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TTD EO Says no SEEGHRA Darshanam on October7TH AND 8TH 2016

Due to Brahmotsavam TTD has cancelled all the privilege darshanams:
Tirumala 27/00/2016: During the Brahmotsavam two main events Garuda seva which is going to be conducted on 7th October Friday and another is Perattasi that is going to be conduted on 8th October Saturday, the TTD has cancelled all the tickets for 300/- seeghra Drashanam for these two auspicious days and on the other days only few limited tickets are issued to the pilgrims as there will be a heavy rush at the time of these brahmotsavas of Tirumala Srivaru which lasts from October 3rd to October 11th said TTD EO Dr Sri D Samba Siva Rao.

Once the meeting with the JEO of Tirumala Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju and the other HODs conducted in the Annamaiah Bhavan situated in Tirumala, then the EO has explained everything to the media about the arrangements for Brahmotsavam.

TTD-EO-Samba-Siva-RaoNo Privilege Darshans:
The EO informed the media that during the nine days of Brahmotsavas there is no previlage darshan for the physically challenged and the senior citizens and infants and their parents. In case of a protocol VIP’s only the VIP break darshan is available but other than that no one is allowed for VIP break darshan, said the EO and he also said that all arrangements are done to make a convenient darshan and vahana drashan to all the pilgrims.

Ban on two Wheeler’s:
On the day of garudaseva all the ghat roads hat lead to the temple and the stair path will be opened for 24 hours for the entry of pilgrims from different places. The entry of any two wheeler vehicle is banned to keep the pilgrims safe, says the official. Repair points are arranged on the ghat road at eight places to repair any breakdown vehicles. So, they can reach that place and help them.

More Trips by APSRTC Buses:
Other than the normal trips by APSRTC they are informed to make 1500 trips which are making a total of 3500 trips per day to avoid any inconvenience to the pilgrims. On the day of Garudaseva more than 1.75 lakh pilgrims can be transported with this service. Even the services provided by the free bus will also operate in taking the pilgrims from the bus stops to the main bus stop and also to the stair paths.

Special Annaprasadam Will be Arranged on the Gday
To feed the pilgrims we have planned a special menu with which the pilgrims will have their breakfast and lunch in the galleries during the Garuda seva day. The menu includes milk and butter milk and foods that include tomato rice and vermicelli upma and pulihora etc. and these foods will be served from 12 noon in the galleries for every hour. And the annaprasadam complex will be opened from 8 am to 1:30 am on the day of Garuda seva.

Electrical and Civil Works:
To avoid any accidents in the galleries all the galleries are fixed with proper entry and exit gates are arranged strongly and there are 30 LED screens arranged at the important point for the convenience of the pilgrims. Special arches are arranged with different lightings to them more attractive and all the experts are engaged to this.

Proper Security Arrangements:
All the police and the TTD vigilance are strictly ordered to arrange strong security measures to protect the pilgrims from any stampede during the vahanam movement and also to manage the crowds. All the paths like Alipiri and Srivari Mettu are planned to provide proper parking for all the two wheelers.

Cultural Programs:
On the eve of brahmotsavam artists from different parts of the nation are invited to perform different cultural activities. For the pilgrims who are waiting in the galleries to get a glimpse of the Garuda vahanam from morning to evening will be entertained by special bhajana programs and these programs will be performed from 12 in the noon to 4 in the evening.

Concrete Plans For Brahmotsavam:
Keeping the previous experience in mind all the galleries are arranged with proper entry gates and exit gates which is a concrete plan this time said JEO of Tirumala Sri KSSreenivasa Raju. For the day of Garuda seva all the parking places are well planned to avoid any inconvenience to the pilgrims. We also urge the pilgrims who are waiting for Garuda seva to co operate with all the temple staff and management to make our efforts successful and to have a peaceful darshan and also the vahana seva of the almighty.

Nama Sankeerthana to be Special Attraction:
The all project special officer Sri N Muktheswara Rao said that to fill the devotional place with more devotion several programs were planned and among them the nama sankeerthanam is one and this will be performed by most eminent people and the other bhajana programs are conducted by the TTD. The yakshagana which is considered as the oldest traditional art will take place in the Mahati Auditorium located in Tirupati and the troupes from Gujaratji bhajan will be performing in the Asthana mandapam in Tirumala. All these programs are conducted in the evenings

ON Garuda Seva  Day Annaprasadam will Operate over 15 Hours:
The special officer of the Annaprasadam wing Smt Chenchu Lakshmi said about the arrangements regarding annaprasadam. On the day of Garudaseva the biggest hall Matrusri Tarigonda Venagamamba Annaprasada Bhavanam will be opened and in opetaion from morning 8 to 1:30. She said that we have arranged more than five food pints for all the pilgrims those who are coming on their foot on the auspicious day.

main tirumala templeConcrete Barricading:
All the galleries entry and exits are made according to a concrete plan to avoid any unfortunate accidents and for that reason barricades are provided all over the galleries said TTD chief engineer Sri Chandra Sekhar Reddy.

Security Measures:
Even the security system has been elaborated to provide convenience to all the pilgrims that are attending the Garuda seva and the Brahmotsavas said the tirumala security officer Sri Ravindra Reddy.

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