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Rahu Ketu Pooja, Kala Sarpa Dosha Details at Sri Kalahasti Timings, Benefits and Procedure


Rahu Ketu Poojas are Performed Every day but the best time for the pooja is Rahu Kalam.

Monday – 7.30 am to 9.00 am.
Tuesday – 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm.
Wednesday – 12.00 Noon to 1.30 pm.
Thursday – 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm.
Friday – 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.
Saturday – 9.00 am to 10.30 am.
What is Kala Sarpa Dosha?
Kaala Sarpa Dosh is all about faulty planetary position, with a snake like formation, found in the person’s natal birth chart. In a dosha like this, the planetary positions are such that Rahu (head of the snake) and ketu (tail of the snake) happen to fall on the beginning and end of the formation, respectively. There are many other ways by which Kaaal Sarpa Yoga can be formed, the moon in the eight house of the natal chart being one of the ways. However, there are no rules of thumb to Kaaal Sarpa Dosha and it requires a good astrologer to study the planetary position accurately. The person suffering from Kala Sarpa Yoga finds it difficult life to lead a happy life. He/she suffering from Kala Sarpa Dosha has problems in married life, loss of money and constant health problems. The Dosha can be cured and control by offering prayers to Lord Shiva at some chosen destinations. Srikalahasti is one of them.

Rahu Kethu Pooja / Sarpa dosha / Graha doshas / Sarva doshas Puja

Rahu Ketu Sarpdosha Puja is performed in order to minify ill effects of yoga. Thousands of devotees flock to Srikalahasti to get the desired results through this pooja. Many of these pujas are performed with ascertained results for those who suffer with marital discord, not begetting children, problems in jobs and many long-standing problems. The puja is performed to neutralize the malefic effects of the planets and cut out its negative effect on the life of the individual.

Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarana Puja at Srikalahasti

Charges: Rs 300, 750 and 1500 Tickets are available. 1+1 adult 2 kids are allowed at a time on purchase of one ticket of Sarp Dosh Pooja. Vip Ticket Rs 2500/- 1+2 adults 2 kids are allowed. The charges are inclusive of the puja ingredients. A special rahu ketu pooja can be availed by paying Rs 1500 (excluding the dakshina).

The temple is renowned for the Rahu-Ketu Dosha Nivarana puja; there are hundreds of pooja performed daily. Srikalahasti Temple is mostly recommended for Rahu Ketu Pooja than for normal darshans. As the temple hosts number of different poojas, there are particular counters selling tickets for specific pooja. People must bear in mind that the cost for special pooja is inclusive of puja samagri (puja material).

Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarana puja Charges  / Ticket :

Indian rupee-symbol300, 750, 1500 Rs Tickets are issued 1+1 adult 2 kids are allowed.
Vip Ticket Rs 2500/- 3 adults 2 kids are allowed.

Rahu Ketu Pooja Places:

  1. For 300/- Rs Ticket Rahu Kethu puja will be performed in a huge hall out side the temple premises.
  2. For 750/- Rs Ticket Rahu Ketu pooja will be performed near the main temple premises in an A/C hall which has Siva Sannidhi inside.
  3. For 1500/-Ticket  Rahu Kethu puja will be performed inside the temple premises.
  4. For Rs 2500/ Vip Ticket Rahu Ketu pooja will be performed inside the temple premises.

Puja Samagri : Two metal image of Rahu and Ketu, with the prasadam of Laddu and Vada, flowers (from a different counter), vermillion (sindoor) and turmeric (haldi)

Temple Timing:
Sri Kalahastiswara Swamy Temple will open at 5.30 A.M and will be closed at 8.30 P.M

Never lose your ticket as it is imperative to show whenever asked or till you come out from the Temple.

The Pooja: The Rahu ketu Pooja lasts for 30-40 minutes, and it is always better to get the pooja performed during Rahu kalam. Unlike other pooja that consist of hawan or homa (fire ceremony), the Rahu Ketu Nivran Pooja is all done by chanting mantras for two metallic snake strips that represent Rahu and Ketu. Flowers and vermillion are sprinkled or proffered to the rahu ketu representing metals while the mantra is cantillated to complete the whole puja routine. Mantra recitations are also done in favour of one’s gotra, caste and janma nakshatra. ** No need to discard your cloths or having a bath after the pooja. You can go with the same cloths.

Best Timing to perform Rahu Ketu Pooja :
For Sani Bhagavan Saturdays is the best day

  • For Rahu Ketu Monday is the best day
  • For Dakshina moorthy Thursday is the best day

It is suggested and advised to plan your journey exclusively if going for pooja as it takes fair amount of time for the completion of the same.
Remedies to Remove Shani Dosha
Remedies For Manglik Dosha Or Kujha Dosha

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  1. my name is chiranjeevi and dob is 25-03-1990. morning 9 am, looking for matches since an year nothing is working. Shatabhisha nakshatram 4 paadam, kumbha raasi. birth place pentapadu, west godavari. financial problems also very high, please check and tell what to be done and what are the reasons for issues.

    • Dear Chiranjeevi
      You have Shankhachood kaala sarpa dosham.
      This dosha will create bad luck and troubles in financial matters also.
      Remedy – doing kaala sarpa dosha pooja on a non fasting thithi rahu kaala time. Do archana to Lord Ganesha before going to do the rahu kethu pooja – is MUST.
      For remedies visit our site.
      Om Namah Shivaya


    need to know the matching for marriage.

      • My birth place is bangalore /timings : 4 pm in the evening/born on friday

        His birth place is ottachandram tamil nandu/ timings 8.5 pm in the night / born on wednesday

        • Dear Umadevi
          Umadevi – have Shankhapal kaala sarpa dosh.
          Remedy – rahu kethu pooja every year. You told that did rahu kethu pooja. Verify that you have done – pooja all of your family members and did you do pooja or any archana to Lord Ganesha – if not pooja may not said to be done on completeness.
          Srinivas –
          Mars and Saturn conjunction – He will be ambitious. He is of Aggressive, Quickness, Enthusiasm fellow but saturn doesnot make it happen so easily. After a very hard work and effort only he may achieve. If he feels frustrated then he cannot. He need to cultivate possitive attitude to achieve any tasks.
          Remedy –
          Sincere & ardent worship of Lord Hanuman daily is must. Recite Hanuman chaleesha or any bhajans of lord Rama. Do not drink alcohol and eat non veg. He might get obstacles in his career, or even jobless at times.
          Compatibility –
          Since Kuja Dosham, Papa Samya and Dasa Sandhi are not satisfactory, marriage is not preferable.
          Om Namah Shivaya

          • Tq for the update guruji,

            I myself went to kalahasti for rahu kethu pooja nd my mom was with me bt i alone sat in the pooja,

            Request u to kindly let us know abt our horoscope matching, v both are facing problem to convince his mom due to caste problem, need your help to resolve this issue nd get married soon with parent permissions. terribly need your help guruji,

            Wt is d remedy which can be made to convince his for our marriage.


            • Dear UmaDevi
              Kaala sarpa dosham must be done with all the family members only for best result. If it not possible then do the pooja and let see for the blessings of the lord. Read thoroughly my previous mail / comment reply in our site. We have given clearly both of your matching details. Both having dosham so need to do parihara pooja and wait for the blessing of the lord is what you can do. Any pooja with heart ful, sincerity will be blessed of sure.
              Manthras –
              Recite the below manthra for 108 times daily during the Brahmi Muhurth (early morning) as much as sincere and ardent. Believe in the manthra.
              How to perform this –
              Start to recite the manthra on a Purnima lunar day that falls on a Shukla paksha.
              Stop recite the manthra 5 days before and srart after 5 days of your regular periods.
              First place Lakshmi Narayana Photo in your pooja room.
              Offer white flowers, fruits or curd rice mixed with ginger, pomegranate grapes etc, incense dhoop dheep aarathi.
              Make your request.
              Then recite the manthra for 108 times.
              And again aarathi for the Lakshmi Narayana.
              Recite the below mantra for a month taking the name of the person you wish to attract / control, this will bring that person under your control in a month. This is also to be recited in the early morning.
              Amuli mahamuli chutchassarvasnshetrajenopdravabheya swaha ll अमूली महामुली छुठछससर्वसंक्षेत्रजेनोपद्रवभेय स्वाहा ll
              Both the manthra to be recited with faith on god, then only can be bestowed.
              You can also perform the Swayamvara Parvathi Vrath to get removed your obstacles for / in marriage.
              Om Namah Shivaya

              • Hello Guruji,

                Till now i am suffering from the problem guruji, still his mom s against our love due to caste, when he talks to her about our marriage she s fighting and blackmailing him, need your help to resolve this issue guruji i really need a solution from you, plz help us where his mom should agree, i still have believe in lord shiva hope he will find a solutions in your roop,

                plz help us guruji…..


