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List of Shiva Temples around Kancheepuram

Kanchipuram is holy to both devotees of God Shiva and Sri Vishnu. There are numerous temples, but unfortunately, many have been forgotten. This is a small effort from temples in India Info to remember and list these temples so that people can visit them. There’s a belief that every piece of land in Kanchi has […]

Abhivadaye Mantra Lyrics

“Abhivadanam” is the traditional Vedic way of paying respect and introducing oneself to elders. A typical Abhivadaye Mantra is given below: – अभिवादये वासिष्ठ मैत्रावरुण कौण्डिन्य त्र्यार्षेय प्रवरान्वित कौण्डिन्यगोत्रः आपस्तम्बसूत्रः यजुश्शाखाऽध्यायी श्रीनारायणशर्माऽहमस्मि भोः Abhivaadaye vaasisht’ha maitraavaruna kaund’inya tryaarsheya pravaraanvita kaund’inyagotrah’ aapastambasootrah’ yajushshaakhaa’dhyaayee shree naaraayana sharmaa’hamasmi bhoh’ You can break Mantra into the following parts. Abhivadaye: […]

Anegudde Opening & Closing Timings, Darshan and Pooja

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Swamy Temple Opening & Closing, Darshan and Pooja Hours. Timings Pooja and Darshan Details 5:30 AM Temple Opening hours 5:30 AM -6:00 AM Panchamrutha Abhisheka 6:00 AM Nirmalya Pooja 12:30 PM Prasada Naivedya 12:30 PM Maha Mangal Arti 1:00 PM Mrustanna Naivedya   Hoovina Alankara   Maha Pooja 08:0 PM Sayakale Trikala […]

Top Places to Visit in Shirdi | Visitors Tour Guide

Shirdi is a sacred place with numerous attractions. The Shirdi Sai Baba Temple is the heart of the town, drawing millions of devotees. Dwarkamai, where Sai Baba spent a significant part of his life, is another vital spot. Chavadi, Lendi Baug, and Dixit Wada Museum offer insights into Sai Baba’s life. Gurusthan and Khandoba Temple […]

Garbarakshambigai Pregnancy Puja Timings and Procedure

The Garbarakshambigai pregnancy puja is a sacred ritual performed to seek the blessings of Sri Garbarakshambigai for a healthy and safe pregnancy. Here are the timings and procedures for this special pooja: Garbarakshambigai Pregnancy Puja: Garbarakshambigai Pregnancy Mantra: Om Devendhirani Namasthubhyam Devendhira Priya BaaminiVivaha Bhaghyam , Aroghyam, Puthra Laabam thehimey,Bathim Dhehi ,Sudham Dhehi, Soubaghyam Dhehimey, […]

A Guide to Skanda Sashti Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu

Skanda Sashti Pooja, a cherished festival among the Tamil community, signifies the victory of good over evil, embodied in the triumphant Sri Murugan (also known as Skanda or Subrahmanya) defeating the demon Soorapadman. This detailed guide will explain how to perform Skanda Sashti Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu providing information on the significance of it, its […]

Sri Kalahasti Advance Online Booking not Allowed

Advance booking, telephone booking, online booking, or money order is not permitted for any pooja. To participate, you must be present at the temple and purchase the ticket on the same day of the desired pooja. To book the pooja and ensure it’s conducted during Rahukalam, you must be physically present at the temple. Arrive […]

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