Narayanavaram Sri Sorakayala Swamy Temple | Sorakaya Swami

Sri Sorakayala Swamy temple is in Narayanavaram, Puttur, Chittoor District,  Andhra Pradesh. It is said that the nameless and formless almighty God moves on this earth in the form of a yogi to guide and lead the yearning humanity and provide succour to the deserved ones from distress.

Sri Sorakaya Swami (died 9 August 1902) was The Sage of Narayanavaram, who lived in Narayanavaram from 1875 to 1902. His Sajeeva Samadhi is located at Narayanavaram, right opposite the ancient Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple. Sorakkayala is one of such yogis who came to Narayanavanam on his way back journey from Tirumala. Some say there his name is Ramaswamy and some say that his name is not known to anybody. He used to carry a stick and a pumpkin shell to beg for food and always had two dogs in his shadow. He will give off the food to the dogs and won’t take anything for himself.

He looked like an ordinary beggar but possessed enormous knowledge and cured many diseased people/diseases like leprosy, wounds etc. Just with the neem leaves and turmeric powder, some herbs etc., he eradicated/put an end to the black magic (witches, devils etc) saved the lives of many people who were suffocating so in and around Narayanavanam village. He was an excellent fortune teller. He used to tell the past, present and future of the people who came to/crossed him. Even though he won’t look like an educated person he knew Vedas, epics, Puranas, devotional songs and poems written by the Alwars, Nayanmars etc. and had also preached some to a few devotees. He was so peaceful, kind, loveable towards humans and other living beings. He used to sit before a small fire (which is still burning like the sacred Dhuni at Shiridi Sai Baba Temple) for hours and soothed the hearts of the devotees with/by giving Vibhoothi (holy ash) and also told predictions before the fit only.

Among his followers, Mangamma is the one who attained and possessed power and knowledge from the yogi. She took samadhi on Panchami thidi which comes the day next to Ammavasai (full moon day) in the month of Putattasi Tamil maasam (i.e.Sept-October).

Sorakayala Swamy

The details about his birthplace, caste and creed, names of his father and mother etc. are not known to anybody. Some say that his name is Ramaswamy and he visited Chennai a few times. A temple has been dedicated to him at Purasaiwalkam. He took Jeevasamadhi in the month of August 1902, the 9th day. and in Aadimaasam, Asth Nakshutram, Garuda Panchami day as per Tamil calendar.

The Almighty God lands and moves on this earth to inculcate, educate the morality of the human life values through religious practices, beliefs etc in the form of nameless sages who are known as yogis.

Sri Sorakayala Swamy Temple Address:

Nager Street,
Andhra Pradesh – 517581.

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  • Sri Sorakaayala Swamy is an Avadhoota. As his nature I think that he came from Sri Datta sampradayam.He saved the people from their problems ( physically, morally,and socially ), not only people but also all kinds of ‘jeevaas’ entire his life time. As his interest he took jeevan samadhi. After his jeevan samadhi he works for people to save them as he saved the people before his samadhi.. thank you.