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Onam Festival

List of Recipes Prepared on Onam Festival | Best Onam Recipes

Check out this extensive and delectable array of Onam Recipes! The collection consists of recipes for traditional and extremely popular Onam dishes. Try these Onam festival recipes out with love and celebrate Onam with loved ones. In case you have created a delicious Onam recipe of your own please write to us. We shall add […]

Kummattikali Mask Dance Folk Dance | Mask Dance Of Kerala

Kummattikali is the famous colourful mask-dance of Kerala, particularly of South Malabar. During Onam, Kummattikali performers move from house to house collecting small gifts and entertaining people. Most interesting facet of Kummattikali is the peculiar way in which Kummati performers clad themselves. They don heavily painted colourful wooden mask depicting faces of Krishna, Narada, Kiratha, […]

Pulikali Classical Kerala of Dance | Kaduvakali Dance of Kerala

Pulikali is a colourful recreational folk art from the state of Kerala. It is performed by trained artists to entertain people on the occasion of Onam. Pulikali is also known as Kaduvaakali. It is a 200 year old art form carefully preserved by the artists of Kerala state. Literal meaning of Pulikali is the ‘play […]

Kerala Kathakali Dance | Ancient Folk Dance of Kerala

The festival of Onam is blessed with one very striking feather in its cap. The Onam carnival has several performances of unique and unparalleled Kathakali dance-drama. Amongst other places, Shoranur, Kovalam and most importantly Cheruthuruthy get the honour of hosting Kathakali shows. Kathakali in these places are mostly performed during the carnival of Onam. Introduction […]

Thumbi Thullal | Women Folk Dance of Kerala | Classical Kerala Dance

Thumbi Thullal is a fascinating all women dance and singing event n Kerala on Onam occasion. Men engage themselves in energetic sports. Meanwhile, womenfolk perform Thumbi Thullal and have their share of fun. Women wear their best sarees, stunning jewellery and fragrant gajras. They sit in a group in the formation of circle to play […]

Onam Games KutuKutu | Kerala Kabaddi Game | Kerala Onam Festival

Kutukutu is a popular and entertaining game played during the festival of Onam. This game is full of fun. It is very much like the popular game of Kabaddi played in several parts of India. This game is simple in nature but it is extremely challenging. The game tests the player’s strength, speed, tact and […]

Onam Games Attakalam | Kerala Combat Festival | Kerala Onam Festival

Attakalam is the second combat game played on the occasion of Onam. The first combat game called ‘Kayyankali’ has already been discussed. Attakalam is less dangerous and less aggressive of the two. Another difference is Attakalam is played in batches and Kayyankali is played alone. Attakalam requires strength, dexterity and a lot of practice. Players […]

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