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Pongal Festival

Thai Pongal, Festival of the Tamils, Makar Sankranti

One of the biggest festivals celebrated by Tamil Hindus of Tamil Nadu is Pongal. Stretching to four days of festivity, Pongal is essentially a harvest festival. Thai Pongal day, the main celebration day occurs on the second day and many people refer to this day as Sankranti as well. The day is very auspicious in […]

What to Gift on Pongal

During ‘Pongal’ in south India, it is a strong tradition for people to exchange gifts. This tradition helps to develop stronger relationships with loved ones. Also, this practice adds more joy to ‘Pongal’ celebrations. However, the problem most face is to select a perfect ‘Pongal’ gift. Here are suggestions of some gift ideas for ‘Pongal’: […]

Kwanzaa Africa American Festival

‘Kwanzaa’ means ‘first fruits of the harvest’ in African language Kiswahili. Festival is a popular harvest festival that has gained great acceptance among African Americans. ‘Kwanzaa’ was founded in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga. It is observed by more than18 million people worldwide. Festival is celebrated from 26th December to 1st January for these seven […]

Sukkot or Succot in Israil

The week long holiday of ‘Succoth’ begins on 15th day of Hebrew month of ‘Tishri’. Festival is usually held in September and October of Gregorian calendar. ‘Succoth’ occurs during harvest time so there are many elements of harvest festival. This is considered Jewish Thanksgiving and it is known as ‘Festival of the Harvest’. Other festival […]

Vietnamese Tet Trung Thu | Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

‘Tet Trung Thu’ is a wonderful, ancient festival of Vietnam that revolves around children. Festival dates back as far as 15-20,000 years ago in Southeast Asia. It is traditionally held on 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. This festival is important to families in Vietnam for many years. Originally, festival was celebrated by parents […]

Thanksgiving Day United States

Thanksgiving is an American holiday usually observed as an expression of gratitude to God. Thanksgiving is an occasion to give thanks to God for abundant autumn harvest. In the United States, this holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In Canada, harvest ends earlier in the year. Hence, this holiday, observed as Columbus […]

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival | August Moon Festival

The August Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most celebrated Chinese holidays. It is held on 15th day of 8th lunar month. Chinese families celebrate end of harvest season with a big feast. Unlike American Thanksgiving dinner, the Chinese eat moon-cakes instead of grandma’ apple pie. Friends and relatives also send moon-cakes […]

Pongal – Ulavar Thirunal in Sri Lanka

Holidays and festivals in Sri Lanka are essential part of culture. Tradition and custom of celebrating ‘Pongal’ in Sri Lanka is same as Tamils in India. Among Sri Lankans, ‘Pongal’ is known as first rice festival, ‘Thai Pongal’ and ‘Ulavar Thirunaal’. In Sri Lanka rice is both, staple food and heritage in which deities figure […]

Japan Tori no Ichi Festival

‘Tori no Ichi’, famous annual festival held in November, on ‘Tori’ [Rooster] day, in Chinese calendar. This event has continued to today since Edo period. ‘Tori no Ichi’ is held at Temple of ‘Tori’ [Juzaisan Chokoku-ji] in Asakusa, Tokyo. Also, this is held at various shrines of Washi [Eagle] where many visit. They pray for […]

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