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Tumbhuru Teertham Tirumala | Tumburu Theertham Tirumala Hills

This Tumburu Theertham is 16 km away from the main temple. This Theertham has a history dating back to the Vedic ages and is one of the natural water paths. The legend behind the creation of the Theertham says that sage Agastya’s lethargic wife was cursed by a Gandharva continues to exist in this pond as a toad till the sage turned up. As soon as sage Agastya arrived here with his pupils, the toad turned back into the Gandharva and since then the pond came to be called Tumburu Theertham.

Taking bath in this water is believed to cleanse away the sins bestowing good luck and the water is very revitalizing. The temple authorities have constructed a podium where the flowing water is redirected for the devotees to initially touch it. This is a must-visit place for all the pious people visiting Tirumala Tirupati.

The rainy season is the perfect time to visit this place, as it looks even more graceful with all the green foliage with pure and clean water rushing out of the rocks.

This route is often closed on all the days and permission is required from Forest Department to reach here. T.T.D permits visitors to Tumburu Theertham for 3 days on a Pournami day (full moon day) in March month.

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