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Pradosham Abhishekam Details

Sequence of Abhisheka Dravyams (Anointing Substances):

1) Sandalwood oil or seasame oil
2) Panchagavyam
3) Panchamrutham
4) Ghee
5) Milk
6) Yoghurt
7) Honey
8) Sugarcane Juice
9) Lemon Juice
10) Tender Coconut Water
11) Sandalwood Paste
Extra Vibhuthi
Pradosham - Pradosh Vrat
Pradosham Abhishekam Details:

S. No.Abhisheka ItemsQuantityPooja SamagriWeight
1.Seasame Oil or Sandalwood Oil1/4 TumblerTurmeric powder50 grams
(Vibhuti can be used in the absence of cow dung or cow urine)
1. Cow Urine
2. Cow Dung
3. Cow Milk
4. Cow Yoghurt
5. Cow Ghee
1 TumblerRice for Kumbham250 grams
1. Banana
2. Jaggary
3. Honey
4. Milk
5. Ghee
3 Tumblers or 250 gramsBlouse piece for Kumbham1 piece
4.Ghee (slightly heated)1 TumblerMango leaves1 bunch
5.Milk1/4 LitreManjal Kumkum (Vermilion)1 packet or 50 grams
6.Yoghurt (curd)1 Tubler or 150 mlPlantain leaves3 pieces
7.Honey1 Tumbler or 150mlBeetle leaves + nuts14 sets (1 set is 2BL + 2N)
8.Sugarcane Juice (sugar can be used as substitute)1 TumblerRaw coconut for pooja3 pieces
9.Lime Juice1 Tumbler or 150mlThirunool (Lamp wick)2 small packets
10.Tender Coconut3 Pieces or 5 PiecesGanga Jal (Ganges Water)1 small packet
11.Sandalwood Powder5 boxes of 25 grams eachOil for lamp1 bottle (1/2 litre)
12.Vibhuti (for abhishekam)1 packet of 150 gramsTissue box4 boxes
13.Rose Water1 Tumbler or 150mlPlain cloth towel3 pieces to clean Vigraham
14.Pure Water3 big cans or 10 litresVibhuthi for devotees use1 packet
15.Saffron1 small packet or 3 gramsOther Items2 scissors, 1 knife
16.Food Camphor (Pachaikarpooram)1 small packet or 5 gramsOther ItemsUsed newspapaers
17.Cow Urine1 pack or 10 millilitres

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