Shri Govindashtakam Lyrics in English

śrīgovindāṣṭakaṃ Lyrics in English:

Sathyam jnanam anantham nithyamanakasam paramakasam,
Goshta prangana ringana lolam anayasam paramayasam,
Maya kalpitha nanakara manakaram bhuvanakaram,
Kshmama nadha manadham, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Mruth sanamathsihethi yasodha thadana shaisava sam thrasam,
Vyadhitha vakthralokitha lokaloka chathurdasa lokaleem,
Loka thrayapura moola sthambham, lokalokamanalokam,
Lokesam paramesam, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Trivishta paripuveeragnam, kshithi bharagnam, bhava rogagnam,
Kaivalyam nava neethaa haara manaahaaram bhuvanaharam,
Vaimalya sphuta chetho vruthi viseshabhaasa manabhasam,
Saivam kevala santham, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Gopalam Leela vigraha gopalam Kula gopalam,
Gopi khelana govardhana dhruthi leela laalitha gopalam,
Gopir nigaditha govinda sphuta naamaanam bahu namananam,
Gopi gochara dhooram, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Gopi mandala goshtee bedham, bhedavastha bhedhabham,
Saswath gokhura nirdhathothkrutha dhooli sara soubhagyam,
Sradha bhakthi grahithananda chinthyam chinthida sadhbhavam,
Chinthamani mahimanam, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Snana kula yoshid vasthra mupadhayaga muparoodam,
Vyadhitsantheeradha digvasthradhy upadathu mupakarshantham,
Nirdhootha dhwaya soka vimoham budham budheranthastham,
Saththa mathra sareeram, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Kantham karana makarana adhi manadhim, kala manabhasam,
Kalindi gatha kaliya sirasi muhur nruthyantham sunruthyantham,
Kalam kalamanatheetham kalithasesham kalidoshagyam,
Kala thraya gatha hethum, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Vrundavana bhuvi vrundharaka gana vrundharadhitha vandeham,
Kundhabamala mandasmera sudhanandam suhrud anandam,
Vandhya sesha maha muni manasa vandhyananda pada dwandwam,
Vandhya sesha gunabdheem, pranamatha govindam paramanandham.

Govindashtakamethad adheeta govindarpitha chethayo,
Govindachyutha madhava vishno, gokula nayaka krushnethi,
Govindangri saroja dhyana sudha jala dhoutha samasthago,
Govindam paramanandam amruthamathastham sa samabhyethi.

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Shri Govindashtakam Meaning:

Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, real, knowledge, infinite, and eternal, who is free from akaùa (and other upadhis), who is the highest light, who was eager as a child to crawl in the cow-pen, who is really free from difficulties, but who appears to be in difficulties (or who is the abode of maya, cause of all), who appears manifold due to maya, who appears as the world, who is the Lord of the earth and Ùri, and who has no Lord to control him.

Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who showed the fear of a child when beaten by Yashoda saying, “You are eating earth”, and in whose opened mouth was seen the row of fourteen worlds, visible and invisible, who is the support of the three worlds (vis., Svarga, prithvi, patala), who is in the form of the worlds, visible and invisible, who cannot be seen, who is the controller of the universe and who is the supreme Lord.

Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who killed the mighty enemies of the Devas and reduced the weight of the world, who removes the disease of birth (from his devotees), who is one, who had butter for his food, though not requiring food at all, who swallowed the world (during pralaya), who shines brilliantly in the pure and clear mental mode, who cannot be revealed by anything else, who adores Ùiva, and who is wholly auspicious.

Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who is the protector of the world, who made his advent in the world as Gopala through his lila, who is the protector of the race (of Yadavas) and of cows, who made the cowherds happy by lifting up through his lila the Govardhana mountain were the gopes used to play, whose name “Govinda” is uttered clearly by the cows (or scriptures), who has may names, and who is beyond the reach of the ignorant.

Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who was present in each of the different groups of gopis, who appears in different forms, who is one and nondual, whose beautiful form was covered by the dust raised always by the hooves of the cows, whose blissful nature is realized by sraddha and bhakti, who is unimaginable, whose existence is known to the wise, and whose greatness is like that of the gem cintamaïi.

Worship Govinda s supreme bliss, who climbed up the tree carrying the clothes of women busily engaged in their bath and who made them come close to him for the purpose of giving the clothes to them who desired to get back their clothes, who is free from duality, grief and delusion, who is wise, who dwells in the intellect, and who is pure-existence.

Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss, who is beautiful, who is the ultimate cause, who is the source of everything, who is without beginning whose colour is like that of the dark cloud, which often danced excessively on the hood of the serpent Kalinde inhabiting the river Kalinde (Yamuna), who manifests as time, who transcends the measures of time, who knows everything, who is the destroyer of the evil of kali, and who is the controller of the motion of the three dimensions of time

Worship Govinda who is supreme bliss who is in the land of Brindavan which is worshipped and saluted by many groups of Gods, whose nectar-bliss of spotless smile resembles kunda flower, who is infinite bliss, whose feet are praised and worshipped by the minds of all great sages adored by all, and who is the ocean of praiseworthy qualities.

He who recites this Govindaauuakam by fixing his mind on Govinda and uttering the names of Govinda, Acyuta, Madhava, Vishnu, Gokulanayaka and Krishna, and gets all his sins washed off by the nectar of meditation on the lotus-feet of Govinda, attains the indwelling Govinda, the nectar of the supreme bliss.