                • Since kuja dosham, papa samya and dasa sandhi are not satisfactory
                  marriage is not preferable, this was sent by you to us for srinivas name.

                  could you please tel me what is meaning for this…..


                  • Uma
                    If Kujha dosha compatibility is there present in the Lagna kundali then couples may not get marry or if married then chances are there for a divorce. If mangal dosha present in Chandra kundali then just clashes between couples and chances of financial problems etc,.
                    Each planet has got its own dasha period. For ex. Venus 20 yrs, Mercury 17 yrs, Rahu 18 yrs etc. The end period of each dasha is supposed to be not very pleasing. It also depends on the aspect, position and ownership of the planets.
                    If this ending period comes within one year of your marriage then it may bring lots of troubles, obstacles etc. And this is called Dasha Sandhi.
                    And papasamyam also like the same.
                    There are four concepts should be checked which at least 2 or 3 compatibility should be matched that diminishes the effect of the bad or satisfactory one compatibility for a happy conjugal life.
                    May i have given this to srinivas according to the details given by him.
                    Give me some time and i will check when ever i am free. Also post your p/d/t details.


                • Dear Umadevi.C.M
                  Since there is dosh in your chart happening so. Please strongly believe in god and else cant do anything other than that right.
                  See Uma, Lord Ganapathy is the best god of troubleshooter. So just worship him as much as ardent you can with your tears too. Just do this in the early morning.
                  Wake up early in the morning and worship Lord Ganehsa by reciting the below manthra for 108 times with normal pooja procedure daily before sun rise.
                  “Om Shariganeshaam Vidhaneshaam Vivahaahaarthae The Namaha”
                  If your boy friend can recite the below manthra then tell him to recite for 108 times / day for 11 days.
                  He should recite this mantra on the occasion of Diwali or Holi. He must recite this mantra before sun rises.
                  “Thaathou Yaayou Raaampurogmaaiha Shaaaneha
                  Srigaal Maadhayaadhiv Bhaaghaarudhaathi”
                  Try the abvoe manthras and see to the boys mother accepts or not.
                  Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Guruji,




              • Dear Uma Devi
                At present your are in Rahu maha dasha (2007 – aug 2025) – it might be hard time for you. Since you have rahu kethu dosham the malefic effect may be reduced after 2020 or 2022. Performing rahu kethu pooja on regular basis is the best remedy.
                Also recite maha mrithyunjeya manthra for 108 times daily or every Monday during Pradosh kaal.
                Uma, many of your desires gets disturbed because of this placement / dosham. So only thing is that you should keep on doing the rahu kethu pooja on a good thithi and regular worship as i said.
                Srinivas has Pithru dosham and it will disturb ones life in many ways like disturbing education, career, family life or conjugal relationship, child etc,.
                So Srinivas has to perform Shraddha on Chaturthi that falls on a Shukla Paksha during Phalguna. This is as per his date of birth. Also he can perform during the Mahalaya amavasya too if he is unable on the give thithi.
                Srinivas should donate food for older people on every Amavasya and Poornima or when ever possible on regular basis in any old age homes and get blessings from the elders.
                Worship Lord Shiva daily and perform Rudhra abhishekam once in every six months or yearly. Also he can also perform rahu kethu pooja but not compulsors like Pithru doosha pooja.
                If you want to know about the kshethras to perform this pithru dosha pooja i can suggest. You may post your request.
                Do all i have suggested to both of you and seek for the blessings of the lord and goddess.
                Om Namh Shivaya

        • We have send you the details. Please check in your mail or in our website. If not post a comment about confirmation.

    • tq guruji,

      what is meaning of p/d/t details,

      i terribely need your help guruji, i cant forget him that’s why am struggling so much, i believe in god sent n ur roop,

      plz help me to solve the problem where his mom should agree and we should get married with elders permission soon since i dont have time.

      Hopefully waiting for your positive reply guruji.


        • Umadevi. c.m : Bangalore/07.03.1986/4pm/friday

          srinivas.s : ottamchathram tamil nadu/28.02.1990/8.5 pm/wednesday

          we both belong to tamilians


          • Dear Uma Devi
            Give me some time to check as i am busy. As soon a i check about i send you the details.
            Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Hi,
    Iam Ashok Kumar.P need to get married searching bride from 4 years. We recently performed raju ketu pooja also in kalahasthi. Visited each and every temple. But having problems in finding. Iam far away from house. Need to change job and move to native place. My caste is devanga. My details as follows: please suggest remedy to get married as soon as possible.

    Dob: 23 July 1984.
    Time : 8:15 am
    Place Hosur (Tamilnadu)

    • Dear Ashok
      You have Mars placed in 7th house of your chandra kundali and hence it is kujha dosha. Malefic planets such as Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Kethu are helping Mars to create malefic. So its of a high dosha.
      You should marry a girl who is having Mars in 7th house for best and smooth conjugal life. This combination will reduce / nullify the malefic energy.
      One more concept that we need to consider is that Planet Mars also creates more expectation about spouse makes delay in marriage. So we need to compromise with certain limitation but just fix with the astro matchings only which is must.
      Chart indicates your spouse will be of a mature type. You can meet your spouse at your workplace or while travealling to some place /temple /college etc.
      After marriage you can even have powerful struggles and fights with your spouse where both of you or you should be very careful to pacify her inorder for a smooth conjugal life.
      Your age of marriage when checked seems to 38th year. For confimation need to check in depth.
      Remedies: –
      First Kumbha vivaha – Performed as like a marriage to a pot or a banana tree ane is destroyed after a simple ritual which is said to get reduce the malefic of Mars dosha. So do this pooja consulting a marriage purohith.
      Best temple to visit are – Vaitheeshwaran temple – Nagapattinam, Sri Swarnambigai Sametha Swarnapureeswarar Temple, Thenponparappi, Villupuram.
      You need to do the Rahu kethu pooja once in every six months or every year on a Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi rahu kalam or any other non fasting thithis. First you need to do archana to Lord Ganesha which is must. Please check whether you did this pooja when you did the parihara pooja previous as without this pooja rahu kethu pooja is said to be useless.
      Daily worship of Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman. No non veg and alcohol during the worship period.
      Also staying / observing fast on every Sashti thith fasting is suggestible.
      For more remedies pls visit our site.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Ashok
          Mars dosam is still there in 4th place.
          Just follow the remedies as i said before.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Namasthe guruji,
    Name : Venkata sai Krishna
    Dob : 24-08-1997
    Time : 5:10 pm
    Place : Rambadrapuram, Darsi city, PRAKASAM DISTRICT, AP.

    Please check my Jayaram……

        • Dear Venkata Sai
          You may get obstacles in your professional fronts. But if any planets favour the malefic sun, rahu, kethu and Mercury then you can shine well in your profession / job.
          Remedy –
          Rahu kethu pooja should be done on any non fasting thithis. First perform archana to Lord Ganesha and then go to do the parihara pooja – MUST. This has to be done every year.
          At home —
          Recite Adhithya parayanam on every Sunday while sun is rising will help you get good health and hence sharp mind.
          Daily worship Lord Ganesha – any naama manthra for 108 times, Subrahmanya – Subrahmanya Bhuga sthothram or sashti kavacham and Hanuman – recite Hanuman chaleesha or any rama bhajans or every teusdays and Saturdays and visit temple also.
          No non veg and alcohol ever.
          Be an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. Where ever you go have a kesar tilak and start.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  5. Namasthe guruji,
    Name: Lakshmi Srinivasarao
    Dob: 08-Nov-1992
    Time: 7:15pm
    Place: Rambadrapuram, Darsi city, PRAKASAM DISTRICT, AP

    Please check my jathakam….

    • Dear Srinivasarao
      RAHU placement in 7th house is not auspicious and hence need to do rahu kethu pooja. This placement is highly inauspicuous, so need ardent worship of Gods and goddess daily is must.
      Perform rahu kethu pooja on a Shashti thithi or any other non-fasting thithis. Do this parihara pooja once in every year. First do a simple pooja for Lord Ganesha and then proceed to the parihara sthala.
      You can do this pooja at Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple or in Sri Kalahasthi.
      You need to match your horoscope (if not married) properly with a girls horoscope for a happy conjugal life. If married then need to do daily worship of Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman.
      Do not eat non veg and no alcohol wile praying Hanuman ji.
      For more remedies –
      Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Dear Sir,

    Name: Abid Ahamed
    DOB : 29th JUNE, 1981
    Time of Birth : 5:00 AM
    Place of Birth : Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu

    Please let me know if there’s any dosha in my horoscope and if any parikaram required. Thanks.

