Sri Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple | Sri Chengalraya Swamy Konda

About Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple Chittoor

Sri-Subramanya-Swamy-TempleSri Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple is also known as Sri Chengalraya Swamy Konda which is located on a hill top in greemspet, Chittoor District Andhrapradesh. One has to climb steps to reach the temple. A huge Elephant is installed infront of Sri Subramanya Swamy. Peacock is installed in all other temples, this is the only temple which has elephant is installed infront of Sri Shanmuga Swamy. Puranas says that Indhra has given this iravatham (White Elephant) on the marriage of his daughter Devayani Devi to Lord Muruga as dowry.

On Tuesdays, Powranami (Giri Pradakshina), shasti, Adi Krithika and on Krithika days huge number of devotees gather to worship Shanmuga Swamy.

Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivaranam dosha pooja is performed here.

Other Rahu Ketu Pooja Temples:
1) Sri Naganathaswamy Temple Thirunageswaram, Kumbakonam.
2) Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple In Nellore.
3) Sri Kalahasteeswara Swamy Sri Kalahasti.
4) Japali Anajaney Swamy Temple Tirumala.
5) Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma in Tirupati.
6) Ghati Subramanya Swamy Temple.
7) Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple
8) Nashik Trimbakeshwar Temple

Devotes belief:
Unmarried will get married soon.
Doshams will be cleaned.
Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivaranam.

Distance to Sri Chengalraya Swamy Konda:
575 km from Hyderabad
178 km from Bangalore
159 km from Chennai
1,160 km from Mumbai


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  • hi my name is devi .

    i want to know the details about thipoosa pooja pala bindelu and also the cost of the each binde.
    please send me the details.

  • Exactly where it is located. Please send that details to this mail address. Pallavisridharmadgula

    • Dear Pallavi
      This temple is in chittoor town which is 60 km from Tirupati. From bustand you can find many autos to reach the temple.