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Safe and Memorable Journey are our priorities TTS Executive Officer

1) The IT solutions are to serve the devotees better.
2) To focus on PACs to make sure that they have a single-stop facility.
3) Different plantations and also hanging gardens are enhanced to greenery and aesthetics.

Tirumala 04/10/16: The moving spirit that is behind the landmark happenings within the hoary Vaishnavite temple of Tirumala, Dr. D Sambasiva Rao said that the goal to rework Tirumala into a Vaikuntha on the earth so that devotees can return with an absolutely loaded pious and nonsecular elixir of the Lord Venkateswara Swamy throughout their visit, keeping all their pains, worries and other worldly problems once they come back here.

IT for Transparent Services to Pilgrims:
The IT initiatives are arranged to make the devotees happy and the management has adapted all the facilities including darshan and the accommodation and laddu prasadam and also donations to the TTD trust and other cultural activities and the Vedic scripts digitization for the prosperity and Annamacharya Keertanas and the Alwar Divya Prabandham and many others. Around 3700 Vedic scripts that are holy are digitized besides the rare scripts of Annamacharya which is made to download read and enjoy.

Donor Management Application:
The introduction of the donor management application is unique, the TTD provides all the donors with different schemes and various trusts to provide the donors with a hassle-free service for contributions to the Srivari Temple. The devotees are the major sources and hence they are struggling to provide them all the benefits in all possible ways.

It Ensures Minimal Expenditure:
The IT solutions are helping the devotees to receive quality services at any cost and also save the huge amounts that are being contributed by them in purchases and administration and also in marketing. The auction for the tonsured hair is monthly and the purchase of the commodities on the spice board through the process of e-bidding and even the disposal of the garbage and the hygienic environment on the hills of Tirumala and the purchase of the Jaggery, milk and ghee, rice and other required products from the bidders directly are made possible with the initiatives of the IT, said the Executive Officer.

FoolProof Facilities in PACs:
Coming to the next concept he said that all the PACs are to be maintained with all kinds of equipment that help in avoiding the frauds which will help the devotees in taking the rooms. All the services are taken care of by the management to increase the number of PACs and the entire pilgrim’s visit is taken care of. They are provided with safe and hygienic toilets and all the bathrooms and lockers and the geysers for winter and also the annaprasadams laddu and many others said the Executive Officer.

GO Green Campaign:
To maintain a green and pollution-free environment TTD has launched a campaign for greenery by planting sandalwood trees and red sanders and some trees like Peepal (Raavi) and Banyan (Marri) trees.

TTD also has arranged the hanging gardens that are seen in front of the Srivari Temple and are replicated near the guest houses and other buildings that are in Tirumala.

All these creepers are arranged to soothe the pilgrims, helping relax the stressed pilgrims on their journey to Tirumala Hill.

Sandalwood Plantation in 100 Hectares:
The 12 hectares of Tirumala land is being cultivated with the sandalwood plantation and the management is planning to increase the numbers to 100 hectares. The rituals of the lord need about half a ton of sandalwood. TTD is also supplying 3 lakhs of sandal wood saplings to all the farmers hence promoting the green campaign and also for the people who are interested as Vruksha prasadam. In the plantation of the sandalwood we are looking for becoming Self-reliant, he added.

New Complexes for Pilgrims:
The complex of Shreegra Darshanam is giving good results. The complex of Divya Darshanam is also ready to be operated and then there is going to be a Sarva Darshanam complex, he said.

The efforts made by the TTD to promote the Hindu bhakti culture by continuously streaming the hari keerthanas and the bhajans mandalis an also through other folk performers. We wanted to improve all the bhakti formats and also the promotion of the performances in the state and in the country. The IT tools are being used to promote this culture, he said.

The EO of TTD has explained that they are taking several actions to comfort the devotees in any way. They are planning to make Tirumala the most hygienic and safer and greener place in the world and also the best devotional and spiritual hub.

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