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Lord Hanuman is a deity and he was born during treta yuga and present in Ramayan. He was a great Bhakt of Lord Rama . He helped rama in his mission to kill Ravana. He was born in vaanar (Monkey) species. Species of Vaanar can be closed linked to Homo erectus.

Hanuman was born to Mata Aanjana on the himalayas of Tirumala. She was a Apasara (celestial dancer) in her previous birth and called as Punjisthala. She and Pavan Dev (wind god) were in love. But due to certain circumstances, she was cursed to be born into a Vaanar yoni.

Aanjana mata prayed to Lord Shiva to get relief from the curse. Lord Shiva gave her boon that in her next life she will give birth to his 11th rudra avatar (Shiva’s ansh Avatar) and will get relieved from the curse. At the same time King Kesari was cursed as well to be born into a Vaanar yoni and became husband of Aanjana.