    • Dear Abid
      You have Kujha – Mars dosha.
      Effects delay in marriage or problematic conjugal life, post marriage financial issues etc.
      Just worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuma chaleesha daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      As per Hindu tradition a Manlik / Mars dosha native, marrying a Manglik person will reduce the effects of the dosha. So proper matching of horoscope is must.
      For financial prosperity – worship Lord Subrahmanya daily or every Tuesday.
      Also result may not come immedietly. It all depend on how sincere and ardent you make your prayers before god.

  7. Namaskaram,

    My Name : Mathiha
    D.o.B : 9th February, 1986
    Birth time : 02:30 AM
    Birth Place: Thenkasi, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu

    Is there any dosha in my horoscope? If so, please suggest remedies. Thanks.

    • Dear Mathiha
      You have Sheshnaag Kaala Sarpa Dosh.
      Possible Effects – more expenses that what you earn, problems with others, health issues.
      Conclusion – need to be very careful with other who you like or dont like.
      Remedy – need to do rahu kethu pooja. Do this pooja on Shashti thithi or any non fasting thithis during rahu kalam or as per your nakshathra if Ashlesha – during ashlesha nakshathra thithi rahu kaala time.
      For remedies –
      Om Namah Shivaya

  8. Hi
    Name: M Varsha Sri
    Date of tiiming: 12:05 PM
    Place: Eluru

    does rahu ketu pooja required as per my date of birth?
    and also please let us know where can i book tickets in online?

    • Dear Varshashri
      Yes have to do the rahu kaala sarpa dosha. Do this pooja on the below mentioned thithis only.
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any AshleshaNakshatra day.
      First do archana to Lord Ganesha before going to the Parihara sthala to do the rahu kethu pooja. This is must.
      Also perforiming the Kumbha vivaha will reduce the malefic effect of Mars in your natal chart. After then you may go for marriage proposals if you are not yet married.
      There is no online booking of tickets at Sri Kalahasthi temple. Reach the temple counter two hours prior to rahu kaala time or apart from the rahu kaala time you can get the ticket as per the crowd. It is an open counter.
      Namah Shivaya

  9. Hi
    Nam: M Varsha Sri
    Timing: 12:25PM
    Place of Birth: Eluru

    Does rahu ketu Pooja required as per my DOB?

    and also please let us know where can i book those tickets in online?

    • Dear Varshashri
      Yes have to do the rahu kaala sarpa dosha. Do this pooja on the below mentioned thithis only.
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any AshleshaNakshatra day.
      First do archana to Lord Ganesha before going to the Parihara sthala to do the rahu kethu pooja. This is must.
      Also perforiming the Kumbha vivaha will reduce the malefic effect of Mars in your natal chart. After then you may go for marriage proposals if you are not yet married.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Hi Thanks
        but my date of timing is wrong.
        can u predict it as per latest timing
        i was born at 12:05 PM

        • Dear Varsha Shri
          Never give wrong time to any astrologer. First confirm and then give them.
          No issues the same details have come up. Please follow as we suggested in our last reply.
          Additionally you need to worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or any naama manthra or Bhajans of Lord Rama. Or every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Visit his temple also.
          Namah Shivaya

  10. k.vinod babu
    D.O.B: 16/07/1993
    TIME: 8:10AM
    hi sir, i’ve recently consulted you here in this site, and i would like to know is there are any GRAHA DOSHAS, please kindly let me know about my marriage and career.

    • i’m not having much finacial support sir and im trying to do LORD SUBRAMANYA vrat on every tuesday, and i got this vrat in a website, and i felt alot of happiness after doing this, and i did ot only one time sir, please kindly see this vrat ebook link below in the website box and please suggest me on which time and thidi is best to do this vratam sir. i need your valuble suggesition sir, im suffering alot from 11 years sir. OM NAMAH SIVAYA

      • Dear Vinod Babu
        My suggestion is that you can worship Lord Subrahmanya on every Tuesdays regularly without stopping is suggestible. There is no need about rules or restrictions to be followed. Just do as you like with sincere, ardent devotion.
        Wake up early morning and finish the pooja before sunrise.
        First recite the slokam given in the file for 108 times. If possible offer 1 each of 108 flowers each time you recite. If you don’t than many flowers you may offer as much as you can.
        Recite in a bit louder with sincere voice.
        Then recite skandha sashti kavacham or any manthras and stay for a fast if possible / when ever you can but required for regular. You can consume milk fruits etc.
        In the evening after sunset pray the lord and eat some thing.
        Practice this – god may soon surely bestows your requests.
        Don’t recite the manthras in low voice or in your mind. Do recite in a bit loud voice only.
        Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Vinod Babu
      Do Kaala sarpa dosha pooja every year. First offer archana to Lord Ganesha and then go to do the parihara pooja.
      Next daily worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman.
      This is more than enough and do the worship sincerely. Leave consuming non veg and alcohol.
      Namah Shivaya

      • thank you so much sir for helping me in this critical situvation, i wish you and your family will always be happy with peace and prosperety


  11. Dear Sir,

    Just a general question for the benefit of readers. For those people who are afflicted by Naga/Kalsarpa dosha, and cant travel/afford (or any reason), to visit Naga sthalams, what simple poojas/,mantras you recommend them.

    Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Mannu
      Regular worship of Lord Shiva, Kaala bhairava, Subrahmanya, and Durga matha is must.
      Place two hoods one is rahu and other is kethu and one more full form of a snake made of silver in a silver plate or any other but new.
      Perform milk abhishekam for the idols – offer blue bell flowers (favourite for rahu) of any other flowers when not available – dhup dheep aarathi and recite the rahu manthra for 108 times. You recite the manthra daily for 108 times and abhishekam on every Saturdays. Follow this regularly without stoping and surely you may pacify the lord very soon. But need to do the pooja sincerely making your request.
      Recite the Rahu stotra:
      Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam
      Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham.
      ONE MORE –
      FOR GIRLS – can offer lemon shell lamp for 21 Tuesdays during rahu kalam time. Doing continuously gives more benefits rather than for a stipulated time.
      Namah Shivaya

  12. hi sir,
    is ketu mahadasa favourable for me?
    which time is favourable for getting job and how will be my marriage life?

    • Dear Harika
      We give only details about presence of some doshas and remedies and prediction about career and married life.
      Also there is no time of birth to check dosha presence.
      You may send time of birth if you want to know the details.
      Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Harika
          No dosha found in your chart but seeing in deep r detailed astro reading is suggestible.
          Worship of Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya, Durga matha and Hanuman is recommended daily or on their respective days.
          Namah Shivaya

  13. Sir, my name is shailaja place of birth – chitradurga d.o.b- dont know time of birth thursday 3AM.
    Please let me is there any disha in my horoscope as my marriage is getting delayed.
    Please suggest me the solution.

  14. Sir name is Raju DOB : 7/6/1984 Time: 8:53 PM . Place of birth: Coimbatore
    Please let me know any dosha present in my horoscope specially related to marriage & career.

    • Dear Raju
      Low Kujha dosha and hence may get obstacles in getting married and about career we do not predict.
      Just worship Lord Ganesha and Hanuman (Hanuman chaleesha manthra) daily or every Tuesday and Saturday and visit his temple. Leave non veg and alcohol during his worship.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Thank you very much sir. Also please let me know if I need to do any rahu ketu shanti puja at kaalahasti to remove obstacles in married life. Some astrologers have predicted pithru dosha for me, due to which I am having these obstacles, request you to let me know if I have that dosha: any remedy/ which temple I should puja for that.

        Thanks for reply.

        • Dear Raju
          Yes you can do rahu kethu pooja at Kalahasthi temple. First offer pooja to Lord Ganesha and then offer Rudhra Abhishekam and then do the Rahu kethu pooja. When you plan to visit just post to us your possible dates and we will check about the thithi and inform you.
          Yes Pithru dosham is there.
          Here are some remedies –
          Perform Shraddh during a dark fortnight – Amavasya falls on a Krishna Paksh in the month of Ashwin / Aswayuja – sept 23 to oct 22, which reaches to the ancestors immediately and their souls will rest in peace.
          Narayana bali pooja can be performed in Kalahasthi. Temple number – 08578 222240. Pls check with the temple officials and then plan.
          Simple way to remove Pitru dosha –
          On any Somwati Amavasya, when the Amavasya is falling on Monday, go to Vishnu or a Shiva temple where there is a Pipal tree. Offer one Yagyopavit to the tree and second Yagyopavit to Lord Vishnu. Then do 108 Parikrama ( move in circles around ) of tree. While doing Parikrama, chant the mantra Om Namo Bhaagvate Vaasudevaay and offer a sweet to the tree with each Parikrama. After finishing the Parikrama, again pray to the Pipal tree and Lord Vishnu and ask forgiveness.
          Pooja at home to remove Pithru dosha –
          Take a brand new Rudraksh Mala to perform this puja. Do not use a mala which was used to chant other mantras. Chant the following mantra for 11 malas daily during the Pitru Paksh.
          This method – if done sincerely gets the blessing of all Pirtu devathas.
          Or you can do the shraddha pooja simple on a Mahalaya amavasya thithi.
          Offer food dhaan to poor people in old age home and get their blessings – benefic you.
          I have given some remedies above and you can choose according to your possibility and do it to get pacify your forefather and blessed to get marry soon.
          Namah Shivaya

          • Thank you very much sir, almost all my doubts are cleared. I will definitely mail you before I plan a trip to kaala hasti. Sir seeing my horoscope please also let me know when is my marriage age seen, my parents/myself are trying for long. Nothing is materializing, so if you could tell me approximate age I will get married, it would be most helpful sir.

