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Shilparamam Dances to a Rhythmic Step of Artists

The HDDP Programs Lure Denizens:

Tirupati 3/10/16: On the part of the brahmotsavas conducted every year that are now started on Tuesday has a special concert that is performed by various artists at Shilparamam in Tirupati which attracted the locals.

The TTD HDDP wing has made arrangements for conducting with different artists at the Annamacharya kalamandiram and Mahati Kalakshetram and also the shilparamam in the eve of the annual brahmotsavas of Tirumala.

In regard to this a dance program that is conducted and performed by Sri C Sri Rammbabu and his amazing troop has attracted all the lovers of art. They have performed the Abhinava Nritya of annamacharya for his 15 songs.
All the officials of TTD attended this.

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