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TTD Appointed 150 Medical Staff for Service on Garuda Seva Day

Tirumala, 4 October 2016:
The Dr N Vikas, chief medical officer on Garuda Seva Day-7th says they have appointed over 150 medical staff including 35 doctors and 57 Para medical doctors to serve the devotees in the Brahmotsavam.

On Tuesday Dr Vikas speaking to reporters at media centre and informed that they are providing 5 dispensaries and additional 30 beds in all 5 first aid centres at Ashwin hospital for helping the devotees for the sake of Brahmotsavams. On appointing medical officers from SVIMS, BIRRD and district health units for garuda seva day, he said that they are appointed specially for taking care to protect the trekking devotees in all night at medicare.

During Brahmotsavam and particularly on Garuda Seva Day they are providing so many medical facilities for devotees and also there is a provision of blood and surgeries when ever need to protect that there should not be any any serious threat to life in this grand event. The protection is taken especially by Dr M Vikas.

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