            Thank you very much for all suggestions given.


            • Dear Raju

              You are from Coimbatore right then you can do the Rahu kethu pooja at Thirunageshwaram which is Rahu kshethra. And also Rameshwaram is also a nearest place for you and you can do the pooja there also. Kalahasthi is some 530 kms and rameshwaram is only 380 kms only. Tirunageshwaram is 360 kms.

              Your apprx marriage period is 39 year.
              Do the below pooja on every Tuesday by observing a fast and try to please the lord to bestow to clear obstacles for your marriage.
              But first start with a pooja to Lord Ganesha by reciting his naama manthra for 108 times and then do the below worship.
              Sri Subramanya Bhujaga Stotram : This mantra is believed to remove Kuja dosha, delayed marriages, clashes, legal disputes, disturbed married life etc.
              Sthothram –
              Bhajeham kumaram bhavnikumaram galollasiharam
              Namtsya edwiharam, repustomaparam nrusimhavatram
              Sada nirvikaram guham nirvicharam
              Namameesa putraam japashonagatram kuraraatisatrum
              Ruvemdwagni neetram, mahabahrnipatram sivasabjamitramPrabhaswatkaltrayam puranam pavitram
              Aneekarkakoti prabhavasyalamtam manoharimanikya
              Bhooshojwalam tam, sritanamabheestam nisamtam
              Krupavarikallola bhastkataksham varjanmanohariso
              Nambujaksham, prayogapradana pravhaikadaksham baje Kanti kantam parastomarakham
              Sukastoorisimdooraswalllalatamdayapoorna chittammaha Deviputram, raveedoolllasadratna rajatkireetam bhajekreedita Kasagangadikootam
              Sukumdaprasoonavalisobhitamgam saratpoorna chandraprabha Kantikantam, sirisha prasunabhiramam bhavatam bhaje deva Senapatim vallabham tam
              Namah Shivaya

              • Thank you very much sir for all your patient answering of my questions & providing solutions. I will follow your instructions. Sir as you would have seen now I am 33, for 39th year more 6 years are there, is there any remedy for this long period/ Considering slight kuja dosha in my horoscope , is there marriage yoga for me this life, please tell me or is it advisable for me to be single.
                My relatives are settled near Kaalahasti itself, that is why I am planning to do all the three puja in Kaalahasti:
                1. Rahu-Ketu Shanti pooja
                2. Rudrabishekam
                3. Narayana Bali
                Sir, please note my father is paralytic patient he would not be able to accompany me to Kaalahasti. Also presently in my family all my grandparents have passed away except my mother’s mother. I will travel to Kaalahasti only with my mother. So please tell me can I do Bali on behalf of my father for my passed away ancestors (My father being paralytic can’t travel anywhere). If I can do please let me know, the day I should go b/n sep 23-oct 22, the most correct day to do all the three please tell me. I will book ticket accordingly & enquire at temple.
                Thank you very much Sir for your guidance.

                • Dear Raju
                  Please tell your relatives residing over here in Kalahasthi to enquire about your requisites.
                  Or you cantact Mr. Sharma @ 09246997711. He is a temple in Kalahasthi. Also check whether he is working in Kalahasthi temple. You can clarify any doubts with him.
                  You please do the rahu kethu pooja on sashti thithi – check for this thithi – may comes around 24 th of both the months. Confirm and plan.
                  You can go with your mom to attend the Rahu kethu pooja. Remember not to stay in your relative house after perforining the parihara pooja. Also do archan to lord ganesha before parihara pooja.
                  Recite murugan manthra that i send you and Worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha daily or regularly. Believe in him and if pleases for you prayer then you may get marry soon.
                  Namah Shivaya

                  • Thank you very much Sir, for all your patience and helping me with queries. I will surely check above date & do needful. May God bless you for all the help and advice given to me by you I will keep you updated once I complete puja..

                    Thanks and Regards Raju

    • Dear Uthpal Mishra
      Perform raahu kethu pooja on a Sashti thithi. First do archana or just worship that you are going to do the rahu kethu pooja and hence to help you to get it complete – then go the parihara sthala.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya.
      For good Health –
      Worship Lord Shiva daily or every Monday.
      Recite Aditya Hridaya stotra daily or Gayatri Mantra daily.
      Recite Sun’s moola mantra: “Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah for 108 times daily
      You need to do Surya Namaskaram daily for good health since Sun planet is ill placed.
      Namah Shivaya

  15. Hello Sir,

    Myself Suneetha, date of birth 12th Feb 1989, 6.45 pm
    My parents are searching for groom from past 4 year but didn’t got proper groom
    One of the astrologer asked us to visit brahma devalaya, ketu temple, kollur and horanadu.
    Recently we visited all the temples
    Why ther is delay in marriage


    • Dear Suneetha
      You have Naaga Dosham. So need to do kaala sarpa dosha pooja. Do this parihara pooja on a sashti thithi or on a Tuesday rahu kalam time. Offer archana to Lord Ganesha and then go to the parihara sthala.
      For remedies refer our site.
      You approx marriage age is 31 yrs.
      For any thing there is a time to happen. So till that we need to wait. Till that we should worship the lord and apart that we cant do anything.
      Also doing any sort of pooja or parihara pooja for once – how can we should think that the lord blesses us or pacifies. We need to keep on doing the poojas till we see the possitive result or even you can continue after your desire gets accomplished for the betterment further. So keep on doing the poojas.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Hello Sir,

        Thanks for your guidance, we are planning to visit kalahasti, is there any specific timing in the morning that we have to reach before the specific time
        Is naga dosha and kala sarpa dosha both are same?


        • Dear Suneetha
          Please send us the date of your journey to visit the temple and we give the details.
          Kaala sarpa dosha has higher malefic effect on the native than the Naaga / Sarpa dosham. Naaga dosham gives effects on marriage life, delay in marriage, beget a child. Kaala sarpa dosha will makes the native suffer to the pathala or may it raises the native to the skies.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  16. Hello sir,

    My DOB is 12 Feb 1989, 6.45 pm
    From past 4 year my parents are searching for groom
    What is the reason for delay in marriage
    When will I get married


  17. Respected sir
    My name is prabhavathi date of birth :15.09.1985 at 7:30 pm. uttara nakshatra,kanya raashi Can i have build my own home, my work promotion for related pls guide me any dhishas in my horoscope

    • Dear Prabhavathi
      We regret for that we unable give info regarding House yoga or whether you can have a house or not. It need an indepth study of horoscope.
      Our possible info –
      You can build a house having East Face Entrance according to your birth star. Avoid West Entrance.
      You may have some difficult in getting promotion.
      Remedies –
      Do rahu kethu pooja on Sunday rahu kalam time. First do ganesha pooja and then do rahu kethu pooja.
      Daily worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or every Tuesday and Saturdays and visit temple and offer til oil when ever possible for you.
      Circumnavigate Lord Saturn on every Saturday and offer till abhishekam when ever you can.
      Doing the above remedies you can overcome the promotion issues – if you please the lords with your prayers.
      Namah Shivaya

  18. Dear Sir,

    My birth details are as below:
    DOB : 4-August-1970
    Time: 14:55 hours
    Place: Bangalore

    My promotion is getting delayed in my job and also not able to own a home.
    Any doshas in my chart? Please analyse and suggest remedies.

