desired person how to full fill it. Right now my parents are not agreeing. We are into 6 years relationship.

    My DOB is 01/May 1989
    TOB is 12:57 pm
    Place of birth is Repalle


    • Dear Sukumar
      We can’t give details about your question since we wont analyse the love astrology, we can just give the compatibility report of both of your horoscopes whether you can live a happy life or not, possinility of a good matching or what, etc,. we regret for,,,,,.
      About your dosha – you have Mangal dosha and hence you will get delay or problem in marriage.
      So taking this into consideration there are less chances since Mars is a planet who makes the native away from people.
      Two worship remedies are
      One is regularly worship Lord Ganesha by reciting his manthras like ‘OM GHAM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA’, ‘OM VIGNANADHAYA NAMAHA’ for 108 times in the morning. AND
      Worship Lord Hanuman daily by reciting the NAMA of Lord Rama and his bhajan or Hanuman chaleesha and visit his temple. Always have his thilak on your forehead in the morning and evening.
      You can also do the Rahu kethu pooja on a Shashti Thiti or any Tuesday rahu kalam. Do Ganesha pooja before attending the Parihara pooja. This pooja is beneficial for you.
      Namah Shivaya

  47. sir na peru nagalakshmi nadi anuradha nakshtram matches chustunaru edi set avatla so daniki em cheyalo chepandi e pooja cheinchukovali

    • Dear Nagalakshmi
      Mee date / place & time of birth pampithe meemu first dosham vundha ledha chusi ye pariharam, poojalu cheyalo chebuthamu.
      Vutthiga cheppalante adhi yentha varaku palitham chooputhundho theliyadhu kadha. Velaithe pampndi, choosi chebuthamu.
      Namah Shivaya

  48. Sir I have kalasarpadosha and kujadosha and pitrudosha which kind of puja perform in mopidevi temple can I do naga prathista there please send dittails regarding expenses.I am 38 years of age I am not married yet

    • Dear Ratnakar Rao,
      Yes you can install the Naga idol in mopidevi temple.
      You also perform the Kaala sarpa dosha puja regularly once or twice (once in every six months only) in a year to see the best result.
      Do the Rudhra Abhishekam at kalahasthi or Milk abhishekam at Thirunageshwaram or to rahu baghawan in the navagrahas in temples nearby your home on any rahu kalam time.
      Also worship of Lord Subrahmanya is must for rahu dosha by reciting his sthothram on every Tuesday.
      For kujha dosha you need to worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha on every Tuesday and Saturday and visit his temple. Believe him and worship him ardently and the hurdles for your marriage may be removed according to your ardency of worship you pay.
      For the pithru dosha you can do the kaala sarpa dosha puja. And the remedy is just donate food to older people and get blessing from them regularly accoding to your financial status. Do tharpanam on mahalaya amavasya which come once in a year. It may wipe your dosha (if your ancestors please for your worship).
      About the charges in mopidevi temple, we do not know. Here is the temple number – 08678 257240, you may call and inquire.

      • Sir na peru jyothi. Date of birth is 25.05.1990 tuesday amauasya rojuna putanani ma paremts cheptunaru.Naku kujadosham,nagadosham umdani amtunaru.Nenu e doshalni ela parishkarinchukoualo chepandi.Plz .Same kujadoshamunaualane marage cheskovala..Sir

        • Dear Jyothi
          Avunamma kujha and naaga dosham vunnavaallane chesukunte aa dosham nirviryamavuthundhi. Ala chesinappudu kooda konni samayaallo problems vasthaayi. Thappinchukolemu endhukante adhi mana kharma, thappinchukolemu.
          Kaani kujha dosham 28 samvathsaraala tharuvatha dhaani prabhavamu kontha varakau leka poorthi ga tholagipothundhi.
          Kujha dosham nunchi vimukthi kalagaalante neevy Kumbha vivahamu cheyinchukovamma. E kumbha vivahamu cheyalante mee nivasam dhaggarlo vunna gudi poojari ni adigithe thanu chebuthaaru. Idhi chaala simple. Oka pelli chesinatle e thanthu jaruputhaaru. Ila chesthe ne dosham poyinatle. Kaavuna cheyichuko. Manche jaruguthundi.
          Neevu puttina time mariyu sthalamunu type cheyaledhu kaavuna meemu nee horoscope calculate cheyalemu. Pampithe choosi doshamunaku pariharamu chebuthaamu.
          Naaga doshamunaku rahu kethu pooja regular ga prathi samvathsaramunaku oka saari cheyinchukooka thappadhu. Ala cheyinchukunnavante machidhi.
          Ee dosham vunnavaallaku ibbandenamma. Kaani devuni rooju praardhichu – Ganesha, Subrahmanya swamy mariyu Hanumathuni manthraalanu slokaalanu chadhivi devuni krupa ni pondavante neeku manche jaruguthundi.
          Lord Ganesha – OM GHAM GHAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH – leka inkedhainaa naama manthraanni 108 times chadhuvamma.
          Tharuvatha Lord Subrahmanya swamini – Skhandha sashti kavachamu chadhuvu.
          Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha leka edhaina bajanalu chadhivi prarthana cheyyi.
          Namah Shivaya

          • Sir i am jyothi. Thanq u so much sir meru reply echinamduku. Thank q u sir .. Meru chepinatlu ani chestanu .. A deudikrupakosam ..Nalo oka diryam techimdi sir me reply.. Sir nenu putina time 5.20am, near vijayawada.. E roju mopideui subrahmanyeswari swamy darsnam cheskunanu sir.. A deudu me dvara naku doshapariharanki koni remedies cheparu .. Thanku sir

            • Dear Jyothi
              You have Shankhachooda Kaala Sarpa dosham. Due to this dosham you may have problems with father, heavy bad luck etc..
              Kujha dosha chaala thakkuva adhi kooda Shukra kundali lo ne vundhi kabatti
              Meeku pelli avakasaalu 29 samvathsaralu vundi.
              Perform the rahu kethu pooja once in every year. Remember to start with ganesha pooja.
              Offer lemon shell lamp during Tuesday rahu kalam time. Continous ga deepam pettandi.
              Worship Lord Durga on every Tuesday and Friday or daily.
              Also worship Lord Subrahmanya since he is the adhipathi for Lord rahu. So regularly do the parihara pooja in mopidevi temples itself.
              Just believe in god and he will suresly save.
              Namah Shivaya

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