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TTD Fruit Decorations Make Their Way During Snapanam

Tirumala, 4 October 2016:
There is a celebration of snapana Thirumanjanam at the srivari temple is also a part of Brahmotsavams commenced to provide a beautiful and charming sight for the devotees with fruits and floral decoration.

Deities Take Aromatic Bath Under Fruity Umbrella:
In Tirumala at swamivari temple there is a beautiful and surprise display at Snapana Thirumanjanam rituals and also as a part of Brahmotsavam was not a just with the garlands, with a huge green canopy made out of grapes, apple, sweet lemon, banana, pineapple and with many more varieties and there is a 50 square feet of umberalla space giving cool shade for the deities of sridevi , Malayapppaswami and Bhoodevi stimulates the devotees.

Aesthetic Feel:
Here the symbols are designed with number of fruits to attract the devotees. They are designing the symbol of chakra and shanku of vaishnava which is decorated up with the white, red and green beans and also placed a top with the green fruit canopy. The rituals are performed very closely to nature with natural surroundings to display Lord Venkateswara Swamy with a beautiful look. It makes the devotees to get attracting by seeing Lord Venkateswara Swami and feels with aesthetic feeling said by Gururaja and the bokkasam in charge of srivari temple.

And the remining 80 square feet space of Rangayakula mandapam with the holy rituals which is performed during the Brahmotsavam and also glows with sweet smell of green fruits and the flavour of aromatic flowers.

Fruits Make Their Entry:
The deputy director of gardens of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Sri S.Sreenivasulu says that they are providing variety of flowers at the rituals in the past, but for the first time with the innovative though they are introducing the fruit decoration this year.

Over 300 Kilograms of Fruits Used:
For this decoration they are utilizing 300kgs of fruits and the deities were decorated with garlands of strawberries and crown of orchid and bitter gourds to the lord venkateswara Swamy.

The fruits and flowers were contributed by some philanthropists from Tiruvur, Dindigul Banglore in Tamil Nadu. For today’s event they are using an exotic fruits like blue berries from Thailand, yellow grapes brought from south Africa, dragon fruits, plums, anjeer grapes, amla, strawberries, white berries, green apples ,sugarcane, bananas, bitter gourd etc..

The entire diversion provided a cynosure to the eyes of devotees.

The entire team off TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao, TTD Trust Board Members Sri AV Ramana, Sri Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, Sri DP Anatha, Temple DyEO Sri Rama Rao, Peishkar Sri R Selvam, Temple Staff and others took part in this meet.

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