    • Dear Mannu
      No major dosha.
      Saturn in 7th house – professions associated with Saturn, like machinery and iron, will be very profitable and can see good prospects.
      Any how all may not get into such nature of works. Hence do the following remedy and if your prayers pacifies Lord Hanuman then your problems about promotion may be fulfilled.
      Hanuman manthra –
      Recite Hanuman chaleesha daily or every Tuesday and Saturday and visit temple on ever Saturday. Offer till oil to the temple when ever possible for you.
      Chant the below manthra for 108 times daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
      Om Shree Vajradehaya Ramabhakthaya Vayuputhraya Namosthuthe
      Begin chanting this mantra on a Tuesday and you will see amazing results. Chant sitting in front of Lord Hanuman or Rama picture. You can also recite this manthra while circumnavigating the Hanuman temple. For for five rounds.
      Perform til abhishek to Lord Saturn on Saturday. Circumnavigate Shani god on every Saturday.
      Serve Black cows with green grass or donate money to a temple for cow feeding.
      If you could pleas the lord then your problem will surely fulfilled.
      Do not drink alcohol and no non veg while worship
      Namah Shivaya

  19. Hi Team,

    Name: VINUTHA M R
    DOB : 31-MAY-1988
    Time: 10:50 PM

    My Sister’s profile.
    All these years, my parents said DOB is 01-JUNE-1988 and now some time back in some temple they said DOB is incorrect and can’t be 1st JUNE 1988 and then I had to ask my Parents to recall and they just told could be 31st May 1988. Now not sure as to what date is correct but timings is 10:50 PM only. Please help us!

    Issue: About Marriage (trying hard since 3 years but marriage not fixed)

    Now someone asked us to visit Sri Kalahasti Temple. Therefore we are planning to visit shortly.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dear Soumya
      Why don’t you consult the same people again showing this date of birth.
      Need correct date of birth to know about precise birth chart and transit of planets. Without that it is not possible to check astro readings.
      Details as per 31st may 1988 – details follows. No assurance about result.
      Rahu kethu and mars are malefic placed.
      Kaala sarpa dosha pooja at kalahasthi – first do archana to Lord Ganesha and then go to the parihara sthala to perform the parihara pooja. This is must. There is a temple available inside the main temple with priest. Do this pooja on a sashti thithi.
      Other best days are –
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any AshleshaNakshatra day.
      Don’t do the parihara pooja on a fasting thithi like ekadasi etc,.
      Next Kumbha Vivaha – consult a marriage purohith and tell your need to do the kumbha vivaha pooja and he will get it do. Its a simple pooja just like a marriage procedure to reduce the Mars ill effect on the horoscope.
      Next tell your sister worship Lord Subrahmanya and Goddess Durga daily.
      Namah Shivaya

  20. Hi,
    My dob:28/Mar/1990. Time :8:15 am nakshatra: Aswini, Born tamilnadu I am not finding suitable job. Please suggest

    • Dear Charan
      Sorry, we wont check job predictions.
      Best worship Lord Hanuman and Shani god on daily or every Saturday. Recite Hanuman chaleesha and Shani sthothram / Shani Gayathri manthram.
      Lord Hanuman will help you in this desire. So worhship him sincerely. Leave nonveg and alcohol while worship the lord.
      Namah Shivaya

  21. Namaste guruji

    My name is Hariharan Rajesh, dob 16/11/1981,time 4.10pm, birth place: Chennai,
    I’m having problem in job, financially weak and also no child so far. Pls suggest us Pooja to be performed and also any dosha.

    • Dear Hariharan
      You have Shankha pal kaala sarpa dosham.
      Effects – problems with the higher authorities at workplace, conspiracies from his colleagues, hard work may not be recognized for better promothions or increments, some ill health.
      So need to do rahu kethu pooja on an auspicious day not a fasting thithi, every year till problems are solved. First offer archana to Lord Ganesha and then go to do the parihara pooja – is must.
      Remedy – Jaapa of Mahamritunjaya mantra for 108 times daily OR every Monday during the pradosha kaal.
      You can attend the pradosha kaal pooja performed in Shiva Temples or in Suruttupalli Shiva temple.
      Daily at home worship Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman
      Namah Shivaya

      • Thank u guruji we will follow accordingly

        Also currently iam searching job from 3 months so far no jobs let us know Pooja to be performed

        Also astrologer said pithru dosha exist suggest us the remedy and pariharas for my future, Good health and wealth as we suffering from problems on financial

        Suggest us temples,poojas to be visited to overcome doshas and problems

        Thanks in advance

        • Dear Hariharan Rajesh
          Perform Shraddh during dark fortnight – Amavasya that falls during Krishna Paksh in the month of Ashwin / Aswayuja which reaches to the ancestors immediately and their souls comes to rest in peace.
          Or perform Shraddha on a Mahalaya Amavasya thithi.
          When ever possible offer food to old people and get their blessings.
          Namah Shivaya

  22. My dob: is 21/mar/1982. Time:9:05 am birth place : hosur tamilnadu. We as family are 5 members father mother and two younger brothers. We are facing lot of problems in family. My brother is not getting married and younger brother do not have job. All relatives are against us. One person is spreading bade rumors on us and nobody is coming upfront for marriage. Do not know wat to do. Why always truth and good persons always have to suffer. Please suggest the remedy. My brother Namur Ashok Kumar , dob:23/July/1984.

    • Dear Shiva
      No major dosha for you.
      When reading about your problems it seems something like parental curs. Just check whether your father had done or doing regularly the parental rites every year.
      Are you married. Checking your brother horoscopes we cannot say any thing.
      Check for any vaasthu dosha consulting a vaasthu consultant.
      People suffering with problems such as like you are, are suggestible to live in an away place from relatives is beter.
      It may be because of ego matters like your father has three male children – drishti.
      If it is like a parental curse then your father need to do pithru dosha pooja on any amavasya or best is Mahalaya amavasya.
      Other remedies –
      Also your father can do Rahu Kethu pooja at kalahasthi and all of your family members should assemble there in the the temple along with him. At this temple – do Ganesha pooja first and then do the rahu kehtu pooja – is must.
      Perform rudhra abhishekam at Kalahasthi when doing rahu kethu pooja.
      You shiva offer food for elder peoples who are helpless and get blessings form them.
      Donate a cow to a shiva temple, or distribute milk on Mondays when ever possible.
      For your brothers just tell them both to worship Lord Hanuman daily and visit the temple also
      Namah Shivaya

      • Thanks for your suggestion.Will do it.

        Yes got married in 2012. But never stayed together single day.No contact from last 4 years at all. Since, she was never interested in getting married, After marriage she said she does not like me and with friends she used to hide that she got married and she never had respect to my parents even. She removed mangal sutra and used go out. When got to know all these things very disoppointed and lost hope in life and stayed far away. Even they never came.

        • Dear Shiva
          What about your house. Is it your own or rented. Which direction is it. Whose name is in regestration. Your dad or is it a parental property.
          Its looking purely somethinkg like malefic energy being forced on you.
          Daily put a lamp early in the morning before sun rise and in the evening also. If you could light a lamp in the pooja room all the day since from morning till night when you go to bed, it would be more fine.
          Shiva best is just go to some other place and live your life.
          Do your dad had his correct date, time and place of birth.
          Namaha Shivaya.

          • Own house. Direction of house is east facing. It was bought by my father. Registered in fathers name. It is not as per vast. My fathers name is Prakash. Don’t know exactly his date of birth and birth time.All are against and blaming us. We never borrowed money nor cheated anyone. My father helped a lot friends and people. Now they are only spreading bad rumors. But in front they are speaking very good. Because of my marriage my parents and brothers are suffering. Iam the elder for son and want to solve these problems. Nobody in this world should have such problems. My fathers name: K.V. Prakash dob as per records 05/april/1952 and mothers name : swarnalatha. Mothers dob 8/Jan/1965 and time 7:20 am. Please suggest to get rid of all these.

            • Dear Shiva
              Without having a precise birth date and time – if calculated may not give precise details / predictions.
              Based on you problems ¬- it may be due to
              Pithru Dosha or black magic on you or Eye drishti.
              Do as i said in my previous posting. Offering Lamp through out the day (morning till night).
              Worship lord Ganesha (any naama manthra for 108 times), Subrahmanya (skhandha sashti kavacham) and Hanuman (hanuman chaleesha) daily.
              And vaasthu also – without correct time of birth we cannot find the Janma nakshathra to find which face of entrance is good. So better consult a vaasthu expert and come to a conclusion whether the entrance or house vasthu is good or bad or any remedies or alterations to the house needed.
              Or Shiva, just believe in god, worship sincerely and go ahead. Good times always comes in delay only. Also one thing i can – the step of the first daughter in law also changes a house into good or bad. If your problems are form before then just do as i said and seek for the blessings of the lord.
              May God Bless You.
              Namah Shivaya

  23. Hi sir
    Dob: 1-1-1983, 9.30 am.
    Sir i am in stock markets it is better to me.

    • Dear Venkateswarlu
      Stock market is not that much suggestible for you.
      A job is better for you. As investment is not secure for you since some planets are in not a favour position.
      Suitable business – Iron business, tour operator and work related to Gold Saffron selling retail or wholesale.
      Even then if you want to continue in stock markets, daily worsip Lord Ganesha and the Lord Hanuman. Have kesariya tilak before leaving home. Visit Hanuman temple on ever Tuesday and Saturday or Saturday at least.
      What ever a business you do, have an idol of Lord Hanuman in your business place and daily worship him. Offer something to the lord daily at least chocolates.
      Donate food to an very old couples and get their blessings when ever it is possible for you.
      Namah Shivaya

  24. hi sir my name is k.vinod babu, D.O.B is 16/07/1993, 8:10 am bhimavaram, suffering from Rahu mahadasha from 11 years, still facng alot of problems related to health, job and suffering from many insults, please kingly tell me how stop this sir.

