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Discover 10 Fascinating Facts about Tirumala Temple

The Tirupati Balaji Temple is a well-known and wealthy temple in South India. Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam manages it and is highly respected in India. People’s faith and belief in Lord Vishnu, also known as Swami, is remarkable and interesting. 10 Fascinating Facts about Tirumala Temple Tirupati Balaji Temple is devoted to Sri Vishnu, and within […]

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama: Why It Matters and Its Benefits

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama is a devotional song with a list of the 1,000 names of Sri Maha Vishnu, one of the principal deities of Hinduism (Shiva and Brahma are the two other deities). Sri Vishnu is the supreme God of Vaishnavism. This hymn is one of the most sacred and popular Stotras. The most popular […]

Saptarishis-The original Seekers and first Scientists

In Hindu mythology, the Saptarishis, or the Seven Sages, stand as venerable figures known for their profound wisdom and spiritual guidance. Let’s delve into the essence of these celestial beings and their significance in the rich tapestry of Hindu cosmology. Meet the Saptarishis, a revered group of seven ancient sages in Hindu mythology, each with […]

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and Its Holistic Benefits

Origin of Sanjeevani Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra The Sanjeevani Mahamrityunjaya mantra was discovered by Sage Markandeya. Markandeya, the son of Sage Mrikandu and Madhumati, had a short life of 16 years. He ardently prayed to Sri Shiva by chanting this mantra. Pleased by his devotion, Lord Shiva granted him immortality. What is Sanjeevani Mantra? “Om Haum […]

Offering Prasadam in a Broken Pot to Tirumala Srinivasa

తిరుమల వెంకటేశ్వర స్వామికి ఓడు ప్రసాదం సమర్పిస్తారు. పగిలిన కుండలో ప్రసాదం సమర్పించడానికి కారణం ఉంది. ఆ కారణం ఏంటో తెలుసుకోండి. శ్రీవారికి నిత్యం అనేక రకాలైన పిండి వంటలు., అన్నప్రసాదం, తీపి పదార్థాలతో కూడిన నైవేద్యం సమర్పిస్తారు. ఒక్కో నైవేద్యాన్ని ఒక్కో ఆరాధనలో నివేదించడం అనవాయితీ. పులిహోర, చక్కెరపొంగల్, మలహోరా, మిరియాల ప్రసాదం, నేయ్ పొంగల్, జిలేబి, మురుకు, లడ్డూ, వడ, పాయసం, బొబ్బట్లు (పోలీలు) ఇలా అనేక ప్రసాదాలు విశేష దినాల్లోనూ…. ఒక్కో వారానికి […]

The Cultural Significance and Health Benefits of Toe Rings in India

Check out the amazing craftsmanship of our ancestors in the female sculptures at Bhuleshwar Temple, which was built around 1230 A.D. by King Krishnadevray of the Yadava dynasty. This ancient Shiva temple is really old and beautiful. Now, let’s talk about why women in India wear toe rings. These toe rings are usually made of […]

​Discover 10 Hidden Secrets of Tirumala Balaji Temple

The Tirumala Balaji Temple, located in South India, stands out as one of the most renowned and affluent temples in the region. Managed by Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam, it holds a special place in the hearts of devotees who express unwavering faith and belief in Sri Vishnu, also known as Swami. The temple is dedicated to Sri […]

Difference Between Mantra and Sloka

Slokas and mantras are verses used in Hinduism for prayers and spiritual purposes. As a Hindu, you might know that Om is a small mantra used for meditation, bringing relaxation and inner calmness. There are various other mantras like the Gayatri Mantra, Mahamritunjaya Mantra, and the Hare Krishna Mantra, recited daily for stress relief. Slokas […]

Difference Between Mantra, Suktam, Shloka, Stotram and Stuti ?

Mantra / मंत्र / మంత్రం / மந்திரம் / ಮಂತ್ರ / മന്ത്രം: A mantra is a holy expression, a single sound, or a collection of words thought to possess psychological and spiritual abilities.Example: Gayatri Mantra, Om, Shanti Mantra. Shloka / श्लोक / శ్లోకం / ஸ்லோகா / ಶ್ಲೋಕಾ / ശ്ലോക: A set of two consecutive lines of […]

Akshaya Tritiya: Do You Know This

There are no Hindu inscriptions that suggest buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya day. Instead, it is recommended to give food to the Brahmins and provide for the needy. It is also advised to worship the caste deity at home. Akshaya Tritiya is a significant day in the Hindu calendar, and it is celebrated on the […]

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