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About Puli Gunteeswara Swamy at PuliGundu

Situated 18 kilometers from Chittoor near Penumur, Puligundu is a double rock mountain 1000 feet above the ground level. It resembles a massive Shiva Lingam when viewed from far. The temple of Puli Gunteeswara Swamy (Lord Shiva) at the base has a very slender peak. On the top of the rock, an Ayyappa temple is being constructed. Climbing up these rocks was very hard till now as no support was available. But now, the Government has helped the tourism department to fix metal ladders at places to help people climb on to the top. Still, it is not very easy to reach the top as the sheerness will surely make people tremble. And it doesn’t end for once as there are minimum 3-4 such points testing your courage. There is a small and thin fence that makes way to move between these two rocks at the top.


During the Makar Sankranthi, on the day of ‘Kanumu’ festival, which comes generally on the January 15th every year, people of nearby villages rush to the temple to perform special pooja. On this special day, the temple gets crowded with numerous devotees, which otherwise has a deserted look for the rest of the year with very less visitors. Adventurous visitors climb the peak to have an out of this world experience. One can get an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding hills. And if you are lucky and the gust of wind is fast blowing on that day, the feeling is just overwhelming.

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Puligundu Address:
Kotturu Village Road,
Chennasamudra Agraharam,
Chittoor District,
Andhra Pradesh 517126.