    • Dear Vinod
      You need to do Rahu kethu pooja. Do this parihara pooja on a sashti thithi rahu kalam in Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near Vijayawada. Every year you need to do this pooja till the completion of the 18 years. You have still 7 years to go.
      Daily worhisp Lord Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Hanuman by reciting their respective manthra / sthothras.
      Put a flower pot in the east side of your house, eat in the east corner and serve birds in the east direction.
      Recite Rahu Bheej manthra daily for 108 times till you see changes and after changes you continue daily or on every Saturdays.
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam in Kalahasthi. Also perform Pithru dosha poojas if you failed to do this by your father for your forefathers.
      The most important – is if you have a GURU to direct you then you do wonders during this Dasa.
      Need to pacify Lord Rahu with your prayers is the only thing you need to do if you could not afford for all the poojas.
      Namah Shivaya

  25. hi sirji !!!
    my name: kantlam praveen kumar
    location: saroor nagar hyderabad
    Please suggest poja……..

    • Dear Kantlam Praveen Kumar
      Need time of birth also to make the chart.
      Namah Shivaya

  26. Namaste guruji I am balaji from hyderabad .dob 12-02-1978 time 5:30 pm .my father expired ,mother old age housewife , one brother unmarried. I am having own house ( ancestral property). From so manyyears I am thinking to construct house , obstacles are coming not able to construct house .iam the eldest son .my brother is waiting for my marraiage. Pls kindly help me to overcome all problems

    • Dear Balaji
      You have Kujha dosha placed in 1st house may not favours a married life. Gives obstacles in getting married also.
      Best is daily worship Lord Ganesha by reciting any naama manthra for 108 times and Hanuman – Hanuman chaleesha or bhajans of Lord Rama. Offer til oil in any Hanuman temple on Saturday whenever it is possible. Sincere follow up this may be bestowed with no obstacles – if your prayers reaches the lords.
      There seems no major malefic planets except Mars. So try to pacify Mars by regular worship of Lord Ganesha and Hanuman.
      Remedy to remove obstacles in construction of a house – worship Lord Kaala Bhairava by reciting any one of the manthras below –
      Manthra –
      “Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrime Hroum Ksham Kshetrapaalaaya Kaala Bhairavaaya Namaha”
      Kaala Bhairava Gayathri manthra –
      Om Kaalakaalaaya Vidhmahey Kaalaatheethaaya dheemahi Thanno Kaala Bhairava Prachodhayaath.
      Namah Shivaya

  27. Balaji Dob 12-02–1978 time 5:30 pm place hyderabad. Marraiage problem . Can I perform rahuketu pooja

    • Dear Balaji
      Rahu and kethu are not malefic in your natal chart. So not must to do the rahu kethu pooja but if you want to do it then you can do it.
      Problem is with Mars planet – Kujha dosha is present in your chart.
      So best temple to visit and worship is Vaitheeshwaran temple in TN state.
      Daily need to worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha, Rama bhajans etc,.
      Namah Shivaya

  28. Hello Guruji,

    my name is shobha my d.o.b is 01-05-1982 my marriage is getting delayed due to some or other reasons,
    please suggest me some solution, and also when is the best day to perform rahu kethu pooja in the month of may.

    please advice.

    • Dear shobha
      You need to send us the time and place of birth also to make the natal chart to check for presence of dosha.
      Best days to perform rahu kethu pooja for this month May are –
      Amavasya on 25th / Panchami on 30th and Sashti on 31st May.
      Namah Shivaya

  29. My name is Balamurugan, I got married recently.. My DOB is 18th Sep, 1987. I would like know whether raghu kedhu dhosam pooja Mandatory for me.. I’m facing lot of issue in family and uncertainty in my professional life..

    Thanks in advance…

    • Dear Balamurugan
      Please send us Date/Place/Time of birth clearly so that we make the chart to find out presence of dosha.
      Namah Shivaaya

  30. aom namah shivaya,
    My brother is born on 10 jan 1967 in jaipur at 4 am.deaf by ear and cannot speak properly by birth.
    somebody told me to do rahu ketu puja .
    You think it is required to do . can i do it with you by sankalpa . i am very far from your place.
    please advive
    om namahe shivaya

    • Dear Ren
      Yes he can do the rahu kethu poojs since Kethu is in bad house.
      You can do sankalpa. Also by doing once or twice you may not see the result, need to do the parihara pooja yearly
      I can suggest you some poojas that can be done daily in your home. But on behalf of your brother wo will do it. If you post that i will let you know what to do.
      Namah Shivaya

  31. Sir my DOB August 9th 1995 time 7:20 pm anil reddy of Hyderabad! Can I perform Rahu ketu puja alone without the presence of my parents in the puja for my self?

    • Dear Anil
      There is no kaala sarpa or Naaga dosham in your chart. Even then if you want to perform rahu kethu pooja then you can do it. You alone can perform the pooja.
      You have Kujha dosha. Mars in 8th bhava will make the native to act lazy and hence may result in problems in professional fronts. Say no for business as it brings you loses.
      Best remedy is daily worship of Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha. Do not – alcohol and nonveg.
      Namah Shivaya

  32. Hi Sir,
    I want to know whether we can go to Srikalahasthi and Thirupathi at same time. We r planning to visit Srikalahasthi for Naga shanti. In the same time we wish to go to tirupathi. Please guide us.

    • Dear Surya
      First visit and worship Thirumala and then visit Kalahasthi temple, perform rhe parihara pooja and then go straight to home and not any where.
      Need not discard clothes after the parihara pooja at kalahasthi temple.
      Namah Shivaya

      • Hi sir,I am kranthi Kumar my date of birth is not there, I have lot of problems in family, I married on 12 February2012 I have no children my wife name is Neeraja she also don’t know date of birth, please suggest me sir.

        • Dear Kranthi
          Your compatibility seeing just with your name seems good. You are suitable for a cancer rashi and the girl too for that particular only. So good compatible.
          We can give you the remedy only since you both do not have your birth details.
          Perform Sashti vrath starting from Shukla Paksha Sashti thithi and continue till you get a child or you may continue for the well being of your family. You tell your wife to do this and you also cooperate by observing a fast on that day. Consult a Subrahmanya temple priest and follow the simple pooja only. Pray the lord with your tears and make your request for a child ardently. Lord Subrahmanya will surely bestow if you could please him with your prayers.
          If your in AP then you may visit Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple and both perform rahu kethu pooja for once to pacify rahu if any. First do archana saying you gothras to Lord Ganesha and then go to the parihara sthala.
          At this temple place couples who want a child stay for a night and early morning pray the lord to bestow a child. So you also do the same and do the rahu kethu pooja on a sasthi thithi.
          Visit the temple on a Panchami thithi day evening which is a sashti thithi also, stay there and do the pooja next day morning. Regular visit of this temple may also bestow you a child.
          Namah Shivaya

  33. hi sir am Shweta my date of birth 12/1/1990 time 8.55 pm place Gadag karanatak..plz chek my jatak nd tell me which dhosh is there nd which Pooja I can do tell me sir becoz getting marriage soon nd carear next Friday we r coming to Kalahasti so which Pooja I can do sir Rahu ketu or kalasarpa dhosh Pooja or another Pooja plz give me suggestion sir ..nd one more thing my nakashtra is ashlesh any problem in my future life telll me sir….thanku..

