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About Lord Shiva | Shiva Shankara

Who is Lord Shiva?: As per the Hindu Norms, Lord Shiva is the God of all the Gods. He is the source of universal power. He is omnipotent. Also not only this, but he is a destroyer who represents darkness an is known be an ‘angry god’ who when opens his third eye, is a sign of destruction for the whole world and no power can have the ability to stop him. His is the Lord of My Lords. Ideals of Lord Shiva will be found in the remains of the ancient Mohenjodaro and Harappa.

shiva Shankara
It is very natural that the creation follows the destruction. Not only this, but Lord Shiva is known as the productive power who restores all what had been dissolved. The commonest depiction of Lord Shiva is a dark skinned ascetic with a blue throat. Lord Shiva is carried out by his fox, Nandi.

About Shiv Linga: The Shiva linga is the most famous manifestation of the Lord, who is represented by the Phallus. The basic meaning of ‘Linga’ is Sign or a Symbol. The Shiva linga is the symbol of cosmic energy. Shivalinga is fixed on a base and its structure is like a phallus shaped. The Linga is associated with a sexual union of Shiva and Parvati and is the sign of procreative power in the universe. Many times, the Shiv Linga is also referred to as the Linga.

Shiv Purana: Shiv Puranas is the ancient scriptures of the hindu literature which is a collection of 18 books consisting of various short stories explaining the concepts of the Vedas. He is also called the Mahayogi who is the symbol of greatest form of the austere penance and meditation which results in the salvation.

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