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Traditional Sanctorum Cleaning Festival Observed, Koil Alwar a Tirumanjanam

Tirumala: 27/09/2016: On the eve of Lord Venkateswara Swamy Brahmotsavas which is conducted every year are going to be conducted from 3rd October to 11th October, and in the connection the traditional festival of temple cleaning is preformed on Tuesday with the religious pomp on the hill where the shrine is located in Tirumala.

The Significance: in this Jargon of Agama this festival temple cleaning by the devotees which is known as “Koil Alwar a Tirumanjanam” is conducted. This cleaning is done on the roof and the surroundings and the pillars and also the utensils that are used in pooja including the sanctum sanctorum that belongs to the main shrine, later the sub temples are cleaned with a mixture of a paste that is sacred and it is specially made.

Main Deity Covered with Malai Gudaram:
There are many interesting fetes in this and one among them is that the Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy and the deities that are presiding will be covered with a special cloth that is made to prevent any dust or any soot and also any water to fall on them during the cleaning session. This special cloth is called as “Malaigudaram”. The remaining deities are all brought out from the temple along with their vessels and are cleaned at Ghanta Mandapam which is near to Sanctum.
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4 Times in a Year:
The frequency of this fete is four times a year and that to before the yearly Brahmotsavam and then before Vaikuntha Ekadasi and Ugadi and also before Anivara Asthanam. As this is conducted four times the staff and the volunteers will participate and clean this with greater interest and enthusiasm and lots of dedication.

Application of Parimalam:
Once the temple is cleaned and washed with water then the walls and the roofs of the temple along with the pillars are all applied with an aroma spreading paste. This paste is made with paste from sandalwood and camphor and turmeric, vermillion and a special root that is known as Kicchiligadda. This paste will act as a disinfectant other than just emitting aroma.

Arti and Naivedyam:
Once the cleaning process is done and the praimalam is applied then the dried puja vessels and the deities that are taken outside for cleaning are taken back into the sanctum sanctorum and are kept in their positions and then the veil that is covering the main deity and the Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy are stripped and then a special arti and naivedyam were offered to the lord by the temple priests while the veda mantras are chanted in the background.

This completely unique fete will be conducted in the early hours of a day about 6 am to 10 am. Once this fete is completed then the security will allow the devotees for darshanam. People like TTD Chairman Dr Ch Krishna Murthy, the TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao and JEO of Tirumala Sri K.S.Sreenivas Raju and the board members Sri A V Ramana, Sri J Sekhar, Dr Hariprasad, Sri Sampatha Ravinarayana Sri DP Anantha and Sri G Bhanu Prakash Reddy and other officials took a role in this program.koil alwar tirumanhanam-3

Traditional Sanctorum Cleaning Festival Observed, Koil Alwar a Tirumanjanam

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