    • Dear Shweta
      Do Rahu kethu pooja at Kalahasthi. There is no major dosha that is affecting your marriage proposals. Kujha dosha was there but got nullified.
      For kujha dosha – you do Kumbha vivaha as is said before. And daily worship of Lord Ganesha, Hanuman and Durga matha is must. Your marriage yoga is during your 30th age.
      Friday is not a good day to perform this rahu kethu pooja as it is Vidhiya. Good thithis are on 10th Wednesday May 17 – Pournima (full moon day) and 14th Sunday May 17 – Chavithi, for next week. So plan for those two days and do pooja. Also first do archana to Lord Ganesha (a temple is there inside the main temple), then perform Rudhra Abhishekam and then do rahu kethu pooja during the rahu kalam.
      Plan for you –
      You need to reach the temple ticket counter by early morning 06.00. buy ticket for rudhra abhishekam. After getting the ticket first do archana to Ganesha swamy, then go and do the rudhra abhishekam and next to the rahu kethu pooja. On Wednesday as rahu kalam is starting by 12.03 to 01.39 pm wait till that time and mean while buy ticket for rahu kethu pooja before 11.00 am. Assemble with you father mother and grand parents (if) near the parihara pooja sthala and you do the pooja.
      On Sunday rahu kaalam comes in the evening between 4.51 to 6.26 pm. So in the morning as i said above do the archana to Ganesha and Rudhra abhishekam and stay till evening and do the pooja. Or you can visit other temple like Durgamma Thippa temple, Dhakshina Kaali, Kaala Bhairava temple and other small temples nearby the Kaalahastheeshwara swamy temple. You need to pick an auto to visit Dhakshina Kaali and Kaala Bhairava temple as it some 4 to 5 kms from the main temple.
      Namah Shivaya.

  34. Namste Guruji.I am Rekha Anand.My D/B 19/12/1985.B/T 8.44am.B/P Gadag Karnatk.Anand D/B 21/6/1982.B/T Athani Karnataka. My marriage Date 30/5/2013.sir still my marriage life is not good still my problem was going on court .so I am worried about my life and husband? What is the problem Don’t know sir please advise me..I wanted leading my future life with my husband. What is my carer?About Child?About Job?one more black magic is there now days?all astrologer said black magic effect on your life so this true?or Not if there than Give me solution.. Thank you Guruji…

    • Dear Rekha Anand
      Ghatak Kaala Sarpa dosha is there for you.
      So there will be problems in your marital life and career too. You cannot fix to one job or profession or a troublesome job or profession.
      So do kaala sarpa dosham on a thithi such as sasthi, panchami etc,. First do archana to Lord Ganeshan and the do the parihara pooja. Do this pairhara pooja every year on sashti which is best thithi.
      Also presence of Ghatak Kaala Sarpa Dosham represents or make some of your relatives to do black magic pooja on you. Just check whether there was any marriage proposal that you rejected or ego about your development i mean a good guy that you married causes them feel ego. Finding the person also you can stop the malefic effect on you. To stop this malefic effect daily perform Subrahmanya pooja – recite Skhandha sashti kavacham in your home. Also place some neem leaves in front of your home and while going out have some bunch of fresh neem leaves in your hand bag. This may prevent you from the malefic effect. Apply kumkum or Chandana on your forehead daily instead the plactic stickers.
      At Home – Install a kesariya Ganapathy and idol in your pooja room on a good thithi – recite any of his naama manthra for 108 times and then recite skhandha sashti kavacha and Hanuman chaleesha also. Do this process daily for best result.
      Most effective pooja –
      Check the belwo link for details about Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra pooja and perform which is very effective tha Goddess Parvathi herself did this vrath to get marry Lord Shiva. This pooja removes the distance gap between the couples and makes them unite if your prayers do pleases the lord.
      about a child for you if you unite there are possibilities to get a child. Only thing is that you need to unite.
      Also one more suggestion is that if you remarriage once again if the boy agreed with this then you may get relief from your problems. There is some social incompatibility that can be balanced with mutual understanding. Both of you need to sit and consult / discuss / share about your problems rather than going away seeing your problems. The boy is doing that only.
      Namah Shivaya

  35. Hi sir, my name is RamaKrishna, DOB:7/06/1990. Rahu kethu pooja is good for me? Please tell me which Temple and which pooja is good for me.

  36. namaste sir….my name is Shweta date of birth is 12/1/1990 time 8.55pm Friday place Gadag karanatak…my problem is marriage still nt set the marriage any problem is there in my Jataka please Tel me the solution sir am nt happy …

    • dear Shweta
      no major dosha but your marriage yoga is not yet come. Your expected apprx marriage period is 30.
      Perform Kumba vivaha – replica like a marriage. For details contact a marriage purohith nearby your house. This will remove any unknown kujha dosha.
      For remedies –
      Do the above pooja and your obstacles for marriage if any will be resolved.
      Namah Shivaya

    • Namaste Guruji.I am Reshma.Ravi D/Birth 9/12/1984,5.2am,Haveri.Karnataka. 14/7/1984,4.30-5.30am,Belur Karnataka.My marriage Was 12/4/2012. My problem is we are staying but life is not happy?Still not have children? Tell me About children?Not good Job?So please advise me Guruji…

      • Dear Reshma Ravi
        It is because of you average compatibility – 5.5 out of 10, you are having problems in getting a child and better or good career life.
        Shasti puja is one of the most powerful pujas that helps you conceive a child. Identify the day of Sashti – the sixth day of Krishnapaksha, the dark fortnight of the lunar month to do this puja. It would fall after six days from the purrnima day.
        Reshma, on every Sashti thith observe a whole day fast. Clean your house and do pooja at home. If you have idols of Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya then you can do the pooja at home if not then go to a temple and perform the pooja.
        Pooja – Peform Milk abhishekam to Lord Ganesha and Subrahmanya any where and distribute the prasadh to those who are not in fasting in your home and to others also. You keep some prasadh for you and consume after sunset. After completing the milk abhishekam chant – OM SHARAVANA BHAVAY NAMA for 108 times or Skhandha sashti kavacha.
        Also offer an egg to a snake hill in a Shakthi temple on the same day during rahu kalam time.
        Do this abhishek pooja on every sashti till you get a progeny. If you could please lord Subrahmanya then you will be bestowed with a child. Also tell the lord that you will name his namas.
        You can also do kaala sarpa dosha pooja on a sashti thithi rahu kaala time in Kukke or Ghati Subrahmanya temples. There also you need to offer first simple pooja to Ganesha.
        Namah Shivaya

  37. Rishaba rasi
    Kiruthigai nakshatra
    DOB 11/11/1992

    Need to know wat is the best day for doing ragu kedhu pooja as per my star sign

    • Dear Anitha
      You can do the rahu kethu pooja any non fasting days such as follows –
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any AshleshaNakshatra day.
      Or any Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday rahu kalam time. What ever the day you do as mentioned above do the parihara pooja during the rahu kalam time only for best result.
      First do archana / simple pooja to Lord Ganesha and then go to do the parihara pooja.
      Namah Shivaya

  38. Hi sir,
    This is Madhava, Name : Madhava rao Alla, DOB : 10-07-1986, Time : 6:31pm, Thursday, place of birth : Guntur. Can u please tell me my horoscope..
    Thank u..

    • Dear Madhav Rao
      We give only the presence of any dosha and remedies and not about Astrological readings about future etc,.
      Mars is placed in Lagna and hence you are Manglik (kujha dosham).
      Since the first house represents the house of spouse, and placement of Mars in this house – normally effects the married life like leading to unnecessary conflicts, quarrels etc,. You should be very careful with your emotions.
      Also you must properly match with a girls horoscope, or if the girls is also Manglik the it is fine that will reduce the malefic and makes balance. Otherwise you will lead to unnecessary issues.
      Remedies – refer our site.
      Daily worship of Hanuman is must.
      Doing rahu kethu pooja is also suggestible. Do it on a sashti thithi. First do archana to lord ganesha and the do the rahu kethu pooja for fulfilment.
      Namah Shivaya

  39. Hello Team,

    I am Prashanth from Hyderabad and My date of birth is 19th Jan 1986 and time of birth is 10:30 pm and place of birth is Avadi, Thiruvallur district of Tamilnadu.

    I was told that I have huge impact of Kaala sarpa dosham in my horoscope and I need to perform pooja to Rahu, Ketu and i am visiting Srikalahasthi this weekend for the Kala sarpa dosham puja with my wife. However I want to know if there is any other way that I can do to reduce the effect once I am back to home.

    Can you also please look for any other doshas in my horoscope and provide alternates to reduce the impact on my career and life.


    • Dear Prashanth
      Your dosha – Kulika Kaala Sarpa Dosha – may effects you in the matter of earnings and obstacles in your career too.
      Remedy is – you must and should do the rahu kethu pooja every year for best result. Also doing this pooja for once may not be enough to reduces or pacifies the malefic effect / planet. You must keep on doint the parihara pooja till you see the change.
      Remember to do archana to Lord Ganesha first and then proceed to the parihara sthala to do the pooja. This is must for completeness. Or a simple worship is also enough saying to lord that you are doing for this cause.
      At home –
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha (any naama manthra for 108 times), Subrahmanya (skhandha sashti kavacham) and Hanuman (hanuman chaleesha and any rama bhajanas). This is must to get protection against the malefic planet since Subrahmanya is the lord of Rahu and Hanuman who also controls any sort of malefic planets.
      Also you can recite rahu manthra daily for 108 times.
      Best thithi is Sashti or panchami or Aslesha nakshathra. Next monday that is 01.05.17 is a good doay to perform as it a panchami, so if it is possible you can do the parihara pooja on that day morning rahu kalam.
      Namah Shivaya

  40. DOB 28/06/79
    TOB 4.09am
    POB Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia

    Dear Sir…..Im Hema from malaysia….facing problems after problems in life…..good things always get delayed or never happens many times……enrolled in degree program in 2009 still going on and havent finish…..this is not first time for the academic part as whichever program i enrolled i will end up without completing the program. Besides, no proper job for the past 15 years.

