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Home / Hindu Mantras / Ashtottara Shatanamavali / Shri Annapurna Ashtottara Shatanamavali Lyrics in English | 108 Names of Annapurna

Shri Annapurna Ashtottara Shatanamavali Lyrics in English | 108 Names of Annapurna

Goddess Annapurna or Annapoorna Devi is the goddess of food and nourishment in Hindu religion. She is said to be the avatar of the goddess Parvati devi, who is one of the numerous forms of Shakti the wife of Lord Shiva, and is praised in Annada Mangal, a Bengali narrative poem by Bharatchandra Ray.

Akshaya Tritiya is considered the birth date of Annapurna and is believed to be very auspicious to buy gold jewelry. Annapurna Sahasranam is dedicated to the goddess and praises her thousand names, while Annapurna Shatanama Stotram is dedicated to her 108 names. In sanskrit Anna means “food” and purna means “filled completely”. Mount Annapurna, in the Himalayas, is thought to be named after the deity, as it is believed to be one of the daughters of Himavat, the king of the mountains.

Sri Annapurna Devi Ashtottara Shatanamavali English Lyrics:

॥ sriannapurnastottarasatanamavali ॥

॥ sriganesaya Namah ॥

Om Annapurnayai Namah
Om Sivayai Namah
Om Devyai Namah
Om Bhimayai Namah
Om Pustyai Namah
Om Sarasvatyai Namah
Om Sarvajnayai Namah
Om Parvatyai Namah
Om Durgayai Namah
Om Sarvanyai Namah ॥ 10॥

Om Sivavallabhayai Namah
Om Vedavedyayai Namah
Om Mahavidyayai Namah
Om Vidyadatrai Namah
Om Visaradayai Namah
Om Kumaryai Namah
Om Tripurayai Namah
Om Balayai Namah
Om Laksmyai Namah
Om Sriyai Namah ॥ 20॥

Om Bhayaharinai Namah
Om Bhavanyai Namah
Om Visnujananyai Namah
Om Brahmadijananyai Namah
Om Ganesajananyai Namah
Om Saktyai Namah
Om Kumarajananyai Namah
Om Subhayai Namah
Om Bhogapradayai Namah
Om Bhagavatyai Namah ॥ 30॥

Om Bhaktabhistapradayinyai Namah
Om Bhavarogaharayai Namah
Om Bhavyayai Namah
Om Subhrayai Namah
Om Paramamangalayai Namah
Om Bhavanyai Namah
Om Cancalayai Namah
Om Gauryai Namah
Om Carucandrakaladharayai Namah
Om Visalaksyai Namah ॥ 40॥

Om Visvamatre Namah
Om Visvavandyayai Namah
Om Vilasinyai Namah
Om Aryayai Namah
Om Kalyananilayayai Namah
Om Rudranyai Namah
Om Kamalasanayai Namah
Om Subhapradayai Namah
Om Subhavartayai Namah
Om Vrttapinapayodharayai Namah ॥ 50॥

Om Ambayai Namah
Om Samharamathanyai Namah
Om Mrdanyai Namah
Om Sarvamangalayai Namah
Om Visnusamsevitayai Namah
Om Siddhayai Namah
Om Brahmanyai Namah
Om Surasevitayai Namah
Om Paramanandadayai Namah
Om Santyai Namah ॥ 60॥

Om Paramanandarupinyai Namah
Om Paramanandajananyai Namah
Om Parayai Namah
Om Anandapradayinyai Namah
Om Paropakaraniratayai Namah
Om Paramayai Namah
Om Bhaktavatsalayai Namah
Om Purnacandrabhavadanayai Namah
Om Purnacandranibhamsukayai Namah
Om Subhalaksanasampannayai Namah ॥ 70॥

Om Subhanandagunarnavayai Namah
Om Subhasaubhagyanilayayai Namah
Om Subhadayai Namah
Om Ratipriyayai Namah
Om Candikayai Namah
Om Candamathanyai Namah
Om Candadarpanivarinyai Namah
Om Martandanayanayai Namah
Om Sadhvyai Namah
Om Candragninayanayai Namah ॥ 80॥

Om Satyai Namah
Om Pundarikaharayai Namah
Om Purnayai Namah
Om Punyadayai Namah
Om Punyarupinyai Namah
Om Mayatitayai Namah
Om Sresthamayayai Namah
Om Sresthadharmayai Namah
Om Atmavanditayai Namah
Om Asrstyai Namah ॥ 90॥

Om Sangarahitayai Namah
Om Srstihetave Namah
Om Kapardinyai Namah
Om Vrsarudhayai Namah
Om Sulahastayai Namah
Om Sthitisamharakarinyai Namah
Om Mandasmitayai Namah
Om Skandamatre Namah
Om Suddhacittayai Namah
Om Munistutayai Namah ॥ 100॥

Om Mahabhagavatyai Namah
Om Daksayai Namah
Om Daksadhvaravinasinyai Namah
Om Sarvarthadatryai Namah
Om Savitryai Namah
Om Sadasivakutumbinyai Namah
Om Nityasundarasarvangyai Namah
Om Saccidanandalaksanayai Namah
॥ sri annapurnastottarasatanamavalih sampurnam ॥

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