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What to Gift on Pongal

During ‘Pongal’ in south India, it is a strong tradition for people to exchange gifts. This tradition helps to develop stronger relationships with loved ones. Also, this practice adds more joy to ‘Pongal’ celebrations. However, the problem most face is to select a perfect ‘Pongal’ gift. Here are suggestions of some gift ideas for ‘Pongal’:

Lord Sun Sculptures:
The second day of ‘Pongal’, called ‘Surya Pongal’, is dedicated to Sun God. Therefore, it is considered extremely auspicious to gift Lord Sun Sculptures on this occasion. Sculptures and wall hangings of Sun God come in various artistic designs. Also, Sun God is available in variety of materials like brass, white metal and silver.

Traditionally, on first day of ‘Pongal’ or ‘Bhogi’, people discard unwanted things. People re-decorate their houses with new and artistic decorative. Getting new vessels in kitchen is also common in south India. Also, wooden handicraft, table decorations, kitchen and household goods are appropriate ‘Pongal’ gifts.

Fresh Flowers and Good Luck Plants:
Flowers are the most beautiful medium for expressing good wishes and love on any occasion. Special person can be gifted with flowers and cute gift for making a lasting impression. Sending Good Luck Plants is another great ‘Pongal’ Gift Idea. There is ‘Pongal’ gift shopping site that one can browse for wide and beautiful variety.

Pooja Accessories:
Pooja thalis and accessories are the trendiest ‘Pongal’ gift. Puja thalis are available with accessories like catories, incense sticks stand, diya stand and bell. One can select brass, steel or silver Puja Thalis. Accessories like book stand, bells, idols can also be considered as ‘Pongal’ gift.Pongal Gift

Calendar – Diary:
Festival is beginning of Tamil New Year, Calendar and Diaries are popular ‘Pongal’ gifts. One can choose from a wide variety of artistic hanging or tabletop calendars. The range of diaries available in market is immense. Choice of calendar depends of how the recipient would use it. There are many calendar styles available in the market. These include slip pads, telephone index diary, organizer or daily record diary. Diaries adorned with gemstone paintings can be considered for the discerning ones.

Toys and Games:
Ideal ‘Pongal’ gift for little friends would be toys and games. Balls, cricket sets, tennis sets, games, CDs and many more. Stuffed toys and animals can be considered for girls and little boys.

Sweets and ‘Mithai’ Hampers:
Exchange of gifts is considered a must on every Indian festival. It is believed that ‘mithais’ [sweets] help to sweeten and strengthen relationships. However, to have better impact, choice of recipient should be kept in mind. Then the selection of sweets with special emphasis should be given to gift packing. Special person who receives a sweet box should ideally receive a memorable gift too.

Dry-Fruit Hampers:
Fashion of gifting dry fruits can never go old in India. These are forever appreciated for their delectable taste and longer shelf life. Dry Fruits boxes, dry fruits hampers are available in p active packaging so they are favourites. Dry fruit box is often preferred to ‘mithai’ box. Sending dry fruits is more practical to faraway by post where delivery time is uncertain.

What to Gift on Pongal

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