    I always face unnecessary mental tensions for no reasons……..Above all the financial problem is becoming my head breaking issue.

    Have visited few famous temples in Tamil Nadu and others but cant really see solutions…..due to this im losing interest in visiting temples.

    Please let me know which temples i need to really visit to do PARIHARAM as one of my friend ask me to visit Brahmam temple in Trichy to see changes in life and asked me to do Go pooja to see results.

    Please advise…..

    Thank you very much

    • Dear Hema latha
      You have Ghatak Kaala Sarpa Dosha. Effects are problems in you job / business, and hence throwing you into poor financial problems.
      So you need to do Kaala sarpa dosha parihara pooja. Do this parihara pooja on a sashti thithi. Among the sashti thithis during this year, one falls during 25th october 2017 is the best of best. So plan to do this parihara pooja on that day.
      Also Mars in 1st house is not a good position.
      See Hemalatha, this dosha is a severe dosha which lets native to suffer a lot. So need to be very patience till the dosha period is completed or good things happens.
      Only thing that you can do is sincere worship or Gods N Goddess with faith.
      Worship as i said as follows –
      Daily worship Lord Ganesha (any naama manthra for 108 times), Subrahmanya (skhandha sashti kavacham) and Hanuman (hanuman chaleesha and any rama bhajanas). This is must to get protection against the malefic planet since Subrahmanya is the lord of Rahu and Hanuman who also controls any sort of malefic planets.
      Recite the Gayathri Manthra daily for 108 times or on every Tuesday and Friday.
      See Hemalatha, if you could pleases Lord Subrahmanya then no malefic of such (kaala sarpa dosha also) will threaten you. So worship him sincerely with your tears. Worship of Lord Hanuman will also gives protection against the malefic planets *(Mars, Rahu, Saturn) and gives good health and presence.
      You need not go to Brahma temple but can do Go dhaan or Milk dhaan or even Go pooja.
      Keep a bunch of neem leaves always with you (in purse while going out or travelling) or infront of your home. Even a neem tree on the right side of your house and regular worship gives protection – malefic effect.
      God Bless You
      Namah Shivaya

  41. Sir
    Some of my frnds are saying that Saturday is best day for rahu ketu puja , would u plz confirm that plz

    • Dear Kumar
      Saturday is also one of the best day to perform the rahu kethu pooja but it should not be a fasting thithi day right. If it is a fasting thithi day then you shoule not perform the rahu kethu pooja on Saturday.
      Best days to do the rahu Kethu poojs are –
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any AshleshaNakshatra day.
      Sashti thithi is the best thithi to do this parihara pooja when compared to any other thithi.
      Of post your possible dates and i will check about the thithi details.
      Namah Shivaya

  42. Hi, Mallikarjun, dob:21-05-1983. 00:12 am, please tell me any dosham in my kundali, please mention the remedies.


    • Dear Mallikarjuna
      There is no major dosham but since Kethu is placed in 12th house, the possible effects are small disputes family, wasteful Expenditure, sufferings from ill health and ailments, etc,.
      For betterment do Rahu kethu pooja.
      Remedies –
      Remedies at Home –
      Worship Lord Ganesha.
      Recite Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotra.
      Japa of the Ketu beeja mantra: Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah, 7000 times in 40 days.
      Recite the Ketu stotra:
      Palasha pushpa sankaasham taraka graha mastakam
      Roudram roudratmakam ghoram tam ketum Pranamamyaham.
      Namah Shivaya

  43. Hi sir
    My DOB is 14.05.1988 10:45 AM
    My spouse’s DOB is 28.02.1978 night between 12 to 2
    Any dosha we have as we are married for five years but don’t have kids yet
    Please help

    We are planning to perform pooja in May

    Please suggest date and timing

    • Dear Radhika Varma
      Please send your husband name, both of your birth place. Try to send the exact time if possible because with an apprx time planets may changes from one house to another and it does not show the exact and hence we cannot calculate precisely. If you dont know about the exact time we will calculate matching as per your rasi and give you the report.
      Namah Shivaya

  44. Hello Sir,

    My parents don’t know their birth dates and time.
    Can they perform Rahu Ketu pooja, even if they don’t have any dosha? What is the best day and time to perform pooja?


    • Dear Jyothi
      Yes your parents can perform rahu kethu if they want to.
      Best time is rahu kaalam on any day.
      Best days are –
      Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Starsof Rahu and Ketu,Purnima (Full Moon), SuryaGrahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any Ashlesha Nakshatra day.
      Most Auspicious day is Sashti thithi and Ashlesha thithi.
      First tell your parents to perfrom archana to Lord Ganesha and then move towards the parihara sthala to do the parihara pooja for best result.
      For one ticket one can sit and perform the rahu kethu pooja. If both want to do the parihara pooja then need to buy each one ticket for them.
      Presence of whole family is suggestible.
      Go straight back to your home and not to any temple or friends after finishing the pooja.
      Do not make sashtanga namaskaram any where in the temple.
      Do not buy any thing apart from what the temple devasthanam give when you buy the ticket. Dont get fooled with the touts out side the temple who forces you to buy something.
      Namah Shivaya

          • My name is Chandra Mouli, DOB: 23-05-1987, 4.15 to 4.20 PM which pooja is good for me please suggest…

            • Dear Chandra Mouli
              BEST to worship Lord Hanuman daily by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or any naama manthra of Lord Raama and visit his temple daily or every Saturday. Have kesar thilak at home and when & where ever you go. this lord gives protection from Mars, Saturn and Rahu kethu.
              Best temple to visit and worship is Japaali Theertham near Thirumala Srivari Temple, Thirumala.
              Namah Shivaya

  45. Name : Shilpa, dob is 15/11/1988, time is 6.40am, birth place is mysore. Please tell me about marriage life n career.

    • Dear Shilpa
      Delay of marriage seems in your chart.
      Since Mars is placed in the 7th house from Venus will give negative effect on physical compatibility and love between couple.
      So doing some remedies will reduce the bad effect of Kuja dosha. Remedies like Kumbha vivaha ritual, chanting of Kuja mantra for 7000 times, fasting on tuesdays, worshiping lord subrahmanya/ narasimha will reduce negative effect of This dosha. Please note that no remedy will completly nullifies any dosha in our birth chart. These remedies helps in reducing negative effect of Dosha and gives timed marriage and happy married life.
      Rahu kethu pooja is also suggestible for you to do on a Sashti thithi. First do a simple pooja or archana to Lord Ganesha and go the parihara sthala.
      Namah Shivaya

    • Dear Venkata Praneeth
      Sorry Praneeth – we do not give predictions over education and career but any presence of dosha only.
      We give possible reading when we are free. So send time of birth – clarify – is it night or afternoon. 13.07 – comes in the afternoon only but you also mentioned night.
      Namah Shivaya

  46. Hi sir ,Name : tejaswini dob 25-07-1996 . 6am . I want to know about my studies and marriage and my career . I want to get government job . Is there any chance in my life . Thanks in adavance

    • Dear Tejaswini
      We do not give predictions about Studies, career. About marriage life we can give report about marriage compatibility report and remedies for the dosha found in it.
      So sorry for that.
      There is no major doshas in your chart.
      To get a govt job just strongly believe Lord Hanuman and worship him daily or every Saturday by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or any bhajans of Lord Rama. If you could please then the lord control Lord Saturn who is responsible for a desired job to grant your desire done. Also perform til abhishek to lord Saturn on every Saturday and circumnavigate 9 clock and anticlock wise.
      Namah Shivaya

  47. My d.o.b is 13 Feb 1985,6.35 pm, Hyderabad. Please suggest the malific effects in my horoscope and how to rectify

    • Dear Srinidhi
      There is Vasuki Kaala Sarpa Dosham in your natal chart.
      Performing rahu kethu parihara pooja on a sashti thithi is must every year. First perform an archana to Lord Ganesha and then go the parihara sthala.
      You may do this parihara pooja at Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple near Vijayawada or in Sri Kalahasthi.
      Devoted worship and regular parihara pooja only will protect you from the malefic planet.
      Proper matching of Horoscope (if not married) is must for a happy conjugal life.
      For remedies visit our site thoroughly.
      Namah Shivaya

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